Davao City is a highly urbanized city on Mindanao, Philippines. As of the 2015 census, it had a population of 1,632,991 people, making it the third-most-populous city in the Philippines and the most populous in Mindanao. It is the center of Metro Davao, the third most populous metropolitan area in the Philippines (as of 2015 census with a population of 2.5 million, after Metro Manila's 12.8 million and Metro Cebu's 2.8 million).

Info Davao City


Davao City is a highly urbanized city on Mindanao, Philippines. As of the 2015 census, it had a population of 1,632,991 people, making it the third-most-populous city in the Philippines and the most populous in Mindanao. It is the center of Metro Davao, the third most populous metropolitan area in the Philippines (as of 2015 census with a population of 2.5 million, after Metro Manila's 12.8 million and Metro Cebu's 2.8 million). With a total land area of 2,444 square kilometers,  the city is the largest in the country in terms of land area. The city serves as the main trade, commerce, and industry hub of Mindanao and the regional center of Davao Region. Davao is home to Mount Apo, the highest mountain in the Philippines. Davao is also known as the "Durian Capital" of the Philippines.

For geographical and statistical purposes, Davao City is grouped with the province of Davao del Sur but is governed independently from it. The city is divided into three congressional districts, which are subdivided into 11 administrative districts with a total of 182 barangays.

Davao City is constantly described by its residents and the national media as arguably among one of the safest cities in the Philippines, however this has been met with criticism, especially by the people from Metro Manila.

POPULATION :• City 1,632,991
• Metro 2,516,216
FOUNDED :   October 16, 1936
RELIGION : Roman Catholic 70%, Others 25%
AREA :• City 2,443.61 km2 (943.48 sq mi)
• Urban 293.78 km2 (113.43 sq mi)
• Metro 3,964.95 km2 (1,530.88 sq mi)
ELEVATION : 22.3 m (73.2 ft)
COORDINATES : 7°04′N 125°36′E
SEX RATIO : Male: 50.10%
 Female: 49.90%
WEBSITE : www.davaocity.gov.ph


The Philippine eagle, the country's national bird and considered the largest eagle in the world, is endemic to Davao. The orchid waling-waling and fruits such as durians, pomeloes and mangosteens are popular and generally cheaper in the city. Tourist destinations in the city include the Philippine Eagle Foundation and Nature Center, Mount Apo, Gap Farming Resort, the Davao Crocodile Park, Malagos Garden Resort, Eden Nature Park, and People's Park in the city center which is popular for its sculptures of indigenous people and dancing fountain. Samal Island, a part of Metro Davao, is an island city situated immediately off the city's coast in the Davao Gulf, popularly known for its scenic beaches.

The city also offers outdoor activities, such as wild river rafting, river tubing, wakeboarding, and mountain trekking, most especially up to the peak of Mt. Apo.

Two major annual festivals are held in the city: the Araw ng Dabaw (Day of Davao) on March 16 (The city's incorporation day) and the Kadayawan Festival in August. Also celebrated in the entire month of December, Pasko Fiesta sa Davao is an integration of festive and competitive Christmas activities showcasing colorful lightings and array of decorations in barangays, public parks, roads and buildings, and a series of competitive performances showcasing the community's creativity and talents while keeping alive Christmas traditions. During this season, the city pulsates with exciting sights and sounds, barraged with mall sales, bazaars, food festivals, and night markets filled with wholesome entertainment day and night. Another annual festival, the Torotot Festival,  is held annually every New Year's Eve. First organized in the last day of 2013 during the 2014 New Year's Eve, it was organized as a recompense for the city firecracker-pyrotechnics ban; it includes a huge number of people simultaneously blowing party horns, locally known as torotots. It recorded a number of 7,568 people participating in the first event, aiming to break the world record set by Japan for the most people simultaneously blowing party horns.

As of 2011, there were 1,075,000 recorded tourist arrivals in the city, totaled from 81,081 foreign travelers, 983,315 local citizens, and 10,604 balikbayans/overseas Filipino workers. Estimated tourist receipts were recorded at 12.81 billion pesos while estimated economic benefits were 28.19 billion pesos.


Spanish Era

Although Spaniards began to explore the Davao Gulf area as early as the 16th century, Spanish influence was negligible in the Davao region until 1844, when the Spanish brigadier general Agustin Bocallan claimed the area in what is now Davao City for the Spanish Crown, despite opposition by the Sultan of Maguindanao. Official colonization of the area, however, began in 1848 when an expedition of 70 men and women led by José Cruz de Oyanguren of Vergara, Spain, established a Christian settlement in an area of mangrove swamps which is now Bolton Riverside. Davao was then ruled by a chieftain, Bago, who had a settlement on the banks of the Davao River (then called the Tagloc River by the Bagobos).

After Cruz de Oyanguren defeated Bago, he renamed the region Nueva Guipúzcoa, founding the town of Nueva Vergara (the future Davao) on 29 June 1848 to honor of his home in Spain and becoming its first governor.

By Saturnino Urios, who labored among the Moros of Hijo in 1892, divided the population; those who wanted to live among the Christians left Hijo, and were resettled in Tigatto, Mawab and Agdao under the supervision of Francisco Bangoy and Teodoro Palma Gil. These groups generally refer to themselves today as Kalagans.

American Period

The development of large-scale plantations faced a labor shortage, and workers were contracted from Luzon and the Visayas (including Japanese laborers from the Baguio, Benguet road construction). Many Japanese became landowners, acquiring lands by government lease or buying American plantations.

Because of increasing Japanese influence in the region's economy, on March 16, 1936, congressman Romualdo Quimpo from Davao filed Bill 609 (passed as Commonwealth Act 51), creating the City of Davao from the Town of Davao (Mayo) and Guianga District. The bill called for the appointment of local officials by the president.

Davao was inaugurated as a charter city on October 16, 1936 by President Manuel L. Quezon. The City of Davao became provincial capital of a united Davao Province. It was one of the first two towns in Mindanao to be converted into a city (the other was Zamboanga). By that time, the city's population was 68,000.

Second World War

On December 8, 1941, Japanese planes bombed the harbor and from December 20, 1941 landed forces and began an occupation of the city which lasted to 1945. Davao was among the earliest to be occupied by Japanese forces, and the city was immediately fortified as a bastion of Japanese defense.

The city was subjected to extensive bombing by forces led by Douglas MacArthur before American forces landed in Leyte in October 1944. TheBattle of Davao towards the end of World War II was one of longest and bloodiest battles during the Philippine Liberation, and brought tremendous destruction to the city, setting back the economic and physical strides made before the Japanese occupation.

Post-war period

In 1967, the Province of Davao was divided into three provinces: Davao del Norte, Davao Oriental and Davao del Sur. The city of Davao became part of Davao del Sur; no longer the provincial capital, it became a commercial center of southern Mindanao. During the 1970s, Davao became regional capital of southern Mindanao; with the reorganization, it became the regional capital of the Davao Region (Region XI) and highly urbanized city in the province of Davao del Sur.

The city witnessed mayhem as it entered the early 1980s. It became a focal point for conflict between criminals, communist guerrillas and leftists.The conflict inside the city became severe that murders in the streets were the norm at the time. It lasted until 1985, when the locals formed the vigilante group "Alsa Masa" (People's Rise) to drive out such elements from the city.

Real social stability in the city, however, began in the earnest when Rodrigo Duterte first assumed office as the city mayor in 1988. The city was still considered that time as the country's murder capital.


Davao has a tropical rainforest climate (Köppen climate classification Af), with little seasonal variation in temperature. Average monthly temperatures are always above 26 °C (78.8 °F), and average monthly precipitation is above 77 millimetres (3.03 in). This gives the city a tropical climate, without a true dry season; while there is significant rainfall in winter, most precipitation occurs during the summer months.

Climate data for Davao City, Philippines

Average high °C (°F)30.9
Daily mean °C (°F)26.4
Average low °C (°F)21.9
Source: PAGASA


Davao City is approximately 588 miles (946 km) southeast of Manila over land, and 971 kilometres (524 nmi) by sea. The city is located in southeastern Mindanao, on the northwestern shore of Davao Gulf, opposite Samal Island.


Davao City's land, totaling about 2,443.61 square kilometres (943.48 sq mi), is hilly in the west (the Marilog district) and slopes down to the southeastern shore. Mount Apo, the highest peak in the Philippines, is located at the city's southwestern tip. Mount Apo National Park (the mountain and its surrounding vicinity), was inaugurated by President Manuel Quezon (in Proclamation 59 of May 8, 1936) to protect the flora and fauna of the surrounding mountain range.

The Davao River is the city's primary drainage channel. Draining an area of over 1,700 km2 (660 sq mi), the 160-kilometre (99 mi) river begins in the town of San Fernando, Bukidnon. The mouth of the river is located at Barangay Bucana at Talomo District.


Davao is part of the East Asian Growth Area, a regional economic-cooperation initiative in Southeast Asia.

In 2011, Davao City ranked 87th among the Asia's fastest-growing cities by the City Mayors Foundation, based in London andFreiburg, Germany. According to the foundation, the city has a projected average annual growth of 2.53 percent over a 15-year period; Davao was the only Philippine city to reach the top 100. As the largest economy outside Metro Manila, the city also serves as the largest local economy in southern Philippines.


Agriculture remains the largest economic sector comprising banana,pineapple, coffee and coconut plantations in the city. More than half of the city's land area, at 1,639.44 square kilometers or 67.19%, is devoted for agricultural purposes. Bearing the nickname as the "Fruit Basket of the Philippines", it is the island's leading exporter of fruits such as mangoes, pomeloes, bananas, coconut products, pineapples, papayas,mangosteens and cacao.

The chocolate industry is the newest development in the city. Malagos Chocolate, developed here by Malagos Agriventures Corp., is now the country's leading partisan chocolate recognized worldwide. On the other hand, Seed Core Enterprises is the country's biggest exporter of cacao to Barry Callebaut. Durians however, which are locally grown and harvested and common in the city, are also notable exports. Banana is the largest exports in the city. Local corporations like Lorenzo Group, Anflo Group, AMS Group, Sarangani Agricultural Corp. and Vizcaya Plantations Inc. have operations and headquarters in the city. Multinational companies like Dole, Sumifru/Sumitomo and Del Monte have their regional headquarters here also.

The Davao Gulf provides a living for many fishermen. Some of the fish products include yellow fin tuna, brackish water milkfish, mudfish, shrimp and crab. Most of the fish catches are discharged in the fishing port in Barangay Toril, which are then sold in the numerous markets within the city.

Davao City serves as the main trade, commerce, and industry hub of Mindanao and is also one of the financial hubs of Mindanao. Phoenix Petroleum is a multinational oil company based here is the first company to be in the PSE Composite Index outside Metro Manila. Industrial plants such as those of Coca-Cola Bottlers, Phil., Pepsi-Cola Products, Phil., Interbev Phil Inc. and RC Cola Phil., companies located in the city, as well as fruit packaging-exporting facilities, food manufacturing plants and a very huge number of business establishments ring the city. There are also construction industrial plants such as those of Holcim Philippines and Union Galvasteel Corporation, and SteelAsia. Then SteelAsia is now the largest and most modern steel rolling mill production facility in the country, completed in December 2014 and was purposely built to increase the national steel production and to reduce the construction costs in Mindanao.


One Network Bank, based in the city, is the largest rural bank in the Philippines in assets; most branches are in Mindanao (including 17 locations where it is the only financial-services provider). Government social-insurance agencies such as the Social Security System and Government Service Insurance System are also in the city.

There are several commercial areas in the city: Downtown (the city centre), Davao Chinatown (Uyanguren), Bajada, Lanang, Matina, Ecoland, Agdao, Buhangin, Tibungco, Toril, Mintal and Calinan, the latter three located at the southwestern part of the city.

There are many shopping centers that dot the city. Notable ones include: Abreeza, which opened in May 12, 2011, is the first and largest Ayala Mall in Mindanao, and SM Lanang Premier which aside from being the first and only SM Premiere Mall is also the largest shopping mall on the island. Other major malls in the city include Gaisano Mall of Davao, NCCC Mall of Davao, and SM City Ecoland, among many others. Victoria Plaza Mall, located on J.P. Laurel Ave., is the oldest shopping mall in the city, established in 1992. Construction of new shopping malls in the city are currently underway. Felcris Centrale is a mixed use Retail Mall, supermarket, and IT office complex located along Quimpo Blvd.

Prices in Davao City



Milk1 liter$1.55
Tomatoes1 kg$0.55
Cheese0.5 kg$
Apples1 kg$1.10
Oranges1 kg$0.90
Beer (domestic)0.5 l$0.85
Bottle of Wine1 bottle$5.00
Coca-Cola2 liters$1.00
Bread1 piece$0.90
Water1.5 l$0.55



Dinner (Low-range)for 2$10.00
Dinner (Mid-range)for 2$18.00
Dinner (High-range)for 2$31.00
Mac Meal or similar1 meal$2.00
Water0.33 l$0.28
Cappuccino1 cup$1.90
Beer (Imported)0.33 l$1.65
Beer (domestic)0.5 l$1.10
Coca-Cola0.33 l$0.39
Coctail drink1 drink$3.80



Cinema2 tickets$6.00
Gym1 month$25.00
Men’s Haircut1 haircut$4.00
Theatar2 tickets$15.00
Mobile (prepaid)1 min.$0.15
Pack of Marlboro1 pack$1.70



Antibiotics1 pack$3.90
Tampons32 pieces$
Deodorant50 ml.$2.50
Shampoo400 ml.$2.60
Toilet paper4 rolls$1.75
Toothpaste1 tube$1.00



Jeans (Levis 501 or similar)1$60.00
Dress summer (Zara, H&M)1$37.00
Sport shoes (Nike, Adidas)1$75.00
Leather shoes1$37.00



Gasoline1 liter$0.86
Taxi1 km$0.85
Local Transport1 ticket$0.19

Tourist (Backpacker)  

27 $ per day

Estimated cost per 1 day including:

  • meals in cheap restaurant
  • public transport
  • cheap hotel

Tourist (business/regular)  

67 $ per day

Estimated cost per 1 day including:

  • mid-range meals and drinks
  • transportation
  • hotel

Transportation - Get In

Transportation - Get In

By plane

Davao is the third most important Philippines city after Manila and Cebu. Three domestic airlines fly multiple times per day between Davao and Manila. There are also direct flights available from many other Philippine cities. Davao is served by the Davao International Airport (more properly named as the Francisco Bangoy International Airport) , which receives both local and foreign traffic.

Cebu Pacific and Silk Air, the regional airline of Singapore Airlines, are currently the only international airlines directly servicing Davao from Singapore. If you have Davao as your main destination in the Philippines, you might want to consider coming in through Singapore as this might be the most hassle-free way to enter.

Outside of taxis, you can catch a Jeepney ₱15 to town center by walking to the highway (5-10min walk). A taxi from the Davao Airport to down town Davao costs about ₱180, as of 2016.

The airport has an tourist information counter (but not always staffed) where you can buy prepaid SIM cards.

The terminal fee at Davao airport is ₱200 for domestic flights and ₱700 for international flights.

Domestic Flights

  • Air asia. Three times a day from Davao to Manila.
  • Cebu Pacific. To and from Davao to Manila, Cebu City, Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo, Zamboanga, Bacolod.
  • Philippines Airlines flies to Cebu 3 x a day. and Manila 8 x a day.

International Flights

  • SilkAir. (Singapore) Flights go from Singapore and land at either Davao or Cebu on the way in and out. For the shortest trip try to fly on a day the plane goes from Singapore direct to Davao.
  • Cebu Pacific has three non-stop return flights per week from Davao to Singapore. They depart Davao on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 17.35pm and your get to Singapore at 21.10pm. They depart Singapore also on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 21.55pm and you get to Davao at 01.40am the next day. Their fares are as a rule a lot better than Silk Air.

Transportation - Get In

By ferry

Davao is also served by a bustling sea port with significant cargo traffic.

There are passenger ferries going to and from Davao city from Samal Island and Talikud Island.

There are no longer any long-distance passenger ferries to Davao port. The nearest ports for Long distance passenger ferries from Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod, and Bohol Island are now at Cagayan de Oro port or Nasipit port 27 km from Butuan city.

A good way to get from Davao city to Samal Island is by the Island City Express buses that use the 24/7 car ferry from Sasa over to Babak on Samal island. The ticket price for the bus and ferry combined is ₱30. If you just use the Car Ferry the ticket costs ₱10 per person. Island city Express buses go all the way to Kaputian on Samal island. From Santa Ana wharf (near Magsaysay park) boats also leave for Samal island ₱40.

Transportation - Get In

By Bus

There are buses from different cities, most of which are located within Mindanao, which usually stop at Davao City Overland Transport Terminal (DCOTT) located at Maya, Ecoland, Davao City.

  • Bachelor Express goes to Surigao, Butuan, San Francisco, Bislig, Mati 173 kms, Tandag, Santo Tomas, Tacloban.
  • Yellow Bus and Holiday Bus goes to Digos 63 kms, General Santos 149 kms, Koronadal 201 kms.
  • Rural Transit goes to Cagayan de oro 277 kms, Valencia 134 kms, Malaybalay 160 kms.
  • Weena Express goes to Digos, Kidapawan 122 kms, Cotabato.
  • Philtranco goes to Manila via Surigao, Tacloban, Calbayog, Legaspi.
  • PP bus line also goes to Manila via Surigao, Tacloban, Calbayog, Legaspi.
  • Davao metro Shuttle goes to Panabo, Tagum city 66 kms, Nabunturan.

There are also vans going to Cagayan de Oro for ₱485, Mati p230,Kidapawan ₱150, Cotabato City ₱250 and Tagum p 120. You can get the vans outside the Gaisano Mall and Victoria Plaza.

It costs ₱70 by taxi or p8 by Jeepney to go the 2 km from the Ecoland bus Terminal to downtown Davao.


Transportation - Get Around

Transportation - Get Around

By taxi

The simplest way to get around is by hopping into a taxi. A typical trip can cost about ₱70-90 or approximately USD2. Drivers in Davao do not normally bargain if they notice that you are a tourist, hence the cost of the trip is the same in price as a regular. Davao Taxi Drivers are regarded as the most honest taxi drivers in the Philippines. Taxi Drivers in Davao City do not charge tourists extra fare unlike their counterparts in Cebu and Manila. If you know the name of the building, establishment, area or street you wish you reach, this is still the fastest way to get to your destination. You can also call or send an SMS to the cab company directly to have a cab driver pick you up.

Taxis start their fare at ₱40 and will add ₱3.50 per few hundred meters. Please do say "thank you" or "salamat" once you have arrived at your destination. Davao Taxis issue fare receipts that list the name of the taxi company, the plate number, and the taxi number which could come in handy if one leaves valuable items or documents inside a cab. Just tell your taxi driver if you want to get a receipt.

Transportation - Get Around

By jeepney

Alternatively, if you opt for more adventure, then do as the locals and catch a colorful jeepney. Simply ask around for which route to take to avoid getting lost. They are usually available 24 hours and cover most of the nooks and crannies of the city. This is the cheapest option for getting around. The usual cost for a jeepney ride is ₱8 for every 4 km ride, and about a ₱1 increase per km when going beyond the 4 km (for regular passengers). a Jeepney from down town Davao to the Davao airport cost ₱15 and takes 45min.

To pay, pass your fare to the person next to you, all the way to the driver or the conductor, by saying "bayad po". Paying the exact amount is highly recommended. To stop at a certain destination, say "lugar lang", "para", or knock your coins hard on the steel handle.

Transportation - Get Around

By Car

Another alternative ride aside from the jeepneys and taxis, is to rent a car. There are many cars for rent. If you don't know the routes you can hire drivers by asking the attendant of the rental company. Local companies tend to be cheaper than the national ones.

Avis Car rental. Airport view hotel. J Camus street. Tel 63-82-2216430.

Transportation - Get Around

By bus

Buses are also available, but these tend to ply exclusively along the north-south route and going out and in the city area. Air conditioned buses to Calinan go from Bankeroham Public Market. Island City Buses go to Kaputian Samal Island via the car ferry at Sasa; these buses go past Magsaysay park ₱30.

Transportation - Get Around

By water taxi

Another mode of transportation around Davao Gulf is through a water taxi. Water taxis serve the daily commuters and visitors of Davao City, Samal Island, and neighbouring coastal municipalities around Davao Gulf. It will get you to the island, waterfront restaurant, or beach resort you wanted with comfort and ease. The pioneer water taxi service in the Philippines is found in Davao City and has the swift, safe and secure water transport, the best and most professional skippers and has a customer friendly and positive attitude, all incorporated to make your transfer easy and pleasurable.





Beaches in Davao city

The white sand beaches and tranquil blue waters of Davao never fail to impress visitors. Owing to the temperate climate of the place, Davao beaches stay warm and perfect for swimming all year round. When visiting Davao, check out these beaches and ocean resorts.

Pearl Farm Beach

Just 45 minutes away from Davao City, the Pearl Farm Beach Resort offers a unique and exotic experience to its visitors. The 14-hectare farm used to be an oyster breeding and pearl cultivation center before it was turned into a resort. Today, the resort is one of the favorite spots of water sports enthusiasts and families alike. For water sports' enthusiasts, the resort offers cat sailing, kayaking, jet skiing, scuba diving, banana boat rides, and underwater photography sessions.

Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort

Located on Samal Island, the paradise Island Park and Beach Resort is one of the favorites among locals and visitors. Just a 10- to 15-minute boat ride from downtown Davao, the resort provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. This family-friendly resort’s 800-meter white beachfront is carefully combed and cleaned at least twice a day. A safety net is installed a few meters from the shoreline to keep jellyfish from intruding into the swimming area. Lifeguards are also posted at different points around the beach to help keep swimmers safe.

Costa Marina Beach Resort

If you are looking for an exotic place to swim and relax while in Davao, look no further than Costa Marina Beach. Nestled in the 28-hectare Island Garden City of Samal and set amidst a green forest and flanked to the south by tall mountains and to the north by white sand beaches, Costa Marina teems with marine life and exotic birds.

Mergrande Ocean Resort

Mergrande Ocean Resort is an AA-class beach resort located in Bago Aplaya, Taloma District, some 30 minutes from the heart of Davao City. Nestled in an 8.8-hectare property, the resort has a long stretch of private beach where visitors can swim and bask under the sun. This family-friendly beach resort offers activities for the whole family. The resort has a children’s playground, basketball and tennis courts, and a fishing village where visitors can catch fish and have their catch cooked by the resort's chef.

Davao Seagull Beach

The warm and calm waters and white powdery sand of Davao Seagull Beach attracts thousands of visitors to this place every year. Nestled along the shores of Punta Dumalag, in Matina Davao about 30 minutes from the city, this place is ideal for families and those who want to take their pets along while frolicking at the beach.


Davao City has many malls where almost all of them have cinemas.

Due to security concerns, it is routine for security guards to lightly frisk people as they enter shopping malls in Davao, and indeed in most of the Philippines. The guards endeavour to be sensitive and invariably the guard is either female or there are separate lines for male and female entrants.

Banks & ATMs

Most ATMs in Davao city have a p200 fee for overseas bank cards and a limit of p10.000 per withdrawal. an exception is the ATM at

  • HSBC bank (UK). Ground floor Luisa Avenue Square Jacinto extension.
  • the ATM at HSBC charges No p 200 fee for Overseas bank cards and allows up to php40.000 per withdrawal.

There are many money changes at the Aldevinco shopping center. C M Recto street (over the street from the Marco Polo hotel). The exchange rate for cash is extremely good.

  • Nellie Stephanie Money changer. Aldevinco shopping center. phone224-1448.
  • X Changer money changer. 2nd floor Abreeza mall.

Electronic & book stores

  • cd-r king (there's one in most of the malls in Davao City),  +63 82 282-2184.10:00-20:00. There are 13 of these computer and electronic goods stores in Davao city.
  • Book saleNccc mall and both SM malls in Davao.. 09.00-20.00. Second-hand books from the USA and UK. from p10.

Shopping Malls & Supermarkets

  • 7-Eleven convenience stores.Abreeza Mall. open 24 hours a day.. many 7/11 all over Davao.
  • Centerpoint PlazaMcArthur Highway, Matina Crossing,  +63 82 297-2353.
  • Gaisano Mall of Davao (G-Mall), J.P. Laurel Ave+63 82 221-6168. 09.00-21.00. this is the Largest Gaisano mall in the Philippines. Cinema tickets from ₱120 per person.
  • Gaisano South Grand Citi MallIllustre St+63 82 224-0811. 10:00-20:00.The cinema has closed down.
  • NCCC MallMa-a,  +63 82 298-4881. 10:00-20:00. Cinema tickets ₱140.
  • SM City DavaoQuimpo Blvd, Ecoland,  +63 82 297-6403. 10:00-20:00.Cinema tickets ₱140
  • SM Lanang PremierJ.P. Laurel Ave, Lanang+63 82 285-0943. 10:00-20:00.
  • Victoria PlazaJ.P. Laurel Ave,  +63 82 221-4990. 10:00-20:00
  • Abreeza Ayala mall.J.P. Laurel Ave+63 82 321-9332. 10:00-21:00.Cinema tickets ₱150
  • Puregold SupermarketJP Laurel Ave (Km9 Sasa). 09:00-21:00
  • Robinsons Supermarkets.Robinsons Cybergate, JP Laurel Ave,+63 82 282-1707. 09:00-21:00. There is also a Robinsons Supermarkets in the Abreeza Ayala Mall along JP Laurel Ave.
  • Felcris Supermarkets, IncE Quirno Ave,  +63 82 225-0207. 10:00-20:30.There are three Felcris Supermarkets in Davao city, one in Toril and one in Calinan. Felcris is Part of Davao 24 hour Central Convenience stores and the Central Warehouse Clubs. (owned by the Yup Family). you can find Davao 24 hour Convenience stores and the Warehouse clubs all the way from Bayugan city in Agusan del Sur in the North to Malita Davao Del Sur in the south.
  • SM Savemore SupermarketsGen Douglas MacArthur Hwy, Bangkal. 09:00-21:00. There is also a SM Savemore Supermarket along JP Laural Avenue Bajada. Same prices as the supermakets in the SM Malls.
  • NCCC Supermarkets.San Pedro St,  +63 82 298-4881. 09:00-20:00. There is also a NCCC Supermarket at Ramon Magsaysay Ave, Center point, Bolton Street. NCCC also own HB1 Convenience Stores which are all over Davao City.
  • Gaisano Grand mall of Toril.Toril. 10:00-20:00. Cinema tickets only ₱90.
  • Gaisano Grand mall of Tibungco.. 10.00-20.00.
  • S R Membership ShoppingGen Douglas MacArthur Hwy. 09.00-21.00. part of Puregold.
  • Felcris Centrale MallQuimpo Boulevard+63 82-237-7777. 10am-9pm. has a Felcris supermarket.
  • UntopSan Pedro Street. 9am-8pm. low price.
  • Gaisano Grand mall of Calinan. 9 am-8 pm


Davao is renowned for its durian and pomelo. Eating durian is admittedly an acquired taste but those who do end up liking it will swear that the bad smell is worth it. Pomelo is a citrus fruit that most closely resembles a grapefruit and s quite common in South East Asia. Beware of bringing durian inside airplanes as well as hotels and other establishments. They may have strict regulations on allowing durian inside and some do not allow durian to be brought in at all.

Mid Range & Splurge

  • Sea Urchin Restaurant, Mamay Road, a few meters from Damosa Gateway. A full range of Chinese cuisine. Cold cuts.
  • Ahfat, Victoria Plaza area. The ultimate gastronomic experience. Try the steamed shrimp, spicy spare ribs and crab fuyo. great food, situated behind the Gaisano Mall
  • Yahong Torres Street. Try their talaba and diablo chicken wings. Their crispy pata is also a must!
  • Na Trang (Jekoy's Grill), Jacinto Extension, beside Central Bank. Authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Try their tofu and mushrooms, Vietnamese pancake, wet lumpia and fried spring rolls. Coffee is great here also.
  • Jack's Ridge, Just across the Santo Nino Shrine. Delicious Filipino cuisine, a variety of burgers and American food,with a breathtaking view of the city. Arrive half an hour before sunset, the viewing telescope gives great views,and after sunset, the lights show the extent of the city. Great place to watch a thunder storm from.
  • Cubyertos, Torres Street. Try their signature vegetable-chicken salad.
  • Dencia's, Ilustre Street. Classic Davao-Chinese cuisine. Best orders are tokwa't baboy, congee, and pancit canton.
  • Gardena Fresca, Within Coca-Cola Village in Matina. Their bestseller is adobong tahong.
  • Talaba Joe's, Rizal Street. Come to this place for the freshest oysters in Davao.
  • Claude's, Rizal Street. Authentic French cuisine.
  • De Bonte Koe, Rizal Street. Dutch Cuisine. Try their herring with onions. Never miss the apple pie.
  • Boodels, Within Barrio Obrero. grilled tuna belly. Tastes great too.
  • Gerry's Grill, Within G-Mall. The many versions of sisig are great. *food chain found all over the Philippines
  • Mang Inasal, within G-Mall and SM Mall. Delicious barbecue chicken. *food chain found all over the Philippines
  • Grand Emerald Seafood Garden, within Victoria Plaza Complex. Good food, Reasonable Price, Nicely Lit Interiors.
  • Mandarin Tea Garden, branches at G-Mall, SM Davao, Nccc Mall, Rizal St., Guerrero St., Duterte St., DCLA Complex.,
  • Dimsum Diner. Within G-Mall and somewhere near Holy Cross College. Best orders are salted fish fried rice,.
  • Dox's of Davao* Rosal Street, Catalunan Pequeño near Yuchico Orchid Gardens. Habachi Iron cookery with a Southern flare.
  • TadakumaDamosa Business Center, Mamay Road, Davao City,  +63 82 2348813. serves delicious Japanese dishes at reasonable prices
  • TsuruLegazpi Street, Davao City,  +63 82 2210901. serves high quality Japanese dishes. They also have an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet every 15th and 30th of the month.
  • HaranaF. Torres Street, Davao City+63 82 2277763. A very famous barbeque restaurant that serves awesome barbeque dishes, steaks, and other Filipino dishes.
  • Krua ThaiF. Torres Street, Davao City. serves Thai dishes
  • De Boerderij (The Farm), #6 DBC Bldg-H, McArthur Hway, Matina (100 m south from Ma-a junction),  +63 82 303-1255. 11:00-02:00. Cozy international bar with Dutch roots. Burger, steak, pizza & pasta, kroket, bread.


  • Euro BakerLower Ground floor Gaisano Mall of Davao.. 10.00-20.00. and now also at Gaisano mall of Toril.
  • Davao Green Buffet HausCorner Legaspi and Gen Luna streets+63 82 2251860. 11.00-14.00-17.30-21.00. All you can Eat Buffet. p148.
  • Taco BoyJS Gaisano,Gaisano mall of Davao, SM city. Abreeza mall.+63 9212029499. 10.00-20.00. Mexican food. there is also a Taco boy in Gaisano mall in Tagum. and Matina Centerpoint.. also at Ateneo de Davao University. Nccc Mall. from p17.
  • Lachmi Food CourtC Bangoy street.. 10.00-19.00. There are many places to Eat at the Lachmi Food Court. One of the most low cost places to Eat in Davao city. Combo meals from. p38.
  • Albertos Pizza DavaoBolton Street (over the street from Jollibee), +63 82 321-5065. 09.00-01.00. Garden Express Pizza. 9 inches =p80. 11 inches =p120. also do Breakfasts. Free Delivery with no minimum order required. Pizzas from p75.
  • Jenny friend chicken JFCSan Pedro street,  +63 9228882283. 8am-9pm.You find Jenny fried Chicken fast foods all over Davao city. they also sell Grilled chicken for p22 Pork chop p25. Cassava cake p12 Soft Drinks from p12, a cup of rice p5, chicken and rice meal p25.
  • Barbecue BossE Quirino Aneune.,  +63-9223796748. 10.00-01.00. Barbecue Restaurant. five Pork Barbecue with all the Rice you can eat. Very Cold beers from php35. Has a Garden where you can drink beer at night. p50.
  • Bankerohan Public MarketMagallanes Street.. 24 hours,. the Best place in all of Davao city to by Low cost Fruits and Vegetables
  • Kuya Ed BuffetMagallanes Street (behide Old City Hall),  +63-82-2242162.17.30-21.00. An all you can eat buffet. Sells drinks. p139.
  • Tita Dz KainanF. Inigo street,  +63 82 222-2647. 11.00-14.00-17.00-20.00. all you can eat Buffet with ice tea. p148.00.
  • Twins RestaurantF.Inigo street,  +63 82 227-6686. 10.00-20.00. All you can eat buffet with ice tea. p130.
  • Grub Resto cafeDuterte street,  +63 82 301-8069. 14.00-17.00. all you can eat Pasta. p125.
  • Fortune Bread BakeshoppeR Magsaysay avenue.. 24 hours.. there are 3 Fortune bread bake shops in down town Davao. from p2 per bread.
  • City Triangle Food CourtClaveria street (over the street from Ateneo University). 09.00-18,00.
  • Carlos Food HouseF Inigo street+63 9177056898. 10.00-18.00.
  • City foodsRamon Magsaysay avenue. (in side the Nccc.),  +63 82 221-7777.09.00-20.00. Fresh Lumpia p20. Fried Lumpia p22.
  • Kainan Ni Maria BuffetMac Arther highway (door 8 aala bldg over the street from the Nccc mall). 11.00-20.00. all you can eat Buffet 15.00 till 17.00 only p78.00 p78/138.
  • B Delight BakeshoppeSan Pedro street.. open 24 hours. there are B Delight bake shops all over Davao from p5. soft drinks p10.

Coffe & Drink

There is the local Tanduay Rum, billed around town as "the Number One Rhum".

Mindanao has a large Seventh Day Adventist population. Adventists do not drink and any stores they own will typically not sell alcohol.

  • Kangaroo Coffee CoTionko cor. V. Mapa St.+63 82 222-2766, +63 932-724-2309. 8:30AM-12:00MN M-Th,and 8:30AM-1AM F-Sa.Closed on Sundays.Kangaroo is a place dedicated to fresh Mindanao coffee, home-style food, and inspirational literature, in a classical-modern atmosphere. Specialties include Kangabrew (brewed coffee),Durian Mocha Heaven Ice-blended,Mangosteen-Passion Ice-blended,Tsokolatte (native hot chocolate with espresso, KangaYo (fruit & yogurt drinks), Smoked Fish Pasta, Chicken Curry Rice Meal, Creme Brulee, New York Cheesecake, Kanga Nuggets, Kanga Mint Cookies.
  • Some Place ElseRizal Street (Havana Compound),  +63 82 2286304. A great place to hang out. Ask for their Shisha Fries.
  • Knight's Cafe (Red Knight Gardens), Guadalupe Village, Lanang, Davao(Near by Casino Filipino),  +63 82 234-3408. 6:30AM to 9:30PM. Knights Cafe offers a choice of local and Western dishes at its pool side bar and restaurant. WiFi and swimming is free if you buy food/drinks. Feast of Fish&Chips to Kinilaw and from traditional English breakfast to Pizza. Good place to meet and get lots of local knowledge. Modest.
  • Ellen's Tuna QueenSouth Street Dbp Village, Matina, Davao City (now located at its new home a few meters from the NCCC Mall Matina Highway, From NCCC Mall along Maa road turn left to the first street corner of Dbp Village (South Street )),  +63 9228147063, +63 9102261849. M-Sa 10:30AM-9PM. Serves the original pritong paksiw buntot ng tuna formerly at Petron Bajada, sinigang silik ng malasugui, beef calderetta, laing, kinilaw (tuna), lechon kawali and tuna sisig. Grilled steaks (lamb chops, beef prime ribs, burger steak) are also served. Try the latest Tuna Sisig na Pizza and the creamy halo-halo at its best.
  • Basti's CoffeeVictoria Plaza. Basti's is a cafe in Victoria Plaza, with an entrance outside as well as through the food court. They brew great coffee, and they ask you to pick between 'mild' and 'strong'. They also have pastries including an interesting durian cheesecake. Davao is a no-smoking-in-public-places city so smokers might find it useful to know that there is an enclosed and air-conditioned smoking section in Basti's.
  • British Bar & Deli39 Pili Street Nova Tierra Village Lanang+63-82-3056471.the only British pub in Davao. high price.

Sights & Landmarks

  • Mt. Apo. the highest mountain in the Philippines.
  • Crocodile ParkRiverfront Corporate City, Carlos P. Garcia Highway, Davao City,  +63 82 2868883. The home of the Philippine crocodiles. This park serves as a breeding center and a great tourist attraction. There are crocodile shows and others which shows in some days. Other animals too (tiger, deer, ...). Crocodile feeding is ₱35. include entrance to butterfly park (8AM-5PM) and K'Mindanawan village (not real one, for tourist, fire show on fri/sat/sun 5.45pm-6.30pm) ₱150.
  • Eden Nature Park. Located about 50 km from Davao Eden Nature Park is close to the town of Toril. It's located in the mountains so it's cooler than Davao City. It has nice walks, restaurants, horse riding and a Sky-Rider thing and lots more. It's a pretty good day out and well worth the trip from Davao.
  • Jack's RidgeShrine Hills Road, Matina+63 82 2978830. This was a hangout for Japanese Forces during World War 2. It is now a tourist spot in Davao City, where you can have a scenic view of Davao City (especially during the night). There is a restaurant, a pool, bars, cottages, and a trail up and down the ridge, where you can enjoy your stay.
  • Philippine Eagle Center. 8AM-5PM. See the Philippine eagle, one of the largest eagles in the world and, sadly, also one of the most endangered. The center is home to about 30 Philippine eagles. Aside from eagles, it is also home to other birds and animals as well as raptors in a simulated forest environment.₱100.
  • People's ParkLegazpi Street, Davao City. 7AM-10PM. A public park located along Legazpi Street. A park where people people gather around, enjoy the stroll crossing bridges,exercising around the walkway which circles the park, seeing man-made waterfalls, beautiful plants, etc. It is more enjoyable as the sun goes down and at the night. Free.
  • San Pedro CathedralSan Pedro Street, Davao City (town-center, most jeepney road go through, just ask),  +63 82 2210191. This cathedral, built in the 19th century, is the city's main cathedral. It is across from City Hall.
  • Shrine of the Holy Infant of Jesus (Santo Nino Shrine), Shrine Hills Road, Matina+63 82 2972911. A shrine that is up a hill with views across Davao in which you can unwind, relax, and reflect. There are mass celebrations once in a while per day. A lot of people visit this place during Sundays.
  • Lonwa Buddhist temple (less than 10min walk from crossing cabaguio avenue / JP Laurel avenue and St Camillus dormitel). no defined opening hours. free.
  • Dabawenyo museum. 9AM-12PM 1PM-6PM, closed on sunday+some holidays. no photos except on few recent paintings / separated room. free admission.
  • Forest Hill ResortTalomo District. 9AM till 7PM. One of the most visited inland resorts in Davao city. Has a very nice big swimming pool and is very clean.php100 per person over 60yo p80.
  • Camp Holiday Resort and Recreatiom Areabeside Samal Ferry Wharf Samal Island,  +63 82 3033294. 24 hours.. For the ₱100 day fee you get the use of swimming pools, nipa huts, open cottages and a seaside veranda. Very clean. day tour php100. Overnight ₱150.
  • Museo DabawenyoMagallanes Street (Behide the City Hall). 9AM-5PM. History and Culture of Davao. Free.
  • Wake Board Parknear Tacunan (Taxi). One of Asias largest wake board park. Great place for day trips, or rent locally to extend your stay

Safety in Davao City

Stay Safe

WARNING: Many governments, including the US , UK , Australia  and China  strongly advise against any travel to the island of Mindanao because of the threat of terrorist attacks, bombings, shootings and kidnappings of foreigners. Davao is considered safe but the surrounding areas are some of the most dangerous in the Philippines. Most insurers will not pay out if you need to make a claim while in Davao. Contact your embassy and insurer before traveling.

Visiting Mindanao has its risks. Foreigners have been kidnapped, murdered and held for ransom. For this reason, many governments advise against all but necessary travel to Mindanao, Davao being included. Although rare, terrorists have attacked the city many times in the past few years, with the most recent being the September 2013 bombings in malls. In most cases this means your travel insurance will not pay out if you need to make a claim. Please contact your embassy and insurer before travelling.

Because of the work of the local government on strengthening security during the past decade Davao is generally a safe city even for travellers and violent crime is rare except few parts of downtown Davao are unsafe at night. Armed guards and security forces can be seen everywhere, guarding malls, hotels and public events. Your biggest concern should be pickpockets, who are active in downtown Davao and on jeepneys. If you leave the Davao proper, please ensure you do your research as to the safety of the area as the chances of something happening to you, i.e. kidnapping rapidly increases if you are a foreigner.

Stay Healthy

  • Medical Services.
  • Southern Philippines Medical Center. JP Laurel Avenue. phone 82-2272731.(a Government Hospital) for ₱50 you can see a doctor.
  • Davao Doctors Hospital. E Quirino Avenue. (a Private Hospital) for ₱400 you can see a doctor.
  • Davao Social Hygiene Clinic. Emilio Jacinto Street. Phone 82-222-4187. (free STD and HIV testing).
  • Generika Drug is a low cost pharmacy store. there is one on San Pedro Street.
  • Zenit Dental centre 4th floor Gaisano mall Jp laurel avenue is a clean and has good prices for dental work.


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