Safety in Davao City

Stay Safe

WARNING: Many governments, including the US , UK , Australia  and China  strongly advise against any travel to the island of Mindanao because of the threat of terrorist attacks, bombings, shootings and kidnappings of foreigners. Davao is considered safe but the surrounding areas are some of the most dangerous in the Philippines. Most insurers will not pay out if you need to make a claim while in Davao. Contact your embassy and insurer before traveling.

Visiting Mindanao has its risks. Foreigners have been kidnapped, murdered and held for ransom. For this reason, many governments advise against all but necessary travel to Mindanao, Davao being included. Although rare, terrorists have attacked the city many times in the past few years, with the most recent being the September 2013 bombings in malls. In most cases this means your travel insurance will not pay out if you need to make a claim. Please contact your embassy and insurer before travelling.

Because of the work of the local government on strengthening security during the past decade Davao is generally a safe city even for travellers and violent crime is rare except few parts of downtown Davao are unsafe at night. Armed guards and security forces can be seen everywhere, guarding malls, hotels and public events. Your biggest concern should be pickpockets, who are active in downtown Davao and on jeepneys. If you leave the Davao proper, please ensure you do your research as to the safety of the area as the chances of something happening to you, i.e. kidnapping rapidly increases if you are a foreigner.

Stay Healthy

  • Medical Services.
  • Southern Philippines Medical Center. JP Laurel Avenue. phone 82-2272731.(a Government Hospital) for ₱50 you can see a doctor.
  • Davao Doctors Hospital. E Quirino Avenue. (a Private Hospital) for ₱400 you can see a doctor.
  • Davao Social Hygiene Clinic. Emilio Jacinto Street. Phone 82-222-4187. (free STD and HIV testing).
  • Generika Drug is a low cost pharmacy store. there is one on San Pedro Street.
  • Zenit Dental centre 4th floor Gaisano mall Jp laurel avenue is a clean and has good prices for dental work.


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