Museums & Galleries

Museums & Galleries in Makaty City

  • Ayala Museum. The Ayala Museum showcases the rich and vivid history of the Philippines from the earliest times of the Mactan battle to the struggle of democracy in EDSA. Also present are some famous paintings by Filipino painters such as Fernando Amorsolo, Juan Luna and Fernando Zobel.
  • Yuchengco Museum. The museum was created to house the art collection of Secretary Alfonso T. Yuchengco, and highlight his distinguished career as a businessman, diplomat, collector, philanthropist, patron of the arts, and advocate for education in the Philippines. The museum’s primary goal is to foster a greater public appreciation of the finest in Filipino and Filipino-Chinese visual arts and creativity. The Yuchengco Museum houses paintings by Fernando Amorsolo, Juan Luna and Carlos “Botong” Francisco.
  • Filipinas Heritage Library. Located inside the old Nielson Airport tower, the Filipinas Heritage Library has an astounding collection of books that date back to the Spanish period. Serious scholars of the time period will love it, but anyone with even a remote interest in old books and history should give it a visit.


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