South Korea

Things to do

Things to do

For a definite list of activities refer to individual cities. However, some of the best ones are:

  • Hiking With the country being covered in mountains, Korea is a fantastic destination with numerous hiking opportunities. Try Jirisan (지리산), Seoraksan (설악산) or go to South Korea's highest peak, the extinct volcano Hallasan on Jeju island. They offer great views, 1-3 day tracks, English sign posts/maps, huts (most of them heated), and can be organized easily. In autumn the leaves turn into beautiful colours, so the best seasons to go there are autumn and spring.
  • Jjimjilbang Koreans love saunas! If you can get past everyone being naked, then this is an excellent way to feel refreshed after a hard day sightseeing - a decent sauna, bath house and place to rest for many (night) hours. Even small towns will have one. This is especially convenient if you missed to make a reservation for an accommodation, everything is full or you are looking for a cheap way to stay overnight. Weekends are extremely busy with families.
  • Hot springs In common with their Japanese and Taiwanese neighbors, Koreans love their hot springs (온천, 溫泉 oncheon), and resorts can be found throughout the country. Etiquette usually require bathers to be nude. Many places also have saunas connected.
  • Snowboarding/Skiing The Gangwon province offers ski decent opportunities in Winter, which is very beautiful when it snowed. See the Seoul guide for close to the city destinations, which you can reach by free public (ski) bus within 90 minutes.
  • Eat Perhaps you have had Korean BBQ in your home country. The reality of Korean food is so much more diverse and tasty. Try something new delicious every each day! (Seafood, meat or vegetarian)
  • Winter surfing Owing to local tidal conditions, the best surf is in the winter! Pohang and Busan are two places you can try this
  • Karaoke/Singing Rooms Noraebang (노래방) is the same as Japanese Karaoke palors, popular and hard to miss wherever you go in metropolitan cities.
  • Martial Arts Learn martial arts such as the famous Taekwondo (태권도), Hapkido (합기도), and the dance-like martial art Taekkyeon (택견). You can also go and watch a competition or performance — for instance cultural festivals may feature traditional martial arts.
  • Temple Stay Spend a few days meditating and learning about Buddhism at a Korean monastery.
  • Water amusement parks are plentiful in the Gyeonggi & Gangwon provinces, such as Caribbean Bay in Yongin, Ocean World in Hongcheon, with a more Ancient Egyptian setting, and Ocean 700 in Pyeongchang. Tourists and locals usually go there in the summer.

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