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Sights & Landmarks

Sights & Landmarks in Dushanbe

Holy places

  • Haji Yaqub Mosque (Мечеть Хаджи Якуб), Rudaki Ave (Close to Hotel Avesto). The largest mosque in the CIS cost of 100 million dollars.It has a crescent-topped minaret and burnished golden dome.
  • Sari Osiyo Mosque (Мечеть Сари Осиё). A new one
  • Ismaili Centre (Центр Исмаилизма), Ismoil Somoni Ave, (Close to Hyatt Regency Dushanbe). 
  • St. Nicholas Cathedral (Свято-Никольский собор), Druzhby Narodov St (улица Дружбы народов)), ~64 (Central city cemetery or commonly Russian Cemetery (Центральный Городский кладбище, русский кладбище)). The main pravoslav church of Dushanbe.


  • Monument of Amir Ismail Samani (Tajik:Ҳайкали Исмоили Сомонӣ, Russian: Арка и памятник Исмаилу Самани.), Prospekt Aiani (At the south rim of Rudaki Park). A monument to the 10th-century founder of the Samanid dynasty. This statue commemorates the one for whom the currency is named. Apparently, the crown is 10 kilograms of tajik gold. Beware: the police at the bottom may ask for money if you take photos, so stand far back and use your zoom! (and don't encourage this bad behaviour!).
  • Rudaki statue (Rudaki Park). Recently opened for the Shanghai summit, the new park on Rudaki Avenue has a huge statue of Rudaki, a new government palace, and enough fountains to drain the whole of Dushanbe. Go at night to see the lights.
  • Rokhat Teahouse (Tajik:Rohat Chaikhona, Russian:чайханы «Рохат»,), 84, Rudaki Ave+992 90 793 1347. Old traditional teahouse located near central Dushanbe on Rudaki. Better to go for the interesting architecture, not the food.
  • Dushanbe Flagpole (Located in front of the Palace of Nations). The second tallest free-standing flagpole in the world (162m). This flagpole flies a 1800 sqm flag of Tajikistan, weighing 700kg.
  • Vahdat Palace (Palace of Unity, Tajik: Кохи Ваҳдат/Kokhi Vahdat/کاخ وحدت), 107, Rudaki Avenue (проспект А. Рудаки) (near Hotel Avesto). It is the headquarters of the ruling People's Democratic Party and is also used to host international conferences
  • National Bank of Tajikistan (Бонки миллии Тоҷикистон), хиёбони Рудакӣ, 107A (Opposite Ayni Opera and Ballet Theatre),  +992 44 600 3227fax: +992 44 600-3235, e-mail: . Located in a nice monument building.
  • Tajik State National University (Tajik: Donishgohi Davlatii Millii Tojikiston, Донишгоҳи миллии Тоҷикистон, Russian:Таджикский национальный университет (ТНУ)), Rudaki Ave. (хиёбони Рӯдакӣ), 17.+992 372 21-7711fax: +992 372 217711, e-mail: . On Rudaki an other nice building at #33 Tajik Academy of Sciences

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