Spa Town in Tajikistan

Spa town in Tajikistan


Balneological health resort surroundings in the Soghd district, 80 km southeast from Khujand, nearby Isfara railway station. It is located in southwest part of Fergana valley. The climate is continental. The winter is soft with unstable snow cover; the summer is dry and hot. The average temperature of January is 2°С, of July — 26°С. The annual precipitation is about 140 mm, mainly in the winter and spring. The average annual relative humidity is 34—60%.

The main natural therapeutic factor is thermal (upto 26°) methane, chloride sodium sulfide boracic waters (mineralization 85—130 g/l). Deposit of mineral water Obishifo (discovered in 1968) is 39 km far from Zumrad town to the west. Water is used for bath. Along with the mineral water as a natural therapeutic factor the sulfide sludged mud is also used. It is taken from the Oksukon lake located 80 km far from Isfara to the northwest. The sanatorium for people with diseases of motion and support organs, cardiovascular and nervous systems, gynaecological illnesses.


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