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Food & Restaurants in Koh Phi Phi

In general, Southern Thai food is known for its spiciness. Much of the cuisine has its origins in Malay, Indonesian and Indian food. Favourite dishes from the south include Indian-style Muslim curry (massaman), rice noodles in fish curry sauce (khanom jeen) and chicken with yellow rice.

  • Calamero Resto. A wide selection of breakfasts, fresh pasta, pizza, Thai food, sandwiches and more is complemented by fruit shakes, liqueurs and evening cocktails. And the best "fried ice-cream". All food is clean, good and cheap.
  • Cosmic. Italian restaurant with two outlets on the island. Serves very good pizza. The Thai food is disappointing. All pizzas cost 150 baht, all Thai dishes with rice cost 80 baht.
  • Little Britain. Serves good traditional English breakfast with eggs, Heinz baked beans, sausage, bacon, potatoes, mushrooms and black pudding. English tea comes with your breakfast.
  • Mr. Tee's (When you come off the ferry, veer slightly left and you find yourself on an alley covered by tarps, with small Thai restaurants. You'll notice a lot of locals eating in this alley. The second booth on your left is Mr. Tee's. There's a signboard). The food is good, cheap and spicy. There's a shop just opposite "Mr. Tee's", their food is just as good. They have the best fruit shake on the island.
  • Pad Thai Restaurant (Easily accessible from PP Island Village Resort. Exit the rear of the hotel, turn right and walk 50 m to Pad Thai on the left. The restaurant and PP Island Village are also accessible by walking 25 minutes from Laem Thong.). Friendly and fun, serves great tourist-friendly Thai food. Many hotel guests eat better food here each night for one-third the price of their hotel. Handmade spring rolls are excellent as are the garlic pepper fish and fried squid, bought fresh daily from local fishers. Ask the staff for a free motorcycle ride back after dark, an especially good idea if you have imbibed several PP Scuba Divers, a blue-coloured rum-based concoction served by the excellent bartenders. You can also book diving and snorkelling trips here. Quite busy between 19:00-21:00.
  • Papaya (Small green shop restaurant opposite Reggae Bar, next to Tiger Bar).17:00-. One of the first restaurants rebuilt after the tsunami. Run by the enthusiastic and friendly Mr Nod. Don't let the unprepossessing looks of the restaurant put you off as the food is good and a very good value. Serves authentic Thai food, hot and spicy as it should be, but the staff allow you to express the spiciness as percentage, with 100% being "Thai spicy". Among local expats living on the island, this place may be known as the place to get good cheap Thai food, but it's no longer the cheapest. If you are looking for a personal-sized portion with rice at a cheaper price ask for your food to be "on rice", otherwise portions are huge. Help yourself to the drinks in the fridge, which will be included on the bill, and check out the cat which lives in there. Note: Papaya opens around 17:00 and, in high season, is packed by 18:00 or 19:00. Go early if you're not prepared to wait.
  • The Pirate's House. Great Indian and Western food, but the Thai food at this place is not the greatest. A bit pricey, but nice and clean. Be careful when you take a seat, it's very easy to hurt your knees on their heavy and impractical wooden tables.
  • Tuk's BBQ (Next to Reggae Bar). Basically a street vendor, but it has the best BBQ on the island, with most items costing 30 baht.


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