Sights & Landmarks


Sights & Landmarks in Krabi

  • Contemporary Art Museum of Krabi(Opposite Wat Kaew).Th-Su, 10:00-17:00.
  • Khao Kanab Nam.The symbol of Krabi, two karst rocks next to one other. A 15 min longtail boat ride takes you from the pier to the rocks, where you can walk up some stairs to the top.
  • Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Sua) (Take the road to the airport and turn left/north before you get to the big shopping malls. You should actually be able to see the big Buddha on the mountaintop. Should cost no more than 200 baht by taxi.). One of the most famous temples in southern Thailand, on top of a mountain about 3 km northeast of Krabi Town. There is a stairway with 1,237 steps to the top to visit a tiger's footprint on the top of mountain. Those who make it to the top will also be rewarded with a 360 degree view of the area and the sea.As you walk in, you will see a huge stupa on the right with steps leading up inside. Entrance fee is 199 baht, but this is not the Tiger Temple. The temple is on top of a near-vertical mountain 300 m skyward further along the path.

    If you continue walking past the shop on the left, apparently run by the temple, which advertises bananas to feed the monkeys. There are many notices which advise against feeding them because they are pests. They are, sometimes trying to steal shiny objects such as cameras. On the left you will see the steps upward. There is no cost for this but you can leave a donation at the top if you make it. Many of the steps are quite steep and there are 1,237 of them. The view from the top, and from other places as you walk up, is phenomenal. There is a toilet about half-way up.

  • Wat Kaew Korawaram (On Maharat Rd close to Pattana Rd.). One of the main temples in Krabi town. A new building, to some it resembles a shiny white wedding cake.