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Festivals & Events


Festivals & Events in Dubai

Dubai Festivals are a fun way to take in a local activity while mixing with the residents of Dubai on your visit. There are many festivals throughout the year, so it is a good idea to check the Dubai calendar of events, or check with the concierge of your hotel upon arrival, to get an idea of what is happening during the duration of your stay.

Dubai Shopping Festival

This festival, started in 1996, usually takes place each February and is the biggest, longest running, and most popular festival of Dubai. The Dubai Shopping Festival is a huge retail event where tourists from all over the globe come to Dubai to take advantage of the deep discounts offered in most shops, enter in the daily car raffles, and marvel at the spectacular fireworks display over the city. It was estimated in 2009, that more than 3,350,000 visitors came to Dubai to take part in the Dubai Shopping Festival.

Dubai Desert Classic

This event marks it's 21st anniversary in 2010. The Desert Classic is known as the "crown jewel" of the PGA European Golf Tour's 3-stop Desert Swing. This event spotlights Dubai in the golfing world and grows in size and popularity each year. The event is promoted by golf in DUBAi, and the title sponsor is Omega. The scenes from this golf event are set against the gorgeous cityscape of the skyline of Dubai, an unmistakable image, and one visitors won't quickly forget.

Dubai Summer Surprises

Dubai Summer Surprises is the summer counterpart of the Dubai Shopping Festival, which takes place in the winter. For 10 weeks, many shops, hotels, attractions, and entertainment events take place in Dubai, with the goal of luring visitors to the shopping malls to take advantage of the deep discounts. Tourists from all over the world come to Dubai during this event to shop till they drop.

National Day Festival

Taking place each December to celebrate Dubai's independence from Britain, many of Dubai's most popular monuments, shops, and landmarks are open to the public and showcase different entertainment events. The events that take place during the National Day Festival vary from parachuting shows, camel riding and exhibitions, to many demonstrations and competitions. The festival take place over 4 days, and in keeping with the Dubai style, there is a spectacular daily fireworks display at Heritage Village and a colorful parade starting at the Sheikh Rashid Palace and ending at the Hatta Heritage Village. There are tons of daily giveaways, freebies and special activities for the children.

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