Nightlife in Nha Trang

  • Altitude (28th floor, Sheraton Hotel). 16:00-23:00. For a great view of Nha Trang at night, perhaps visit the highest bar in Nha Trang. Heineken 100,000 dong.
  • Skylight. 8:00–14:00, 16:30–00:00. 360˚ Skydeck & Rooftop Club. Besides, it also features a Skywalk, located on the 43rd floor. Entrance 50,000-150,000 dong depending on time and day of the week, price includes 1 drink.
  • Booze Cruise110 Nguyen Thien Thuat St. 10:00–2:00. One of the more popular bars in town, though also one of the most expensive. They generally show most major sporting events on their large flat screen TV. They make great burgers and pizza as well as limitless different types of cocktails. They also organise booze cruises. 350,000 dong including all you can eat and drink.
  • Crazy Kim Bar19 Biet Thu St+84 58 816072. Closes 01:00. If you are young and wild, this is the place to be. 50,000 dong large beer.
  • Ha Van 'A' Rooftop Lounge & Restaurant3/2 Tran Quang Khai, 5th floor (On the 5th floor of the Flamingo Suites Ha Van Hotel),  +84 58 3525454. 07:00-late. Offering the coldest beers, drinks and cocktails. Small, but very good menu of food. Great city views, and a favourite of expats. Internet stations and Wi-Fi free (good connection). 50-inch TV for movies and sport events. Live NHL ice hockey available in the morning. Football fans are welcome. Canadian-run & managed.
  • Ly Ly's Nudies81 Huong Vong St (Next to Bamboo). 18:00-22:00. A little outdoor smoothie shop that is the best value in town. 15,000 dong for every drink. Stop by and chat with Ly Ly, a very nice young woman who speaks good English and is very friendly. It's not very clear whether it still operates (2016).15,000 dong.
  • Patrick Wine3/3 Tran Quang Khai St (Next to La Suisse Hotel),  +84 90 3102418. 14:00-02:00. Offering a charming blend of romance and revelry. It offers hundreds of bottles of imported wine. After 18:00 there is a full bar and restaurant, featuring French and Vietnamese food. Crepes, pates, and local specialities, with the wine shop still open. Check the website for live music dates. USD2-6 for food.
  • SinhTo2020 Hoang Hoa Tham St,  +84 58 3525870. This place has a very good yoghurt and many kinds of cocktails. Prices are reasonable.
  • Spicey Fingers (Formerly, Bar Oz)), 26b Tran Quang Khai St,  +84 58 6252046. Small bar and restaurant in the main tourist area. Cheap beer, food not so cheap, but extensive menu.
  • The Wave Bar and Restaurant (Formerly Club Blue Dragon), 126 Nguyen Thien Thuat+84 58 3523021. This friendly spot has a pool table (free), dart board and TV. Clients are also encouraged to play DJ from the bar's iTunes selection. The owners are super friendly. You'll never feel lonely here.
  • Why Not Bar24 Tran Quang Khai St,  +84 58 811652. One of the most popular late night bars for the young Western crowd in Nha Trang. 50,000 dong buckets until midnight, couple dollar beers, cheap mixers and various drink specials throughout the rest of the night. Begins getting crowded between 22:00-24:00. Dance floor, pool tables, cheap drinks available until late. By midnight the entire backpacker crowd will be at this bar. Although a place gets lots of very bad reviews, reviewers mention petty theft, being beaten up by stuff, often wrong and increased prices in a total bill.