Food & Restaurants


Food & Restaurants in Sanaa

Visitors should be careful when eating from street stands and the like, as the same warning which applies to tap water applies to poorly-prepared food. Salta is a popular Yemeni lunch dish that is served very hot.


Nearly all Yemeni food is budget. An average meal at a Sana'a restaurant will cost less than 2 dollars. Chicken is ubiquitous. A tuna steak served with rice costs 150-200 riyals.

  • Al Shamiri Plaza hotel (next to Central bank of Yemen on Ali Abdull Mugni St.) has a rooftop restaurant on 8th floor which offers great views over old and new part of Sanaa. Menu is also in English and prices are very reasonable.


Hadda Street is where the more "upscale" restaurants are located. Clean restaurants with a large range of food include:

  • Merkato Ethiopian Food, Across from Al-Hudda grocery.
  • Karmouche Pizza, Iran street.
  • Al-Hamra. Popular fast food place.
  • Pizza Hut, Sabeen Street.
  • KFC, Hadda Road.
  • Khaleej Restaurant (popular traditional place)
  • Shalal Wadibana, Tahrir street.


The five star hotels (Sheraton and Mövenpick) have decent, but pricey western food (and beer!). In the Haddah neighborhood you will find a number of more expensive restaurants like Grill 101 (American), Deja Vu restaurant and coffee shop, Zorba's (Greek) and Mehraja (Indian).

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