Sights & Landmarks

Sights & Landmarks in Sanaa

The Old City of Sana'a is World Heritage Listed and makes a great place to see the uniquely Yemeni style of architecture - multiple-storey tower houses with the distinctive qamariyawindows. Within the Old City is the Souk al-Milh, arguably the best souk (marketplace) in the Arabian Peninsula.

  • Bab al-Yemen. One of the city's most important landmarks, it is the gate leading into the Old City, which is surrounded by ancient walls. The souk and many excellent restaurants are located nearby.
  • National Museum of Yemen. 9AM-12PM. The museum is located in a former palace that was restored and converted into a museum. Here you can learn about the nation's history and culture. Most exhibits include English descriptions along with Arabic. YR500.
  • Military Museum. morning from 9AM-1:30PM, afternoon from 3-8PM. Displays artifacts related to the Yemeni military. Explanations are all in Arabic; however, there is a part outside where they have English explanations about some of the more modern artifacts. YR200.
  • Wadi Dhahr. A valley a few kilometers outside of Sana'a with green fields, villages, and the face Rock Palace of an Imam of Yemen.
  • Great Mosque of Sana'a (الجامع الكبير بصنعاء, Al-Jāmiʿ al-Kabīr bi-Ṣanʿāʾ). One of the oldest mosques in the world. The oldest known written copy of the Quran was found here.
  • Al Saleh Mosque (جامع الرئيس الصالح). Located near the heavily-guarded Presidential Palace, it is one of the largest mosques in the world.
  • Thilaa. An ancient hidden village located just outside Sana'a on the way to Kawkaban.

Jabal an-Nabi Shu'ayb is the highest mountain in the Arabian Peninsula and one of the most prominent mountains in the world. It is 3,666 meters (12,028 feet) high and is located on the Sana'a-Al Hudaydah highway about 30 km away from the city.

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