Accommodation & Hotels

Accommodation & Hotels

Beach fales are an enjoyable and inexpensive way to stay in Samoa. A list can be obtained from the Samoa Tourism Authority ([email protected]), but the best way to know where to stay is to ask other travelers. Samoa is not very big and tourism is limited, so you will bump into the same people once in a while making it easy to exchange information.

With the explosion in accommodation it is now less necessary for those wanting to visit the remoter parts of Samoa, particularly Savaii, to stay in villages, which was fairly common in the past. However, this is still possible. If you want to stay in, or even just visit, a village it is important to remember not to offend local culture. 

There is also a good range of resorts, hotels and guest houses in Samoa. A large number have been constructed in recent years.

Accommodations are listed under Apia, Upolu and Savaii. Please do not list them here.

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