Bad Hall

Spa Town in Austria


Spa town in Austria

Bad Hall

Bad Hall is a market town in the Steyr-Land district in central the Austrian state of Upper Austria. Its name, Bad Hall, means "salt bath," a reference to its long history of baths and spas. It is renowned for its saline springs, strongly impregnated with iodine and bromine. Although the springs have been known since the 8th century, Hall has been noted for them only since 1855, when the springs became the property of the government.

Due to the saline springs tourism is well developed in Bad Hall. There are also some industrial companies (e.g. AGRU Kunststofftechnik) as well as oil exploration around Bad Hall.

Situated in the heart of Upper Austria, the holiday region Bad Hall - Kremsmünster is a great place to calm down, enjoy cultural highlights or to savour a lot of activities like hiking or riding a bike where great panoramic views will reward the wayfarer. Explore the spa park of Bad Hall with its shadowy paths and floral splendor and discover our strong medical spring, the iodine brine, being perfect to relief stress.

Besides a lot of sportive possibilities like playing a round of golf or tennis, the region is well known for the cultural offers. Highlight is the Benedictine Abby of Kremsmünster but also the museum for music intruments at mansion Kremsegg und the museum of local histroy "Forum Hall"offer diversity during your stay.

Music lovers will be enchanted by our spa orchestra or operettas and operas being performed at the theatre of Bad Hall.


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