Baden bei Wien

Spa Town in Austria


Spa town in Austria

Baden bei Wien

Baden (German for "Baths"), unofficially distinguished from other Badens as Baden bei Wien (Baden near Vienna), is a spa town in Austria. It serves as the capital of Baden District in the state of Lower Austria. Located about 26 km (16 mi) south of Vienna, the municipality consists of cadastral Baden, Braiten, Gamingerhof, Leesdorf, Mitterberg, Rauhenstein, and Weikersdorf.

In Roman times it was called "Aquae" and is named in 869. The sulfuric water springs attracts lots of artists and famous people in the 19th century with for example Schubert, Johann Strauß Vater, Lanner, Grillparzer and Raimund. This lead to the economic growth of the city and it has hence many beautiful representative Villa's built during the Biedermeier period.

The imperial spa town of Baden near Vienna is famous for its beneficial sulphurous mineral springs far beyond the borders of Austria. With a natural temperature of up to 36 degree Celsius, the curative water is the basis for numerous treatments in the fields of prevention, the Baden spa treatment, wellness and just bathing fun.

For sightseeing in Baden, start at the Hauptplatz or main square where you can see the Rathaus or town hall built by the architect Josef Kornhäsel in 1815. Kornhäusel was a very significant contributor of house designs in the years after the great fire, so you will stumble upon his name all over Baden. Another important building at the main square is the Kaiserhaus (Emperor′s House), a surprisingly modest building where Emperor Franz I used to spend his summer vacations.


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