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NOTE: Major motorways are toll roads in Belarus. Before the travel, check the list of toll roads. There are no toll stations. The toll for use of Belarusian roads within the BelToll system can be paid on the basis of a Pre-Paid Contract or a Post-Pay Contract.

Travelling by car will get you far, since the infrastructure in Belarus was well developed after World War II. Gasoline is relatively cheap by European standards. 1L is <USD1 (as of April 2010). All fuel stations have the same prices as mandated by the government, so there is no need for shopping around. You can rent cars in Minsk at the airport or city from the major international rental chains or smaller local companies. Travelling by train around the country will get you to a lot of desired destinations relatively cheap and fast (make sure that you book an express train). Timetables for all means of transports can be found here and for trains of course on the site of the Belarusian railway. Also, you will get a chance to capture a glimpse of Belarusian nature, as the forests and plains often start right on the edges of the cities. Notice how there are almost no elevations in this part of Europe - it is all vast green plain. Do not count on being lucky to spot wild animals by the railway tracks - they are normally afraid of loud noises and savage passengers.

Belarus is not a large country, and a traveller can reach from one side of its border to the other in less than a day.

By taxi

There are a lot of taxi companies.

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