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While the country is divided into two "entities"; the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina with a predominant Muslim/Croat majority population and the Republika Srpska (i.e. Republic of Serbs or RS) with a Serb majority population, here is a "traveller-friendly" division of the country based on traditional regions.

 Bosanska Krajina
northwest of the country "hugged" by Croatia
 Central Bosnia
south of country, traditionally inhabited by Croats mostly
 Northeastern Bosnia
along the Sava River
 Sarajevo Region
the capital and its environs


  • Sarajevo — the national capital; a cosmopolitan European city with a unique Eastern twist as can be seen in its vast diversity of architectural styles; metropolis
  • Banja Luka — the second largest city, serving as the capital of Republika Srpska, with some historical sights and a rich nightlife
  • Bihać — city near Croatian border, surrounded by an impressive nature
  • Jajce — a small city with a beautiful waterfall and number of historical attractions dotted around its center
  • Mostar — nice old town on Neretva River, symbolized by its medieval bridge
  • Neum — the only coastal town, with sandy beaches backed by steep hills
  • Tuzla — third largest city with much industry, though has a lovely old town and monuments to the brutal war too
  • Teslic — а health spa resort with the biggest tourist capacity in the country
  • Zenica — city with an Ottoman old quarter

Other destinations

  • Kozara — national park in the north-west with dense forests and hilly meadows, a hiking and hunting destination.
  • Međugorje — inland town between mountains with a mild Mediterranean climate, but perhaps best known due to claims of apparitions of the Virgin Mary to six locals.
  • Srebrenica — small town in the north-east, beautiful nature (third deepest canyon, of river Drina in the world), best known as the site of a genocide during the Bosnian War.
  • Igman ski resort
  • Jahorina ski resort
  • Bjelašnica ski resort

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