Spa town in Bulgaria


Spa town in Bulgaria


Dobrinishte is situated on 810 m above the sea level at the foot of the Pirin Mountain in the south-eastern part of the Razlog valley. Dobrinishte is located 165 km from Sofia and 6 km south of Bansko ski resort.

Dobrinishte is a popular summer and winter mountain resort with its mineral springs, ski tracks and virgin nature.

Mineral springs

Dobrinishte is a balneological and spa resort with 17 mineral springs. The water temperature reaches 30 – 43°C. The curative mineral water is used for treatment and prophylactic of dermatological, neurological, gynecological and other diseases, as well as for treatment the disorders of the loco-motor system.

The town of Dobrinishte is popular with its open-air mineral water swimming pool and big mineral water bath.

Dobrinishte is known for its mineral water springs since ancient times. The name of the village comes from “The good things”, which God gave to the people - the warm mineral springs and the forests at the foot of the Pirin mountain. The village is known to exist ever since the Stone Age. Coins from emperor Neron (I c. BC) as well as Roman and Thracian potteries were found in the area.


The ski centre of Dobrinishte provides several ski tracks suitable for beginners, as well as for intermediate and advances skiers and snowboarders. The resort offers well-developed lift system to the park zone “Bezbog” and at the skiing area. Ski and snowboard lessons and equipment are provided.

Dobrinishte is a starting point for diverse hiking routes in the Pirin mountain.


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