Spa town in France


Spa town in France


Amnéville is a commune in the Moselle department in Grand Est in northeastern France. The town is an important tourist and thermal center in France.

Amnéville-les-Thermes is a Moselle town located between Metz and Thionville , famous for its tourist and thermal spa center of Coulange, Thermapolis, opened in 1996.

Leisure, sports and relaxation are on the agenda of this real water city, in which it is possible to enjoy well-being, while enjoying quality recreational facilities: the Amnéville Zoo , one of the best some of the most important and beautiful in Europe; the Amnéville Aquarium with its 350 species of fish and invertebrates; the golf course and its 18-hole green; France Adventure, one of the largest forest adventure parks in France; the Seven Casino, for slot machine lovers; not forgetting the Snowhall and its indoor ski slope all year round.

Thermapolis is a reference in balneotherapy, which allows you to enjoy all the benefits of thermal hot water of Amnéville, with recognized virtues: rich in iron and minerals, with sedative, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-infectious effects and anti-spasmodic. The facilities include whirlpools, massage jets, Finnish sauna, oriental steam bath, goosenecks, thermal river, hot marbles, geysers, and hydromassage seats and beds in unusual settings. and carefully studied for relaxation and disorientation: an Egyptian sector decorated with living frescoes, a space of Moorish Art with colored fragments, a cavernous area in reference to a cave of Sri Lanka ...

For personalized body and facial treatments, head to Villa Pompeii, inspired by the Roman baths.

Thermapolis is also the pioneer of cryotherapy in Lorraine , with a cabin dedicated to this technique of care with nitrogen, which has significant effects in rheumatology, neuropsychology and cosmetics.

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