Spa town in Hungary

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Spa town in Hungary


Bük is a town in Vas County, Hungary very close to the Austrian border. Nowadays it has a reputation for being a very popular holiday destination in Hungary and one of the major spa and wellnes spots in Central Europe.

Only 15 from the Austrian border, 45 km from Szombathely and Kőszeg and 45 km from Sopron, is a village with excellent tourist infrastructure, yet quiet and traditional village atmosphere, all of which visitors are waiting for all visitors all year round.

Bük's reputation is undoubtedly due to the 588 ° C thermal water that broke out in oil drilling in 1957 from 1282 meters deep, which is one of the youngest in Hungary but is still the second largest spa in the world today .

Numerous events in Bük for the whole year attracting visitors, of which the Büki Nyár program series is held every year. But Buk also offers a variety of programs: the Bükfürdő-Rally of June, the Lángosfesztivál of September, the Therapies, the Handicrafts and Antiques Fair, the operetta performances and the concerts of light and classical music.

In Bükfürdő, Hungary's first 18-hole golf course at the international level is also the Birdland Golf & Country Club, which has been in the beautiful natural setting since 1991 for golf enthusiasts, and whose name - Birdland - has many different species, including a few protected bird species It owes.

The active visitors of the Büki Tourism Association have come up with several important novelties: the free playground for adults and adults , free of charge, organized for June and June 2010 , as well as sports and leisure programs for both young and old ages and families. In the spirit of activity, between Bükfürdő and the Locsmánd of Austria was built approx. A 15 km bicycle trail , for which a bike rental is also available in Bük and Bükfürdő.

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