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Debrecen is the "capital city of the Great Hungarian Plain", and the county seat and largest city of Hajdú-Bihar county in eastern Hungary. It is the second largest city in the country with about 200,000 inhabitants and historically the most important city in Hungarian Protestantism.They used to say "who in their sane mind would build a city in the middle of nowhere where there are no mountains, forests, water or roads?". Still, the answer is a mystery, but Debrecen is the second (or third, depends on the census) largest city of Hungary.

Info Debrecen


Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary after Budapest. Debrecen is the regional centre of the Northern Great Plain region and the seat of Hajdú-Bihar county. It was the largest Hungarian city in the 18th century and it is one of the most important cultural centres of the Hungarians. Debrecen was also the capital city of Hungary during the revolution in 1848-1849. During the revolution, the dethronement of the Habsburg dynasty was declared in the Reformed Great Church. The city also served as the capital of Hungary by the end of the World War II in 1944-1945.

TIME ZONE :• Time zone CET (UTC1)
• Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
LANGUAGE :Hungarian
RELIGION :Roman Catholic 51.9%, Calvinist 15.9%, Lutheran 3%, Greek Catholic 2.6%, other Christian 1%, other or unspecified 11.1%, unaffiliated 14.5%
AREA : 121 m (397 ft)
ELEVATION :461.25 km2 (178.09 sq mi)
COORDINATES :47.52997°N 21.63916°E
SEX RATIO : Male: 47.6%
 Female: 52.4%
ETHNIC :Hungarian 92.3%, Roma 1.9%, other or unknown 5.8%


Debrecen is the "capital city of the Great Hungarian Plain", and the county seat and largest city of Hajdú-Bihar county in eastern Hungary. It is the second largest city in the country with about 200,000 inhabitants and historically the most important city in Hungarian Protestantism.

They used to say "who in their sane mind would build a city in the middle of nowhere where there are no mountains, forests, water or roads?". Still, the answer is a mystery, but Debrecen is the second (or third, depends on the census) largest city of Hungary.

It used to be Europe's largest Calvinist city (was called "The Calvinist Rome"), and the Grand Church (Nagytemplom) is a reminder of the city's heritage.

Debrecen also has a university with all kinds of science areas. It has about 25000 students. The main building at the Nagyerdő is beautiful.

  • Tourinform DebrecenPiac u. 20 (Center),  +36 52 412250fax: +36 52 535323, e-mail: . M-F 09:00-17:00, Sa 9:00-13:00, Sunday: Closed. (Jul-Aug weekdays until 18:00)- Ticket office hours M-F 09:00-16:30, Sa 09:00-12:30. Tourist information, souvenirs. Tickets for events.
  • Tourinform Hortobágy (Hortobágy National Park Visitor Centre, Hortobágy Nemzeti Park Látogatóközpont és Kézművesudvar), Hortobágy village, Petőfi tér 13,  +36 52 589321, +36 52 589000, +36 52 369140, e-mail: . Open: Jan-Dec CLOSED; Mar-Apr, Nov: M-F 08:00-16:00. May, Oct: M-F 08:00-16:00, Sa-Su 10:00-16:00. June: M-F 08:00-17:00, Sa-Su 10:00-18:00. Jul, Aug: M-F 08:00-18:00, Sa-Su 10:00-18:00. Sep: M-F 08:00-17:00, Sa-Su 10:00-17:00.. Tourist information, souvenirs. Exhibition about the flora and fauna of the national park. Conference room for 90 people, meeting rooms.Field study education room, playground. Craftsmen's workshops. +E-mail: [email protected]


The settlement was established after the Hungarian conquest. Debrecen became more important after some of the small villages of the area (Boldogasszonyfalva, Szentlászlófalva) deserted due to the Mongol invasion of Europe. It experienced rapid development after the middle of the 13th century.

In 1361, Louis I of Hungary granted the citizens of Debrecen the right to choose the town's judge and council. This provided some opportunities for self-government for the town. By the early 16th century, Debrecen was an important market town.

King Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor, as part of a treaty with Serbian ruler Stefan Lazarević, gave him the opportunity to rule Debrecen in September 1411. A year after Lazarević's death in 1426, his role was taken over by his successor,Đurađ Branković. Between 1450 and 1507, it was a domain of the Hunyadi family.

During the Ottoman period, being close to the border and having no castle or city walls, Debrecen often found itself in difficult situations and the town was saved only by the diplomatic skills of its leaders. Sometimes the town was protected by the Ottoman Empire, sometimes by the Catholic European rulers or by Francis II Rákóczi, prince of Transylvania. Debrecen later embraced the Protestant Reformation quite early, earning the monikers "the Calvinist Rome" and "the Geneva of Hungary". At this period the inhabitants of the town were mainly Hungarian Calvinists. Debrecen became a sanjak between 1541 and 1693 and orderly bounded to the eyalets of Budin (1541–1596), Eğri (1596–1660) andVarat (1660–1693) as "Debreçin".

In 1693, Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor elevated Debrecen to free royal townstatus. In 1715, the Roman Catholic Church returned to Debrecen, and the town gave them a place to build a church, so the Piarist monks could build the St. Ann's Cathedral. By this time the town was an important cultural, commercial and agricultural centre, and many future scholars and poets attended its Protestant College (a predecessor of today's University of Debrecen and also of Debrecen Reformed Theological University).

In 1849, Debrecen was the capital of Hungary for a short time when the Hungarian revolutionary government fled there from Pest-Buda (modern-day Budapest). In April 1849, the dethronization of Habsburgs (neglected after the fall of the revolution) and the independence of Hungary was proclaimed here by Lajos Kossuth at the Great (Calvinist) Church (Nagytemplom in Hungarian.) The last battle of the war of independence was also close to Debrecen. The Russians, allied to Habsburgs, defeated the Hungarian army close to the western part of the town.

After the war, Debrecen slowly began to prosper again. In 1857, the railway line between Budapest and Debrecen was completed, and Debrecen soon became a railway junction. New schools, hospitals, churches, factories, and mills were built, banks and insurance companies settled in the city. The appearance of the city began to improve too: with new, taller buildings, parks and beautiful villas it no longer resembled a provincial town and began to look like a modern city. In 1884, Debrecen became the first Hungarian city to have a steam tramway.

After World War I, Hungary lost a considerable portion of its eastern territory to Romania, and Debrecen once again became situated close to the border of the country. It was occupied by the Romanian army for a short time in 1919. Tourism provided a way for the city to begin to prosper again. Many buildings (among them an indoor swimming pool and Hungary's first stadium) were built in the central park, the Nagyerdő ("Big Forest"), providing recreational facilities. The building of the university was completed. Hortobágy, a large pasture owned by the city, became a tourist attraction.

During World War II, Debrecen was almost completely destroyed, 70% of the buildings suffered damage, 50% of them were completely destroyed. A major battle involving combined arms, including several hundred tanks (Battle of Debrecen), occurred near the city in October 1944. After 1944, the reconstruction began and Debrecen became the capital of Hungary for a short time once again. The citizens began to rebuild their city, trying to restore its pre-war status, but the new, Communist government of Hungary had other plans. The institutions and estates of the city were taken into public ownership, private property was taken away. This forced change of the old system brought new losses to Debrecen; half of its area was annexed to nearby towns, and the city also lost its rights over Hortobágy. In 1952, two new villages – Ebes and Nagyhegyes – were formed from former parts of Debrecen, while in 1981, the nearby village Józsa was annexed to the city. The newly built blocks of flats provided housing for those who lost their homes during the war. In the following decades, Debrecen was the third largest city of Hungary (behind Budapest and Miskolc), and became the second largest in the 1990s when the population of Miskolc decreased.


Debrecen, typical of Central Europe, has a climate on the boundaries of oceanic(Köppen Cfb) and humid continental (Dfb).

Climate data for Debrecen

Record high °C (°F)15.4
Average high °C (°F)0.7
Daily mean °C (°F)−2.4
Average low °C (°F)−5.7
Record low °C (°F)−30.2
Source: HMS


The development of Debrecen is mainly financed by agricultural, health care and educational business. The city is the main center of shopping in the east of Hungary. Forum Debrecen is the largest shopping mall in the region. Debrecen is one of the most developed cities in Hungary, regional center of international companies, like National Instruments, IT services and health product manufactures (Teva).

Internet, Comunication

Post Offices

Prices in Debrecen



Milk1 liter€0.70
Tomatoes1 kg€1.50
Cheese0.5 kg€3.70
Apples1 kg€1.00
Oranges1 kg€1.25
Beer (domestic)0.5 l€0.70
Bottle of Wine1 bottle€4.20
Coca-Cola2 liters€1.25
Bread1 piece€0.50
Water1.5 l€0.38



Dinner (Low-range)for 2€15.00
Dinner (Mid-range)for 2€24.00
Dinner (High-range)for 2
Mac Meal or similar1 meal€4.80
Water0.33 l€0.50
Cappuccino1 cup€1.10
Beer (Imported)0.33 l€1.30
Beer (domestic)0.5 l€1.00
Coca-Cola0.33 l€0.74
Coctail drink1 drink€3.20



Cinema2 tickets€8.00
Gym1 month€24.00
Men’s Haircut1 haircut€6.00
Theatar2 tickets€22.00
Mobile (prepaid)1 min.€0.13
Pack of Marlboro1 pack€3.20



Antibiotics1 pack€7.00
Tampons32 pieces€3.00
Deodorant50 ml.€2.75
Shampoo400 ml.€2.35
Toilet paper4 rolls€1.00
Toothpaste1 tube€1.35



Jeans (Levis 501 or similar)1€55.00
Dress summer (Zara, H&M)1€30.00
Sport shoes (Nike, Adidas)1€53.00
Leather shoes1€55.00



Gasoline1 liter€1.09
Taxi1 km€0.90
Local Transport1 ticket€0.95

Transportation - Get In

Transportation - Get In

By plane

There is an airport [www] , but commercial traffic is low. There is a discount airline flying to München, Germany, so via that Debrecen can be reached from all Europe. It is planned to extend the air traffic through involving more cheap-flight companies. Charter flights come regularly to the airport.

There are cheap flight connections between Debrecen and London, Milano and Eindhoven by The airport bus takes you to the city centre (train or bus station).

If your flight is to or from Budapest Ferihegy Airport, you can take a train to Debrecen from Ferihegy 1. (If you arrive at Ferihegy 2, take bus 200 E to Ferihegy 1.)

Transportation - Get In

By Train

  • Debrecen Railway Station (Debrecen Vasútállomás), Petőfi tér. Eger (must to change at least one time, 120km, HUF 2200, two and half hour),Karcag (59 km, 7-10 per day, one hour, ~HUF1200), Nyíregyháza (hourly, HUF1100, ~1/2 h), Szerencs (99 km, four direct, mostly change at Nyíregyháza, 67-136 mins)

There are regular trains app. every hour from Budapest Nyugati Station. The duration of the trip is 2.5 hours. Check the following site for timetables.

Transportation - Get In

By Bus

Bus Station (Debrecen, autóbusz-állomás), Külső Vásártér 22.+36 40-200-756, e-mail: . Daily 24h. Timetable (2013) Eger (135 km, seven-nine direct per day more with change, two and half hour), Karcag (direct three more with change, eighty mins),Nyíregyháza (53-71 km, five direct, 60-110 min), Szerencs (three hour, all must to change at Tokaj or Miskolc, nine per day)

Transportation - Get Around

Transportation - Get Around

By Public Transport

Public transport uses local tickets. Don't try to use Budapest tickets; they won't work.

The 'DKV', the council public transport company two tram, five trolleybus and sixty bus lines operated in Debrecen. The tram [www] carries people to the most visited places. It starts at the railway station, goes along the main street, turns at the Grand Church a bit, goes to the Old Forest, the Zoo, Theme Park and Public Bath, then around to meet the Universities, and then back. A cheap way to see most of the city is to get a ticket at the train station, get on, and enjoy the trip until you're back where you started.

Bus lines are fair. You may expect to be able to reach nearby places fast.

Transportation - Get Around

By foot

There are many nice streets around, though there are many less attractive ones as well. Try your luck.

Nagyerdő (the Big Forest) is beautiful.

Transportation - Get Around

By Car

Roads are okay. The city is small enough though that you could easily get around by foot or by public transportation.






Exchanging money can be cheaper here than in Budapest.


  • CIB BankPiac u. 1−3. (Center),  +36 40 242242fax: +36 1 4896147, e-mail: . M-Th 08:00-18:00, F 08:00-16:00. ATM 24/7.
  • Commercial and Credit Bank (Kereskedelmi és Hitelbank), Kálvin tér 8 (Center),  +36 52 521 230fax: +36 52 521261. M 08:00-17:00, Tu-Th 08:00-16:00, F 08:00-15:00. Tele Center  +36 1/20/30/70 3353355. - Other unit: Piac utca 52. (+36 52 504500, fax= +36 52 504748, hours=M 08:00-17:00, Tu, W 8:00-16:00, Th 08:00-18:00, F 08:00-15:00).
  • Erste Bank, Downtown branch (Debrecen, Belvárosi Fiók), Hatvan utca 1/B. first floor 9. (Center),  +36 40 222 222. M 08:00-17: 00, Tu-Th 08:00-16:00, F 08:00-15:00. Other units: University branch ( Egyetem tér 1., M 08:00-17:00 Tu-Th 08:00-16:00, F 08:00-15:00) ; Vár Street branch ( Vár utca 4., M: 8:00-17:00, Tu-Th 8:00-16: 00 F 8:00-15:00); Piac Street branch (Piac utca 32.; M 08:00-17:00, Tu-Th 08:00-16:00, F 8:00-15:00).
  • OTP BankPiac u. 45-47 (Center),  +36 40 366388fax: +36 52 457-077, e-mail: . M 07:45-18:00 Tue-Th 07:45-17:00, F 07:45-16:00. Traded Currencies: USD EUR, Free WiFi, Child-, Wheelchair- friendly branch +36 1 3666-388. Other units: - Hatvan u. 2-4. (+36 40 366-388, Fax:+36 52 510315, hours=M 07:45-18:00 Tu-Th 07:45-17:00 F 7:45-16:00), - Füredi u. 43. (+36 40 366388, Fax: 52 500-341 .hours=M 8:15-17:00 Tu-Th 7:45-16:00 F 08:15-14:30, - Egyetem tér 1.(+36 40 366388, Fax: 52 502041, hours=M 7:45-12:30, 13:00-17:00, Tu- Th 07:45-12:30, 13:00-15:30, F 07:45-13:30. - Pásti u. 1-3.( +36 40 366388, Fax: 52 506585, hours=M 07:45-17:00, Tu-F 07:45-16:00.
  • MKB Bank (Magyar Külkereskedelmi Bank), Vár utca 6/c(Center),  +36 52 528110, +36 1 3733333, +36 40 333666, e-mail:. M 08:00-17:30, Tu-Th 08:00-16:30, F 08:00-15:00.
  • Raiffeisen BankPiac utca 18 (Center), e-mail:. M, Tu, Th 08:00 - 16:00, W 08:00-17:30, F 08:00-15:30, weekend closed. ATM 24/7.  Telebank customer service - Raiffeisen Direkt +36 40 484848, +36-1 4848484 Other unit: Péterfia utca 18 (Debrecen Plaza, open: M 08:00-17: 30, Tu-Th 08:00-16:00, F 08:00-15:30).


  • Debrecen PlazaPéterfia utca 18. (Just north of the city centre and easily reached by tram #1), +36 52 456700, e-mail:. Restaurants, cafes: Daily 10:00-22:00. - Cinema: M-Sa 13: 00-23:00, Su 10: 00-23:00- Stores: M-Sa 09: 00-20:00, Su 10:00-18:00. - CBA supermarket M-Sa 07: 00-20:00, Su 07:00-19:00. - Pharmacy M-F 08: 00-20:00, Sa 09: 00-20:00, Su 10:00-18:00.
  • Forum shopping mall (Fórum üzletközpont), Csapó utca 30.(Center. - Take bus: 11, 15, 22, 24, 31, 43; tram 1),  +36 52 598-800fax: +36 52 598-801, e-mail: . Shopping center: M-Sa 08:00-21:00, Su 09:00-19:00. - Shops: M-Sa 09:00-20:00, Su 10:00-18:00. - Spar: M-Sa 8:00-20:00, Su 09:00-18:00. - Parking 24/7.A newer mall just a block east of Debrecen Plaza. It also has a food court and many stores - being larger and more diverse than Debrecen Plaza.
  • Délibáb shopping center (Délibáb üzletház), Ötvenhatosok tere 6/a. (North),  +36 52 541710fax: +36 52 541710, e-mail:. M-F 06:00-24:00, Sa 06:30-21:00, Su 07:30-21:00. Shops: National Tobacco Shop, Spar supermarket (open: M-F 06:30-20:00, Sa 06:30-18:00, Su 07:30-17:00) , drugstore Markt, Chinese department store (men, women and kids fashion, accessories), Blue Rags fashion (Women's fashion retail) , Storage Box, Főnix Savings Bank, Rövidáru shop (women, men fashion), A Hundred Magic (chemicals, toiletries, household műanyagáru, kitchen and household equipment, sanitary paper products, gaming gifts, paper stationery, jewelry, decorative cosmetics.), Monique bags (bags, travelers, luggage, wallets umbrellas and accessories) , Office stationery (office equipment, stationery, forms, copying, black-and-white and color laser printing, scanning, laminating, custom gift cards, calendars, preparing leaflets, stamps), Services: Life Center, Cedar Health Centre, Beauty Salon Hairdressers, Cutler Gym (fitness room), Kulcsmásoló (key cutting, locks, inserts, locks), Órás (Watch repair and shop). +Mobil: +36-30 611-8866.
  • Halköz shopping center (Halköz üzletház), Simonffy u. 4-6(Centre), +36 20 8022248, e-mail: . M-F 09:00-18:00, Sa 9:00-13:00. High-Lander (Sport and Outdoor Clothing), Láng Sport (Nutrition), Nívó (Paper stationery), Civis Foto (Photo developing), CLC Debrecen (Christian Bookstore), Fok (Flag and Gift), Elyse ( Women fashion clothes), Ász Salátabár (cold dishes), Magild (Beauty Salon) , French Cosmetics, Hairdressing, Health shoemaker, Hungarian Automobile Club, Travel Agency, Computer shop, Tobacco shop.
  • Jozsapark Mall (Józsapark bevásárlóközpont), Szentgyörgyfalvi út 9. (N 5km, take bus #34, 34A, 35Y, 35A, 36, 36A). Daily 07:00-24:00.Covered Market, Library of Debrecen, TESCO (daily 06:00-20:00), dm dregerie market (M-F 09:00-19:00, Sa 08: 00-18:00, Su 09:00-16:00), Okula optics , 'Angol Turi' clothes discount, Medical devices Specialist Store, Pharmacy, Dairy and Milk Products Shop, 'Magyar' Bakery, Hús-Hentesárú Butcher Shop, Fruit Market (vegetables and fruits), Tüzépker (fuel), Office stationery store, Maja (Flowers & Gifts), Chinese (convenience store), Kertészeti Áruda (Horticulture store), Jozsa Park Bookstore, Jozsa Discount (food), Hi-Fi and Computers, Fortuna (tobacco, Newspapers), Fény Világ (Natural Grocery Store), Furniture and Furnishings Salon , Best (Clothing).
  • Malompark shopping center (Malompark bevásárlóközpont), Füredi út 27 (N one km),  +36 52 483-080fax: +36 52 745-605, e-mail: . Daily 06:00 - 23:00.Malompark One stores: Caffé Piazza D'oro, Catana Gift Shop, Cortesi bakery, Digi Customer Service, Havrics Gallery, Inmedio Newspaper, International Spar Hypermarket, Chinese Department Store, Magnet - Fashion, Malom Jewelry, Malom Pharmacy, Malom Park GSM, Meglepy and Gift Shop, Mobile Shop (Grill Mobile), Northline Change currency exchange. - Malompark Two stores:Adria Food Bar, Active Fitness, Brendon Baby Store, DKV Customer Service, Kalácsoda (bakery), Magyar Posta, Mill Park Small Market, National Tobacco store, Opti Markt Optics.
  • Park Center shopping park (Park Center bevásárlópark), Kishatár utca 9. (NW ~2km). Charles Vögele (Mode, Tel: +36 52 535-718, M-Sa 09:00-20:00, Su 09:00-18:00), C & A (clothing store chain, Tel: +36 30 425-1661, M-Sa 09:30-20:00, Su 09:00-19), KiK (textile discount, Tel: +36 52 530486, M-Sa 09:00-20:00, Su 09:00-18:00), Humanic (shoes, Tel: 52 530486, M-Sa 09:00-20:00, Su 9:00-18:00), DM - Drogerie Markt (Tel: +36 52 533968, M-F 9:00-19:00; Sa 9:00-18:00; Su 9:00-16), Hervis (sport mode, Tel: +36 52 502466, +36 20 8238972, M-Th 10:00-19:00, F-Sa 09:00-20:00, Su 09:00-19:00), Brixcity (LEGO store, Tel: +36 30 6048234 M-Sa 10:00-19:00, Sun 10:00-16:00).


  • Auchan hypermarket (Auchan hipermarket), Kishatár utca 7(NW),  +36 40 109010, +36 52 510500. M-Th 07:00-21:00, F-Sa 07:00-22:00, Su 07:00-21:00. Delivery , photo developing. Around two dozens shops, restaurants, service units: Elektro Outlet, Jysk, Post Office (M-Sa 9:00-19:00, Su 9:00-13:00 and 13:30-18:00).
  • Interspar hypermarket (Interspar hipermarket), Füredi út 27 (In the 'Malompark' Shopping Centre),  +36 20 823 8066, e-mail:. M-Sa 06.30-21.00, Su 08.00-19.00. Services: ATM, parking with 610 places.


  • Aldi discount store (Aldi diszkontáruház), Kishatár utca 9/a (NW two km),  +36 23 533 500. Daily 07.00-20.00. 2nd unit: Ozmán utca 1
  • CBA supermarket (CBA szupermarket), Péterfia utca 18 (In Debrecen Plaza),  +36 52 6041621. M-Sa 7.00-20.00. Other units Kossuth u. 15. tel:+36 52 532-987; Derék út 68/B; Ribizli Street. 34., tel: +36 52 411771.
  • Coop supermarket No.3 (Coop szupermarket), Cimbalom Street. 1 (West 3km),  +36 52 521221. 36 units!! Teleki u. 8-10.; Piac u. 40. tel: 56 516626.
  • Penny Market (Penny Market diszkontáruház), Sámsoni út(Pázsit utca cnr.),  +36 29 339 300, e-mail: .M-Sa 07.00-21.00, Su 07.00-20.00. 2nd unit: Vincellér utca. (open M-Sa 07.00-20.00, Su 07.00-20.00).
  • Real discount store (Reál diszkont), Kossuth u. 43-47 (Center), +36 30 343-5733, e-mail: . More units: Balmazújvárosi út 10. Tel 52 540-442; Szent Anna u. 38. Tel: +36 20 4295539; Vár u. 3. Tel +36 52 534722; Petőfi tér 10. Tel +36 30 3833204; Gyergyó u. 8 Tel. +36 52 530-181; Mester u. 1. Tel +36 30 383-3204; 
  • Spar supermarket (Spar szupermarket #960), Nagy Lajos király tér(North),  +36 20 8237987, e-mail: . Daily M-Sa 06.30-21.00, Su 07.00-20.00. More units: Csapó utca 30, Ötvenhatosok tere 6/b, Somlyai út 3, Szentgyörgyfalvi út.

Other stores

  • Baumax store (Baumax barkácsáruház), Balmazújvárosi út 4 (NW two km),  +36 52 524900, e-mail: . M-Sa 07:00-20.00, Su 08.00-18.00. Garden Centre, Paint Mixing Centre, Carpet Center, Building Material Centre.
  • Decathlon sports store (Decathlon sportáruház), Balmazújvárosi út 11 (NW 2,2 km),  +36 52 212400. Daily 09:00-20:00.
  • Media Markt electronics stores (Media Markt műszakiáruház), Csapó utca 30. (In the Forum shopping mall),  +36 52 506-900fax: +36 52 506-901, e-mail: .M-Sa 09:00-20:00, Su 10:00-18:00. Electronics store chain.
  • Metro Storage store (Metro raktáráruház, METRO Debrecen), Balmazújvárosi út 0226/56. hrsz (100 m from LUKOIL Debrecen),  +36-40/50-90-50*, +36 23 509050fax: +36 1 4141288, e-mail: . M-Sa 06:30-21:30, Su 8:30-19:00. Mostly for retailers.
  • Praktiker home improvement store (Praktiker barkácsáruház), 4027 Malompark Shopping Mall, Füredi út 27 (N one km, By public transport: bus #31, #32),  +36 52 503-610fax: +36 52 503-620, e-mail: . M-F 08:00-20:00, Sa 09:00-20:00, Su 09:00-18:00. More than 40 000 products. (Central Customer Service phone=+36 40 232323, Fax: +36 1 7002964).
  • dm drogeriemarktKishegyesi út 1-11 (W half km),  +36 52 520313, e-mail: . M-Sa 09:00-20:00, Su 09:00-19:00. Austrian beauty / household store chain. Beauty, wellness health products. Baby care and household goods. Photo corner. -More six units: Kishatár utca, ( Park Center, Tel:+36 52 533-969); Angyalföld tér 17, (Tel: +36 52 502-580), 56-osok tere 6/a, (Délibáb Department Store, Tel: +36 52 502-130), Péterfia utca 18, (Debrecen Pláza, Tel: +36 52 532-997), Szentgyörgyfalvi utca 9 (Tel.+36 52 531-272); Csapó u. 30, (Fórum Telefon: +36 23 516-552.


Avoid everything in Kálvin tér (the square on the right of the Great Church, in the middle of the circle of houses), They emphasize style over flavour. Near the Great Church is where you can find nice cafes.

  • Cafe MelangeEgyetem sugárút 56 (North). A very fine restaurant with amazing decor.
  • Csokonai restaurantKossuth utca 21. Main steak house of Hungarian style, on Kossuth street, right in front of Csokonai Szinház(opera house). Starters: Tuna Caper Cream 1,050-Wine Steamed duck breast Piquant Honey Cherry Potion, with mixed vegetables 2990, Mexican dishes HUF 1,850-2,190; Soups HUF800-1,300, Poultry dishes HUF2090-2,390, FISH dishes HUF2500-3500, Pork dishes HUF2,090, Beef Dishes HUF2400-3000, Noodles HUF 1450-2450, Pizzas dozen types 1090-1850.
  • Flaska restaurant (Flaska Söröző), Miklós utca 4 (by the Apollo movie theatre). Has nice Hungarian dishes. For desert, head to the Mandula cukrászda (one of the best bakery in town) near Ember Pál street.
  • Kashmir Indian restaurantPéterfia utca,  +36 52 321 560. Not too bad if you've never had Indian food before. For those who have, do not have high expectations, and be prepared to be paying over the odds for food which all seems to taste the same. Soups / Appetisers HUF700/1300, Kebabs and Platters HUF1800-4900, Main courses HUF2200-2900, Vegetarian dishes HUF1300-1800, Sea Food HUF3300-4900 Sweets HUF800.
  • Korzó Ételbár & pizzéria (Korzó), Hatvan utca 1 (This reastaurant is on the left side of the Great Church),  +36 670-2953439, e-mail:. 09:00-23:00. Familiar nice place. Quick, polite service. Amex, Visa, Mastercard accepted. English spoken. Every food is made freshly after ordering. Healthy food, big terrace. 1000 Ft- 1700 Ft each food.
  • Govinda Indian restaurant. only open for lunch. This is a vegetarian restaurant and is the closest you can get in the city to home made Indian cuisine.
  • Sawadee Indian restaurantSzéchenyi utca, 44,  +36 30 610 0816. M-Su 11:30-22:00. Here is a restaurant serving both Indian and Thai cuisine. It is a takeaway restaurant.

Sights & Landmarks

Despite being the second largest city in the country, Debrecen has very few attractions to show for it. The Nagytemplom is a must see and easily accessible. As for museums, the Déri Museum is definitely worth a trip, but all the others really depend on how much Hungarian art interests you. Most of the major attractions are in the city park, or Nagyerdő, where you could easily spend a pleasant afternoon.

Places of Worship

  • Great Church (Reformed Great Church, Nagytemplom), Kossuth tér(In City Center close to Kálvin tér shopping center),  +36 52 412694fax: +36 52 412694, e-mail: . Opening hours: M-F 09:00-16:00, Sa 09:00-13:00, Sunday: after church service till 16:00. During services and official programmes the church is closed. is Debrecen's most recognizable building and a symbol of the city. It is the centerpiece of what was once called "Calvanist Rome." Visitors can tour the interior, as well as go up in the tower to see the Rákóczi bell, the largest bell in Hungary, and excellent views of the city. Tickets: Adult/Reduced HUF400/300.
  • Arpad Square Presbyterian Church (Árpád téri református templom), Árpád tér,  +36 52 412801.
  • Greek Catholic Church (Görög katolikus templom, Istenszülő Oltalma Templom), Attila tér 1 (The tram 600m away. In nearby bus stop #5 and 15 buses and #2 trolley.),  +36 52 533207, e-mail:. Masses Weekdays at: 6:45, 7:30, 18:00, Su 6:45, 7:30, 8:30, 10:00, 12:00, 16:45, 18:00 (summer). The church was built in 1910, in Neo-Byzantine, based on the plans of János Bobula. Unlike other Greek Orthodox churches there is no iconostasis here. The main sights are the inlaid altar and pulpit with mosaic ornaments in 1910. Valuable seccos and colourful glass windows ornate the church.
  • Csonka Church (Calvinistic Small Church, Small Protestant Church, Csonkatemplom), Kossuth utca or Révész tér 2,   +36 52 342872fax:+36 52 453569, e-mail: . Opening hours by appointment M-F 8:30-12:30.
  • Bible Society of Debrecen Baptist Church (Debreceni Biblia Baptista Gyülekezet), Faraktár utca, 42,  +36 30 9119887, e-mail:.
  • Kápolnás Street Synagogue (Kápolnás utcai zsinagóga, Status Quo Ante zsinagóga), Kápolnás utca, 1 (Close to the church at Pásti Street 4),  +36 52 415861. By appointment. This was built in 1910 in eclectic style. This is a Byzantine structure of modernized Moor form, emphasized also by the large dome emerging from its wider environment.Admission: free.
  • Mester Street Reformed Church (Mester utcai református templom), Mester utca Révész Square
  • Lutheran Church (Miklós utcai evangélikus templom), Miklós St., 3,  +36 52 534408, e-mail: . Church service Sundays at 10.00. Only one lutheran church is in the City. The church was consecrated on 1 September 1889. The external dimensions of the church 21x8.3 meters.The main entrance opens to east.The five long window with semicircular closure was built in the south wall. The north side has no windows, only an entrance and the sacristy.
  • Pasti Street Synagogue (Pásti utcai zsinagóga), Pásti St, 6 (Center, 2-3 minutes from the Arany Bika Hotel), +36 52 415861, +36 30 8461703 (mobil)fax: +36 52 533273, e-mail: .Service at 7.00 and 19.00 (summer). Orthodox synagogue. Built according to the plans of Eugene Berger in 1893.-Mikve kosher food, meal ordering.
  • Reformed Church (Kossuth utcai református templom), Kossuth utca.Historical neo-Gothic church with polygonal apse, transept and western tower. Architekt Petz Samuel, built in 1887-88. Inside Neo-Gothic pulpit and chair of Moses made by Thék Andrew, Lord's Table by Gregersen, an Organ from 1894. The frescoes painted by Haranghy Eugene, in 1937.
  • Roman Catholic Chapel in the Cemetery (Római Katolikus Temetőkápolna), Benczúr Gyula utca 6
  • St. Anne's Cathedral (Szent Anna székesegyház), Szent Anna utca 15,  +36 52 536 652fax: +36 52 536652, e-mail:. Opening hours to church Mo-Su 06:30-19:00, Crypt: open only upon request. Saint Anne's Cathedral was built between 1721 and 1746. In the niches next to the doors on the left we can see the statue of Saint Stephen (István), while on the right his son Prince Saint Emeric (Imre). The main altar-piece represents the patron saint of the church Saint Anne teaching Maria. The oldest altarpiece represents the founder of the Piarist order, Saint Joseph Calasanzi. The carvings and statues of the by-altars are from the 18th century. The wall surfaces on the ceiling and underneath the windows show frescos and stucco ornaments representing saints of the Árpád dynasty. free of charge.
  • Veres Church (Red Church, Reformed Church at Kossuth Street, Verestemplom), Kossuth utca 65. (Near to Méliusz square, at the end of Kossuth Street),   +36 52 537235, e-mail: . M-F 9.00-12.00 (Parish Office). The church got its ordinary name from the red bricks decorating the frontal walls. The fourth Reformed church was built from the donations of the chief justice and his wife in neo-gothic style in 1887. Its special features include the dry frescoes which are unusual in Reformed churches. The frescoes without human figures recall psalms.
  • University Calvinist Church (Next to the main building of the university),  +36 30 6161146, e-mail: . The church was built in 1940 in classicist style. It was used as a library of journals, periodicals and music. Since 2006 it has been in the possession of the Reformed Church.

Sculptures, Monuments

  • Statue of István Bocskai (Bocskai István szobra), Kálvin tér.
  • Csokonai Memorial tomb (Csokonai-síremlék), opp. Dorottya utca 39.
  • Csokonai Vitéz Mihály Statue (Csokonai Vitéz Mihály szobra), Kálvin tér
  • Monument of Debrecen Family (Liberation Monument, Debreceni család Emlékmű), Csapó utca ~2.
  • Statues on Deri square (Déri téri szobrok).
  • Statues at the University (Egyetemi szobrok), Egyetem Square.Statues: Méliusz Juhász Péter (1934), Memory for 1956, Sun man/Sitting man, Lying man/Men in the Nude, Huszár Gál (1938), The boy who reaching the water (1964)
  • Michael Fazekas memorial column (Fazekas Mihály emlékoszlopa), Benczúr Gyula utca 20.
  • Michael Fazekas and Samuel Diószegi memorial (Fazekas Mihály és Diószegi Sámuel emlékműve). 
  • Galley slaves memorial (Gályarabok emlékműve), Kálvin tér.
  • Kossuth Statue Composition (Kossuth szoborcsoport), Kossuth Square
  • Millenium fountainKossuth Square

Other attractions

  • Gold Bull Hotel (Aranybika szálloda), Piac St., 11-15. more see at down at 'stay'
  • Peter Balogh's house (Balogh Péter-féle lakóház), Kossuth utca 18.Debrecen's most beautiful historic residential building. The house was built in the 18th century. In 1829, has transformed by Litsman Joseph in Louis XVI style. The external facade of the house,-above the first floor windows,-decorated with fine ivy's frieze. Wing side of the court over the four arches are patterned the relief mythological figures. The house owners were Kazay pharmacist and Samuel Peter-Balogh merchant.
  • Csokonai Theatre (Csokonai Színház), Kossuth utca 10,  +36 52 417811fax: +36 52 410837, e-mail: . The theater was designed by Anthony Szkalnitzky the renascent romantic style, in 1856. The facade is threefold. Three curved driveway to jump forward in front of the entrance area. The facade of the building decorated with Ornamental motifs in stylized Byzantine-Moorish style, also here by John Marschalkó two allegorical female figures and six poets statue placed. One statue of them was Melpomené, the muse of tragedy, the other Terpszikhore, muse of dance. The poets are on right Petofi, Kolcsey, Kisfaludy, on left Csokonai, Kazinczy and Vörösmarty. Floodlighting can enjoy at evenings.
  • Csokonai birthplace (Csokonai szülőháza).
  • University of Debrecen (Debreceni Egyetem), Kálvin tér 16/ Egyetem tér 1.,  +36 52 516-820fax: +36-52 516-822, e-mail:. The units of its the Lajos Kossuth University, the Medical University of Debrecen (Nagyerdei bulvar 98), the Debrecen University of Agricultural Sciences (Böszörményi Road, 138 ) and the Stephen Wargha University of Education in Hajdúböszörmény
  • Former First Savings Bank (Egykori Első Takarékpénztár Palotája), Piac u. 22-24 (Center - at Kossuth and Piac streets meet.). Now there are Apertmants. This is a three+ mansard storey building with complex façade and with rounded corner. Exclude the Savings Bank there were shops on the ground floor, on the second floor a casino, in the basement was a beer hall and a restaurant, on the second floor seventeen luxury rental apartments located. The façade richly decorated, there are allegorical figures and reliefs showing scenes of the industry, trade, agriculture. The building planned jr. Rimanóczy Kalman, the sculptural decorations made by Alexander Somogyi. The Market Street facade shared with fourteen axles. The ground floor facade is covered with window. There are a small sweet shop and a large clothing store. Betwewn axis 2 and 14 up to the second floor divided by six-six slender pilasters. .
  • First Savings Bank of Debrecen (Debreceni Első Takarékpénztár), Piac u. 22-24? (Center -). 
  • Reformed College (Debreceni Református Kollégium), Kálvin tér, 16.Other unit: Maróthi György College (Blaháné u. 15). - Built in classicism style, 1804-1816. Designed by Michael Péchy. In 1870-1874 was expanded with the courtyard wing, by Vasél Alajos plans. The wooden library and gallery made in classicist style, in 1823, it was Joseph Dohányosi works.
  • Hortobágy-mill (Hortobágy-malom), Böszörményi u. 1. Just from outside. industrial heritage. Renovation in progress (2013)
  • Chamber of Commerce (Kereskedelmi és Iparkamara), Petőfi tér 10(Near to the Railway Station),  +36 52 500710
  • Kolcsey Ferenc Reformed Teachers College (Kölcsey Ferenc Református Tanítóképző Főiskola), Péterfia utca 1-7 (Center),  +36 52 518500, e-mail:
  • Lyceum tree (Boxthorn tree, Líciumfa), Fűvészkert Str.-Múzeum Str. corner (Center - Tram). According to legend, here argued with Valentine priest and master Ambrosius. The canon stuck a tree branch in the ground and spake thus: "It will be something in the new faith, when it is stuck in the ground grow into a tree!" Valentine priest gave the following answer: "Then it shall be tree." A small sprig grew into a tree, and braided the iron lattice window of the parsonage, thus symbolizing the consolidation of the Reformation.
  • Former Great Forest Vigadó (Nagyerdei Vigadó). This is an old bath house, built in classic style, 1823-1826. Designed by Ferenc Povolny. Now a restaurant.
  • County Courthouse (Megyei Bíróság, Debreceni Törvényszék), Széchenyi u. 9/Simonffy u. 10. (Center -),  +36 52 526-710fax: +36 52 347-139, e-mail: . W 8:00-15:00; M-Tu, Th-F 9:00-11:00. Eclectic style. Built in 1890-1896. Designed by Gyula Wagner
  • County Hall (Megyeháza), Piac St., 54 (Szent Anna utca corner),  +36 52 507 524. Built in 1911, Art Nouveau style. Designed by Zoltán Bálint and Lajos Jámbor. Inside visible stained glass windows of the banquet hall, made by Károly Kernstok.
  • Former Financial Palace (Pénzügyi Palota), Kossuth St., 12-14..Designed by John Bobula. Built in eclectic style, 1912-1914
  • Living House, former General Credit Bank (Lakóház, volt Általános Hitelbank), Piac u. 45-47. Built in Modern stylr, 1937. Designed by Eugene Padányi Goulash. Its facade are four bronze statues by Alice Lux. Now there are Shops and a Fine Arts Studio.
  • Podmaniczky house (Podmaniczky-ház), Széchenyi Str. 1 (Center).This was a Tradesmen House. Built in classicist style, around 1820, later partly rebuilt.
  • Episcopal Office (Püspöki Hivatal), Kálvin tér 17 (Next to University of Debrecen). Built in eclectic style, 1888 Designed and built by Károly Fischer.
  • Former Episcopal Palace (Püspöki Palota), Hatvan Street, 1 (At the corner of Kossuth Square). Built in Art Nouveau style. Now there is Corso Bistro (Korzó Ételbár)
  • Former Windmill (Hortobágyi szélmalom), Böszörményi út 1. (Center - West). Built in 19th century. Now is a storage.
  • The Beerhouse (Serház), Bem tér 2.. House, shop, former Beerhouse, classicist, 1820
  • Former Queen of England accommodation (volt Angol Királynő szálló), Kossuth utca 19-21 (Opp. Csokonai Theatre). Now this is a restaurant. It was the former Queen of England Hotel, built in early eclectic, in 1880
  • Former Diószegi House (volt Diószegi-ház), Széchenyi u. 6.. the former chief justice's living house. Built in the 1690s. Rebuilt in Baroque style in the 18th century. Modified for Stores.
  • Former Little Debrecen restaurant (volt Kisdebrecen vendéglő), Piac Str. 29/Halköz 4.. Catering company, a restaurant, a former small restaurant in Debrecen, 17th century origin. Expanded and rebuilt in Baroque style, in 18th century. Highly modified. Now is apartman house, store, restaurant, shops.
  • Former Conservatory palace (volt Zenede palota), Vár utca 1.. Now Kodály music school, built in eclectic style, in 1894
  • Susie Forest Railway (Zsuzsi Erdei Vasút), Ady Endre St (ZOO area),  +36 52 310065.
  • Post Office Directorate (Postaigazgatóság épülete), Hatvan u. 5-7.(Center). Built in Eclectic style, 1929-31. Designed Munnich Aladar.
  • Old Town Hall (Régi Városháza), Piac u. 20 (Center - Next to First Savings Bank of Debrecen - take a Tram to here). Built in 1531
  • The former Löfkovics Artúr shop (Az egykori Löfkovics Artúr üzlet), Piac Str. 38. In this building was 'Arthur Löfkovics watch and jewelry shop'. In 1902 the city gave his collections include archaeological finds and numismatic collection of Transylvania, thereby laying the foundations of the city museum.
  • Rickl-house (Rickl-ház), Piac u. 39-41 (Center - Next to Csonka Church). Protected building
  • Former Kaszanyitzky-house (Kaszanyitzky-ház), Piac u. 57 (Center -). Now there is a McDonald's
  • Csanak-house (Csanak-ház), Piac Str.-Arany János Str. corner(Center -).

Further afield

  • Balmazújváros (Near to Hortobagy, by bus (25 km, half hour, every hour until 23:00), by train (half hour, every two hour, HUF600)). Balmazújváros is proud of its culture and traditions. The town keeps and cultivates its traditions, especially local folk crafts. Sights here:Local History Museum, Peter Veres Memorial Exhibition, Semsey Palace, Thermal Spa, Big Backpacks Natural park (Nagyháti park).
  • Berettyóújfalu (by train must to change at Püspökladány (ten+ per day, around one and half hour HUF1500-1900), by bus is better direct (37 km, half hourly until 20:00, an hour)). – Broken Tower, Spa.
  • Hajdúdorog (Train (40 km, every two hour, three-quarter hour, HUF750), by bus (25 km, less than one hour, every hour until 22:40)).Greek Catholic Cathedral of the Presentation of Mary (Founded in 1764) symbolize here is the highest rate (over 80 percent) ,-of all Hungary,-who are Greek Catholic. Also here is an outdoor bath.
  • Hajdúnánás (By train 40 km, eight per day, an hour, HUF930; by bus 43 km, 13-20 per day, one hour.). Ostrich Farm.
  • Hajdúszoboszló (19 km southwest of Debrecen, by train 15 mins, every half hour, HUF400-800, by bus half hour, 20-30 per day.). This is a very nice bath city, also excellent for a day trip. Remains of fort wall, Bell House, Europe's largest bath.
  • Hortobágy (By bus forty mins, six-eight per day.). Excellent for a day trip. - This is an 800 km² national park in Eastern Hungary, rich with folklore and cultural history. The park, a part of the Alföld (Great Plain), was designated as a national park in 1973 (the first in Hungary), and elected among the UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1999. The Hortobágy is Hungary's largest protected area, and the largest semi-natural grassland in Europe. - Until recently it was believed that this alkaline steppe was formed by the clear cutting of huge forests in the Middle Ages, followed by measures to control the course of the Tisza River, allegedly resulting in the soil's current structure and pH. However, Hortobágy is much older, with alkalinization estimated to have started ten thousand years ago, when the Tisza first found its way through the Great Hungarian Plain, cutting off many streams from their sources in the Northern Mountains. The formation was finished by grazing animals, mastodons, and wild horses during the Ice Age, followed by domesticated animals. - One of its most iconic sites is the Nine-holed Bridge. Traditional T-shaped sweep wells dot the landscape, as well as the occasional mirage of trees shimmering in the reflected heat of the Puszta.
  • Monostorpályi (By bus half hour plus, twenty-thirty per day.).Reformed church and granary buildings (tubusmagtár)
  • Nagykereki (Train (52 km, one hour+, nine per day, HUF1120), only one bus per day more than one and half hour journey). Bocskai castle
  • Nyíracsád (By bus 35 km, 15-18 per day, one hour.). Reformed Church.
  • Püspökladány. St. Agatha bridge

Museums & Galleries

  • Déri Museum (Déri Múzeum), Déri tér 1 (right behind the Great Church, take tram #1). is a place to see. It's a national museum with all kinds of arts. There is a nature display showing the animal life of the region, another collection featuring historical items from the region, and an art gallery featuring works from Hungarian artists. It's most famous work is Hungarian Mihály Munkácsy's Christ trilogy, three large paintings depicting Christ before Pilate, the Crucifixion, and Ecce Homo!
  • Ferenc Medgyessy Memorial Museum (Medgyessy Ferenc Emlékmúzeum, egykori városgazdaház), Péterfia utca 28 (just behind the Debrecen Plaza and most easily reached by tram #1). displays the works and life of the artist.
  • Medgyessy GalleryPiac Str. 31 (near to Széchenyi street corner - Tram)
  • László Holló Memorial Museum (Holló László Emlékmúzeum), Holló László sétány 8. (in Tócóskert, take bus #19). is housed on a one-acre park featuring a cottage housing the artist's works and a statue garden.
  • Delizsánsz exhibition hall - Post Museum (Delizsánsz Kiállítóterem - Postamúzeum), Múzeum u. 3 (across the square from the Déri Museum in the main post office).
  • Debrecen Literary Museum (Irodalmi Múzeum), Borsos József tér 1 (just north of the downtown, take bus #12, 15, 31 or 32). has a permanent exhibit from the 1890 Csokonai literary circle. It also houses occasional temporary exhibits.
  • Kölcsey Központ (Modem) (MODEM Modern és Kortárs Művészeti Központ), Baltazár Dezső Square 1+36 52 518 400. A recently built modern centre for high-profile art exhibitions and musical/theatrical performances.
  • Erdőspuszta exhibition hall (Erdőspusztai bemutatóház), Fancsika tanya 93/A (10km SE of the City. Bus 9 to stop ' Panoráma út'). Daily? 9.00-18.00. In the first house the 'Living in the forest-steppe' exhibition can be seen. Also this place offers Botanical, Dendrology, and landscape experiences. You will get opportunity to know about the lifestyle of the people of the countryside, used farming items, local ornithological rarities and archaeological finds. HUF200
  • Mu-Terem Art Gallery (Mű-Terem Galéria), Batthyány utca 24+36 52 532836.
  • Tanner House (Tímárház), Nagy Gál István u. 6, e-mail:. Tu-F 10:00-17:00, Sa 10:00-14:00, Su and M closed.

Things to do

  • Csokonai Theatre (Csokonai Színház), Kossuth Str. 10 (Center -),  +36 52 417 811fax: +36 52 410-837, e-mail:. Cashdesk M-F 09.00-12.00, and 13.00-19.00. From HUF1000.
  • Nagyerdő - The City Park (Debreceni Nagyerdő Természetvédelmi terület) (just north of the downtown). is the 2280 hectare city park which offers fine walks as well as several opportunities for fun and entertainment.
  • Amusement Park (Vidámpark), Ady Endre út 1 ('Nagyerdő'). Not as large or impressive as the park in Budapest, but nevertheless boasts to be the largest such park this side of the Tisza. There are 15 rides including a fantasy castle, ferris wheel, and a children's railroad. HUF200 plus HUF300-400 per ride.
  • Zoo (Állatkert), Ady Endre út ('Nagyerdő'). Daily 9:00-18:00 (smmer). , together with the Vidámpark forms the Culture Park. HUF1.500 (2013).
  • Aquaticum Termal bath (Aquaticum Mediterrán Élményfürdő, Debreceni Gyógyfürdő), Nagyerdei Park 1 ('Nagyerdő'). M-Th 11:00-21:00, Fr-Su 10:00-21:00. With hot spring water is obligatory to visit. It is open all year. is the major resort of the town. It features a water park, public pool, bath house, hotel, and restaurants. Two hours ticket HUF2150, Sauna HUF1550.
  • Skating Rink (Műjégpálya), Derék Street, 33 (SW),  +36 52 537272fax: +36 52 537273, e-mail: . Sa-Su 09.00-11.30, 15.00-17.30, 18.00-20.30. HUF1200.
  • Sport Complex (Oláh Gábor utcai sporttelep), Oláh Gábor utca 5.
  • Sport Swimming Pool (Sportuszoda), Zákány utca 4,  +36 52 506676, e-mail: . M-F 06:00-22:00, Sa 08:00-20:00, Su 08:00-19:00. The swimming pool complex offers a long course (50 m) competition pool, a short course (25 m) training pool, a learner pool, a Jacuzzi, a Finnish sauna, and an outside thermal pool (34-36 celsius). HUF1340.
  • Kossuth Lajos University (Debreceni Egyetem), Egyetem tér+36 52 512900. On , just west of the park, is one of the largest universities in the region and good for a stroll, or for taking Hungarian language classes in the summer.
  • Memorial Garden (Emlékkert).
  • Botanical garden (Botanikus kert), Móricz Zsigmond Rd (Take tram 1),  +36 52 512900. Arboretum Daily (mar.21-oct.20) 8:00-18:00, (okt.21-márc.20) 8:00-16:00, Orangery: M-Th 8:00-15:00, F 8:00-12:00. Weekends and holidays can not visit the greenhouses.. HUF550.
  • Grasslands with Forest (Erdőspuszták) (SE 9 km).
  • Cemetery of heroes (Hősök temetője), Bölcs utca 16 (NW).

Festivals and events

  • Flower Carnival (Virágkarnevál). 20 August, every year there's a whole day of celebrating the summer and national holidays, with moving pictures or statues mad of flowers, and lots of other mardi gras.
  • Military Band Festival (Katonazenekari fesztivál). 


  • Calico Jack Pub.
  • Palma Pub (near the University). are very popular with people visiting the town on business. Also here offering a variety of European cuisines.
  • Bárka. In the cellar of the Town hall on main square is good for those who like rock, table football and dancing.
  • RoncsCsapó St. Wreck pub is nice for a drink. Really cool place.
  • Around Hal köz (Old fish market) near the main square you can find good places.

Things to know


According to the 2011 census, the total population of Debrecen were 211,320, of whom 209,782 people (99.3%) speak Hungarian, 49,909 (23.6%) English, 22,454 (10.6%) German, and 5,416 (2.6%) speak Russian.

 Safety in Debrecen

Very High / 9.5

Safety (Walking alone - day)

High / 6.0

Safety (Walking alone - night)

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