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Győr - is a city in Western Transdanubia in Hungary. It is the capital of Győr-Moson-Sopron county. The city is the sixth largest in Hungary, with around 128,000 inhabitants.Győr is in the northwestern part of Hungary, close to the Slovakian and Austrian borders in the middle of the 'Golden Triangle' between Bratislava, Budapest and Vienna.

Info Gyor


Győr is the most important city of northwest Hungary, the capital of Győr-Moson-Sopron County and Western Transdanubia region, and—halfway between Budapest and Vienna—situated on one of the important roads of Central Europe. The city is the sixth-largest in Hungary, and one of the seven main regional centres of the country.

POPULATION :• City 128,902
• Urban 183,407
• Metro 357,264
TIME ZONE :• Time zone CET (UTC+1)
• Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
LANGUAGE : Hungarian 93.6%, other or unspecified 6.4%
RELIGION :Roman Catholic 51.9%, Calvinist 15.9%, Lutheran 3%, Greek Catholic 2.6%, other Christian 1%, other or unspecified 11.1%, unaffiliated 14.5%
AREA : 174.62 km2 (67.42 sq mi)
ELEVATION : 108 m (354 ft)
COORDINATES : 47.68403°N 17.63507°E
SEX RATIO : Male: 48%
 Female: 52%
ETHNIC : Hungarian 92.3%, Roma 1.9%, other or unknown 5.8%
POSTAL CODE : 9000 - 9030


Győr - is a city in Western Transdanubia in Hungary. It is the capital of Győr-Moson-Sopron county. The city is the sixth largest in Hungary, with around 128,000 inhabitants.

Győr is in the northwestern part of Hungary, close to the Slovakian and Austrian borders in the middle of the 'Golden Triangle' between Bratislava, Budapest and Vienna. It is a good stop between Vienna and Budapest or Sopron and Budapest, and also a good base for day trips throughout almost the whole North Transdanubian region. It has very good train and bus connections, and the motorway that passes to its south enables easy travel to Vienna and Budapest.

The city is nicknamed 'A vízek városa' 'A folyók városa' (lit. City of Waters or City of Rivers), because Raab/Rába, Rábca, Mosoni-Duna, Marcal rivers melting here or nearby, also mentioned as 'A barokk városa' (the Baroque City), because the old part of the city contains dozens of monumental buildings and sculptures from the 18th century.

Győr is also home to one of the biggest engine manufacturing plants in Europe (over 400 thousand units per year), which supplies most European Skoda, Audi and Seat car factories. The city center is very well supplied with small restaurants, pubs, bars and most of the hotels are here or nearby.


The area along the Danube River has been inhabited by varying cultures since ancient times. The first large settlement dates back to the 5th century BCE; the inhabitants were Celts. They called the town Ara Bona "Good altar", later contracted toArrabona, a name which was used until the eighth century. Its shortened form is still used as the German (Raab) and Slovak (Ráb) names of the city.

Roman merchants moved to Arrabona during the 1st century BCE. Around 10 CE, the Roman army occupied the northern part of Western Hungary, which they called Pannonia. Although the Roman Empire abandoned the area in the 4th century due to constant attacks by the tribes living to the east, the town remained inhabited.

Around 500 the territory was settled by Slavs, in 547 by the Lombards, and in 568–c. 800 by the Avars, at that time under Frankish and Slavic influence. During this time it was called Rabba and later Raab. Between 880 and 894, it was part of Great Moravia, and then briefly under East Frankish dominance.

The Magyars occupied the town around 900 and fortified the abandoned Roman fortress.Stephen I, the first king of Hungary, founded an episcopate there. The town received its Hungarian nameGyőr. The Hungarians lived in tents, later in cottages, in what is now the southeastern part of the city centre. The town was affected by all the trials and tribulations of the history of Hungary: it was occupied by Mongols during the Mongol invasion of Hungary(1241–1242) and then was destroyed by the Czech army in 1271.

After the disastrous battle of Mohács, Baron Tamás Nádasdy and Count György Cseszneky occupied the town for King Ferdinand I while John Zápolya also was attempting to annex it. During the Ottoman occupation of present-day central and eastern Hungary (1541 - late 17th century), Győr's commander Kristóf Lamberg thought it would be futile to try to defend the town from the Turkish army. He burned down the town and the Turkish forces found nothing but blackened ruins, hence the Turkish name for Győr, Yanık kale ("burnt castle").

During rebuilding, the town was surrounded with a castle and a city wall designed by the leading Italian builders of the era. The town changed in character during these years, with many new buildings built in Renaissance style, but the main square and the grid of streets remained.

In 1594, after the death of Count János Cseszneky, captain of Hungarian footsoldiers, the Ottoman army occupied the castle and the town. In 1598 the Hungarian and Austrian army took control of it again and occupied it. During the Turkish occupation the city was called Yanık.

In 1683, the Turks returned briefly, only to leave after being defeated in the Battle of Vienna.

During the following centuries, the town became prosperous. In 1743 Győr was elevated to free royal town status by Maria Theresa. The religious orders of Jesuits and Carmelites settled there, building schools, churches, a hospital, and a monastery.

In June 14, 1809, during the War of the Fifth Coalition this was the site of the Battle of Győr (Battle of Raab), where the army of Eugène de Beauharnais defeated the Hungarian "noble insurrection" (militia) and an Austrian corps under the Archdukes Joseph and Johann. Napoleon's forces occupied the castle and had some of its walls blown up. The leaders of the town soon realized that the old ramparts were not useful any more. Most of the ramparts were destroyed, allowing the town to expand.

In the mid-19th century, Győr's role in trade grew as steamship traffic on the River Danube began. The town lost its importance in trade when the railway line between Budapest and Kanizsa superseded river traffic after 1861. The town leaders compensated for this loss with industrialisation. The town prospered till World War II but, during the war, several buildings were destroyed.

The 1950s and '60s brought more change: only big blocks of flats were built, and the old historical buildings were not given care or attention. In the 1970s the reconstruction of the city centre began; old buildings were restored and reconstructed. In 1989 Győr won the European award for the protection of monuments.

A 100-year-old Raba factory on the River Danube close to the historical centre is to be replaced by a new community called Városrét. The mixed-use community will have residential and commercial space as well as schools, clinics and parks.

The city's main theatre is the National Theatre of Győr, finished in 1978. It features large ceramic ornaments made by Victor Vasarely.

The city has several historical buildings, for example the castle, and the Lutheran Evangelic church.


Climate data for Győr

Average high °C (°F)2.6
Daily mean °C (°F)−0.5
Average low °C (°F)−3.3
Source #1: Meteorological Service of Hungary


Audi AG subsidiary company Audi Hungaria Motor Kft. has a large factory in Győr, where the Audi TT sports car, the A3 Cabriolet, A3 Limousine, and many engines (1,913,053 engines in 2007) are built. The factory opened in 1994, at first producing inline-four engines for the Audi marque. Business then grew to assembling the Audi TT Coupé and TT Roadster. Eventually, V6 and V8 engines were also included, and after the acquisition of Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A., Audi then began to build V10 engines. The V10s for Audi vehicles are fully assembled here, but only the cylinder blocks for the Lamborghini V10. Engines are also supplied to other Volkswagen Group marques, but over 90% of Audi vehicle engines are made here.

Internet, Comunication


  • Free and pay internet can be found in libraries.

WiFi hotspots

  • McDonald's Baross u. 23.
  • ETO Park


The country code for Hungary is 36 and Győr's area code is 96. You only need to dial the 06 if you're calling from within Hungary.

Pay phones are increasingly rare as most people have a mobile phone. The Railway Station has pay phones. If making local calls from a pay phone, you may need a phone card (HUF1000 minimum) as many pink T-Home telephone booths do not accept coins. Phone cards can be bought at post offices and some newsstand (Relays).

Prices in Gyor



Milk1 liter€0.65
Tomatoes1 kg€1.40
Cheese0.5 kg€3.40
Apples1 kg€0.98
Oranges1 kg€1.05
Beer (domestic)0.5 l€0.70
Bottle of Wine1 bottle€3.50
Coca-Cola2 liters€1.20
Bread1 piece€0.60
Water1.5 l€0.52



Dinner (Low-range)for 2€16.00
Dinner (Mid-range)for 2€32.00
Dinner (High-range)for 2
Mac Meal or similar1 meal€4.30
Water0.33 l€0.55
Cappuccino1 cup€1.15
Beer (Imported)0.33 l€1.30
Beer (domestic)0.5 l€1.15
Coca-Cola0.33 l€0.80
Coctail drink1 drink€4.30



Cinema2 tickets€9.00
Gym1 month€35.00
Men’s Haircut1 haircut€6.50
Theatar2 tickets€28.00
Mobile (prepaid)1 min.€0.10
Pack of Marlboro1 pack€3.50



Antibiotics1 pack€8.00
Tampons32 pieces€2.80
Deodorant50 ml.€2.70
Shampoo400 ml.€2.40
Toilet paper4 rolls€1.05
Toothpaste1 tube€1.50



Jeans (Levis 501 or similar)€60.00
Dress summer (Zara, H&M)€32.00
Sport shoes (Nike, Adidas)1€66.00
Leather shoes1€65.00



Gasoline1 liter€1.11
Taxi1 km€0.80
Local Transport1 ticket€1.00

Transportation - Get In

Transportation - Get In

By plane

Győr's own local airport only sees private aviation traffic with an occasional holiday charter flight. Using it as an entry point for Győr requires pretty much arriving by your own, or chartered, plane.

  • Pér Airport (Győr-Péri Repülőtér IATA: QGY), Reptéri utca (SE 15 km from Center),  +36 96 559200fax: +36 96 559202, e-mail: . Daily 08:00-18:00. Runway: 12 / 30, 2030 m x 30 m Asphalt.

More practical options are the international airports in large cities in Győr's wider surroundings. The closest is actually the Milan Rastislav Štefánik Airport(IATA: BTS) in Bratislava, Slovakia, which is a 75 minute drive away, or 2 hours on the bus. Bratislava Airport is mainly served by budget carriers like Ryanair or Norwegian. 

A really small bit further away, and almost equidistant, are Vienna International Airport (IATA: VIE) and Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (IATA: BUD) both of which have a broad range of international and intercontinental connections. The travel time from either airport to Győr is less than two hours by road. Eurolines has a twice-daily service from Vienna International Airport to Győr.

Transportation - Get In

By Train

Railway Station(Vasútállomás), Révai Miklós utca, 4-6 (Center),  +36 1 239-1224.Domestic cash M-Su 03:10-23:00.Győr has a fast railway connection with Budapest (the fastest in Hungary), taking as little as 1 hour 15 minutes. InterCity and RailJet trains run this route. Győr is also easily reachable by train from Austria: from Vienna (in one and a half hour, eight direct per day). From Bratislava(Slovakia) (need to change at least one time)- Services: luggage lockers (HUF400 per 24 hours a small, HUF600 for a big), e-ticket acceptance point, lifts for disabled people, city/intercty bus stop. Nearby at Révai Miklós utca, 8: an OTP ATM working 24h. - 'Győr 2 posta Paying for ticket by card is usuall also possible pay with euro (small bills please) and the change get back in forints.

Transportation - Get In

By Bus

  • Bus Station (Autóbuszállomás Győr), Hunyadi utca 9-11 (Right south of railway station),  +36 96 317711. Daily 05.15-22.45. There is (inside) an OTP ATM Working within opening hours. - Buses start from Budapest, Nepliget (Central bus station of Budapest) nearly every hour, for example, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00... There is also a bus at least once a day from Vienna and Bratislava. Bear in mind that the bus from Vienna leaves rather early in the morning at 7:00 and the single return bus in the day is also rather early, at 14:00 or 15:00. Whilst efficient, clean and cost-effective, the bus does take a little over two hours and visitors should be aware of the unusual rhythm this method of transport will build into their day. To Vienna Airport,Vienna, /VIB, U3 Station Erdberg/ (Daily, around 18.30, HUF3900/5900, Blaguss company, two hours journey), To Rotterdam (HUF19900/36900) viaLinz (HUF9900/15900), Passau, Nuremberg (HUF13900/25900), Frankfurt(HUF14900/27900), Cologne, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Essen, Eindhoven,Utrecht, Amsterdam, Den Hague. (all 'Rotterdam' line prices OW/RW off peak standard based. In peak season plus HUF2000 supplement. Net 'MiniPrice' tickets sometimes for half price possible). To Paris via Strasbourg, Metz,Reims (Volánbusz or Eurolines partner, weekly 2-4 times, sometimes change at Vienna). To Varna via Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas (twice per a week, to Sofia HUF13900/24900, to Varna HUF16900/30900). To Prague (via Bratislava, three per day, AdultÍ One-way/RW: HUF6000/11000, reduced (60+ or 26-) HUF5400/9900)
  • Orangeways pick up/drop off (Be warned, however, that the buses pick up/drop off at a petrol station along the highway approximately 10 km out of the city center. A cab ride from the train station to the bus stop costs €15 as of January 2012.),  +36 30 8309696, e-mail: .Orangeways offers twice daily bus services to Vienna and other international destinations.

Transportation - Get In

By Car

The M1 motorway passes next to Győr, if you come from Budapest or Vienna, it's the best choice. From the southern direction (e.g. the Lake Balaton) you can get into Győr via the main roads No.81 or No.82.

Transportation - Get Around

Győr's most interesting tourist attractions are in or around the city centre which is walkable. Most streets of the old town is pedestrian street including the periodicly held flower market square.

Public transport






About money changing. Like all Hungarian big town, the center of Győr is well equipped with banks and ATM's. The safest are in the banks, another best option are the shopping malls where normally more than one machine can be found. Train tickets, hotels and sometimes even taxis and supermarket accept euros (on wronger or better rates, minus five percent usually - rate can be seen at the desk). No bigger bill than fifty euro and prepare to get the change almost always in forints (HUF).

The city centre is full of shops, mostly selling souvenirs and clothes. There is a flower market every morning by the Carmelite church. During the main Christian holidays, there are holiday markets open in different squares and along Baross Gábor and Arany János street. Most of the big department stores, malls, hypermarkets are located south cca. two km of the City Center, near to M1 motorway exit.


  • CIB Bank #1Aradi vértanúk útja 10 (Center),   +36 1 4231000,+36 40 242242fax: +36 1 4896500, e-mail: . M, Tu, Th 08:30-16:00, W 08:30-17:00, F 08:30-15:00. ATM 0-24: yes. Other unit: 'Győr Árkád Fiók', Budai út 1.
  • Commercial and Credit Bank (Kereskedelmi és Hitelbank), Szent István u. 29-31 (SW 300m),   +36 96 504 700fax: +36 96 514830. M 08:00-17:00, Tu-Th 08:00-16:00, F 08:00-15:00. Other units:Szent István u. 29-31  +36 96 511140. - Rákóczi u. 2-4.  +36 96 504700.
  • Erste BankBajcsy-Zs. utca 30-32. (Center),   +36 40 222 222. M 08:00-17:00, Tu-Th 08:00-16:00, F 08:00-15:00. Other units: Árpád út 42.
  • OTP BankBaross Gábor út 14. (Center),   +36 1 3666388fax:+36 96 318313. M-Th 8:00-16:00, F 08:00-14.15. Other unit: Teleki László 51. (M 07:45-18:00, Tu-Th 7:45-17:00, F 07:45-16:00), Bartók B. u. 53/b. (M 07:45-17:00, Tu-F 7:45-15:00), Kormos I. u. 6. (M 07:45-17:00, Tu-F 07:45-15:00)
  • MKB Bank (Magyar Külkereskedelmi Bank), Bécsi kapu tér 12.(Center),   +36 40 333 666, +36 1 373 3333, e-mail: . M 08:00-17:30, Tu-Th 8:00-16:30, F 08:00-15:00. Other unit: in Győr Árkád Center, Budai u. 1. (M-Th 10:00-18:00, F 10:00-17:00)


  • Árkád shopping mall (Árkád üzletközpont), Budai út 1. (East half km, bus #7, 8, 12, 14, 15, 19, 31, 31A, 31B, 31y, 31Z),   +36 96 555 010fax: +36 96 555015, e-mail: . Mall M-Sa 07:00-21:00, Su 07:00-19:00, Stores M-F 09:00-20:00, Su10:00-18:00, InterSpar M-Sa 08:00-21:00, Su 08:00-19:00, Pharmacy M-Sa 09:00-20:00, Su 10:00-19:00. 113 commercial units and two large textile store, electronics store, self-service department store, more brand dealer and restaurants. - Services: Elevator, Moving staircase, Changing table for babies, Left-luggage office, First-aid, Toilet M/W, Toilet for handicapped, ATM, Child vehicle renting, Office for parking information, Handicapped parkings, Information, Umbrella renting, Stroller renting
  • Duna Center shopping center (Duna Center bevásárlópark), Csipkegyári út 11. (SW 1.5 km),   +36 96 314746fax:+36 96 314746, e-mail: . M-F 10:00-20:00, Sa and Su 10:00-18:00. Aldi discount plus more Fifteen stores.
  • ETO Park shopping center (ETO Park üzletközpont), Ipar utca 1.,   +36 96 815915. M-Sa 10:00-20:00, Su 10:00-18:00. Stadium and entertainment, leisure center. Trade shops: Fashion, food, beauty, health, books, tobacco, paper, home, sports, leisure, toy, gift. Post Office. Northline Currency Exchange. PARK Fitness Club
  • Family Center Mall (Family Center bevásárlópark), Malomszéki út,   +36 1 4392330, e-mail: . M-F 09:00-20:00, Sa,Su 10:00-18:00. Stores: Best-Mart, Charles Vögele, Deichmann (shoes), EURO KAISER, Fressnapf, Hervis (sportswear), Humanic outlet (shoes), KIK Textil, Matracdepó (mattress), Müller Drogéria, Papes 11 Gifts, Takko Fashion
  • Győr Plaza (Győr Plaza bevásárlóközpont), Vasvári Pál utca 1/a.(Local bus lines: 2, 6, 14, 7, 17, 23, 37; Interurban bus lines: 32, 34, 36),   +36 96 410280, e-mail: . M-Sa 09:00-20:00, Su 10:00-19:00. Retro Jeans, Bruno, Whoop de doo, Cosmos City, Bambini, Gas Jeans, Orex, Inmedio, Hada English clothing, Soltron solarium, Mona Lisa, Essence, You & Me gift, Nike, Converse, Sports Factory, Football World, BioTech USA, King Piu, Rossmann, Dorothea jewelry, Asso shoes, tiffany flower, Cigarillo, Arnold Gold, Vidanet, Woodoo, Alexandra bookshop, Adidas, Premier bags, Krokko shoes, Moonlight gift. - Mobile providers: Telenor, Vodafone. Foodcourt include: Green Caffé, Hope grill, BELFRIT restaurant, Thai buffet, Don Pepe's Pizzeria, Lipóti coffee bar. - Service stores: Biohair hairdresser, Exclusive Change (money exchange), Mister Minit (shoes repair, key making copying), Pharmacy, Raiffeisen Bank. - Entertainment: Bowling Center, Cinema City.


  • Market Hall (Vásárcsarnok), Herman Ottó utca, 25 (opp. Central Library (Dr. Kovacs County Library). - Take a bus 5, 5B, 5R, 6, 7, 17, 17B, 21, 21B, 38 to stop Bartók Béla út, Vásárcsarnok; or 7, 17, 17B, 20Y, 38 to stop Szigethy Attila út, Városi Könyvtár). Mo: closed, Tu, Th: 06:00-15:00, We and Fr: 06:00-16:00, Sa: 06:00-14:00, Su: 06:00-11:00. Daily fresh local products, vegetables, flowers. More than forty small shops. Front of the entrance four buffet and on the upstairs a cheap, fast food restaurant (roasted meat and fish meals, hot sandwiches) waiting for guests.
  • Flower market (Virágpiac), Virágpiac Square (tér) (Center. Behind the Carmelte Monastery. - Take a bus 7, 9A, 17, 17B, 19A to stop 'Viragpiac'). Tu-Su 6:00-14:00. Not only flowers! Fresh vegetables and fruits from local farmers. Roasted food from small kiosk. (Hun: Pecsenyesütő)


  • Interspar Árkád (Interspar Árkád hipermarket), Budai út 1. (East half km),   +36 20 823 8266, e-mail: . M-Sa 08:00-21:00, Su 08.00-19.00.
  • Interspar Fehérvári út (Interspar Fehérvári út hipermarket), Fehérvári út 3 (SE half km),   +36 20 8238016, e-mail:. M-Sa 06:00-22:00, Su 08.00-19.00. Parking: 440 cars
  • Tesco hypermarket (Tesco hipermarket), Királyszék út 33 (SW four and half km),   +36 20 8270000. 24/7. Services: Wi-Fi, Credit card payment, ATMs, meat countertop, fresh bakery products, F & F clothing department, gift package making and packaging, free parking, Home Delivery.


  • Aldi discount store (Aldi diszkontáruház), Jancsifalu, Fehérvári út 5/A (East one and half km). Daily 07:00-20:00. Plus two units: Csipkegyári út 11. (SW 1,7km), Malomszéki utca 11. (S 3,4km).
  • CBA supermarket #2 (CBA szupermarket #2 Delikát élelmiszer vegyes), Virágpiac tér 3(Downtown),   +36 96 525480. M-F 07:00-19:00, Sa 06:00-13:00, Su closed. +fifteen units Árpád u.51/a.(Center, +36 96 322-455), Bácsai út 4. (North, Révfalu, +36 96 410-163), Liget utca 26. (West, Sziget, +36 20 393-1933). All others south of the Center, Törökverő u. 3., Új élet út 19., Mohi út 9., Mónus Illés utca 24/b.,Török István út 36., Ifjúság körút 36., Kodály Z. u. 29., Szigethy Attila út 80., Lajta u. 23., Vasvári P. út 1/a, Szent Imre út 107.
  • Coop supermarket No.5 (Coop szupermarket), PÁLFFY utca 2(Center),   +36 96 592340, e-mail: . M-F 06:00-19:00, Sa 06:00-13:00. +six units No.721 Tihanyi Árpád utca 79-81. (Tel.: +36 56 516-626); No.723. Kiskuti utca 35., (Tel.:+36 56 516626); No.720* Jereváni utca 28. (Tel.:+36 56 516626); No.722*. Győr-Ménfőcsanak. Győri u. 65. (Tel.:+36 56 516-626); No.726*. Győr-Szentiván. Déryné u. 35. (Tel.:+36 56 516-626); No.725 Győr-Szentiván. Ezerjó u. 3. (Tel.:+36 56 516-626). /'*': Sundays open/
  • Lidl discount store (Lidl diszkontáruház), Jereváni utca 42 (SE two and half km),  +36 80 020 534fax: +36 1 346-6010, e-mail:. Daily 07:00-21:00. Discount store chain. More units: Mécs László utca 1/a., Szeszgyár utca 6. (Open only until 20.00!), Tihanyi Árpád utca 9. (Downtown) Paying with euro available.
  • Penny Market (Penny Market diszkontáruház), Szauter Ferenc utca-Tihanyi (S two km), e-mail: . Daily 07:00-21:00. Discount store chain. More unit: Szabadrév u. 20.
  • Spar supermarket (Spar szupermarket), Arany János utca 16(Center),   +36 20 8237271, e-mail: . M-F 06.30-21.00, Sa 06.30-15.00, Su 08.00-13.00. Supermarket chain. More units: Fehérvári út 20., Pátzay Pál utca Paying with euro available.

Other stores

  • Baumax store (Baumax barkácsáruház), Mécs László utca 13 (S four km),   +36 96 520850, e-mail: . M-Sa 7:00-20:00, Su 8:00-18:00. Garden Centre, Paint Mixing Centre, Carpet Center, Building Material Centre
  • Decathlon sports store (Decathlon sportáruház), Királyszék út 31(SW four and half km),  +36 96 801400fax: +36 96 801401. Daily 09:00-20:00
  • Kika (Kika bútoráruház), Győr, Ménfõcsanak, Királyszék út 35
  • Media Markt electronics stores (Media Markt műszakiáruház), Budai út 1. (East half km), +36 96 505900fax: +36 96 505-901, e-mail: . M-Sa 09:00-20:00, Su 10:00–18:00. Electronics store chain.
  • Metro Storage store (Metro raktáráruház), Ménfőcsanak 25472/3. hrsz (SW five km), +36 23 509050. M-Sa 06:00-21:30, Su 08:00-19:00.Mostly for retailers.
  • Obi (Obi barkácsáruház), Fehérvári út 3,  +36 1 455 5100. M-Sa 08:00-20:00, Su 08:00-19:00. Multinational DIY chain
  • Praktiker home improvement store (Praktiker barkácsáruház), Szent Imre út 55. (S two km. Bus #2, 5, 7, 14, 19, 33, 37, 40), +36 96 514 550, e-mail: . M-F 08:00-20:00, Sa 9:00-20:00, Su 9:00-18:00. More than 40 000 products
  • dm drogeriemarktBaross Gábor u. 24 (Center),  +36 96 518570fax: +36 23 516193, e-mail: . M-F 07.00-19.00 Sa 08.00-14.00. Austrian beauty / household store chain. Beauty, wellness health products. Baby care and household goods. Photo corner. - More units: Csipkegyári utca 11., (Tel: +36 96 529877), Révai Miklós utca 4-6, (Railway Station, Tel: +36 96 524211), Budai út 1, (Árkád, Tel: +36 23 516556), Fehérvári út 3, (Interspar, Tel: +36 96 518580).Paying with euro available.



  • Bécsi Cafe and Confectionery (Bécsi Kávéház és Cukrászda), Arany János utca 18 (Center),  +36 96 317072, +36 309624510 (Mobil), e-mail: . M-Sa 08:00-20:00, Su 10:00-20:00. Wi-Fi. Takeaway sales, ice creams and ice cream cups, consumed on site, Summer terrace ( Apr-Sept), Cake Ordering.
  • Matias Restaurant, Cafe and Patisserie (Matias Étterem, Kávéház és Cukrászda), Baross Gábor út 12 (Center), +36 96 550388. M-Su 08:00-22:00. In the Patisserie: Mousses, Cakes, Pies, Crackers. An air-conditioned place with open-air terrace and high prices. Traditional Hungarian tastes, veggie dishes and some food of the international kitchen too. Wide selection of drinks Soups 800-1200 Appetizers HUF1600-2900, Noodles HUF1800-2400, Fish / Poultry / Pork / Beef dishes HUF2200-2800/2000-3490/2800-3000/3700-4700.

Fast food

Fast food restaurants also can be found in the Árkád shopping mall's food court.

  • Belcanto pizzeria (Belcanto pizzéria), Babits Mihaly utca 33 (S 0.5km),  +36 20 9215911. 11:00-22:00. Pizzas, Hamburgers, Gyros, Salads, Pancakes. Menu HUF 990, (daily 11:30-14:00).
  • Dobos Pizzeria and Bar (Dobos Pub pizzéria), Menfocsanak, Sokorópátkai út 33. (SW 7 km),+36 96 448618. 12.00-23.00. Also delivery phone +36 20 5691820 Soups 650-800 Appetizers HUF1500-1800, Noodles/Salads/Desserts HUF 1400-1800/400/700-800, Fish / Poultry / Pork / Beef dishes HUF 2000-2600/1700-2100/1800-2200/2400-2700. - 'Shot' Cocktails HUF 700-900. 'Strong' Cocktails (Absolut Flying, B52, Bloody brain, Sixth Sense, Speed, Viagra, Zombie, Headshots) HUF700-2000, Lime Cocktails (eight types) HUF1100-1600, Non-alcoholic Cocktails (seven types) HUF700 Mojitos (sixteen types) HUF1300-1500, Soft Drinks Cafes HUF250-500 (2014).
  • Ernesto's Pizzeria (Ernesto pizzéria), Győrszabadhegy, Levendula utca 19 (S two km),  +36 96 421-870. Daily 09:30-21:30. Offers: Pizzas in three sizes, Pastas, Hamburgers, Steaks, Side Dishes, Pickles, Salads, Toppings, Desserts, Soft drinks. - Delivery. Cuisine: American, burgers, Italian, Pizza.
  • Happy italia Ristorante Pizzeria (Pizzéria Italy), Budai út 1 (NE half km), +36 96 314169, +36 30 7792064fax: +36 96 555192, e-mail:. M-Sa 09:00-20:00, Su 10:00-18:00. A bigger air-conditioned Ristorante with traditional Italian flavours and Italian drinks. Also delivery. Big Pizzas (thirty+ types): from HUF1000, desserts HUF1000, Salads HUF600-1900.
  • Nazar Kebab and Pizza House (Nazar kebab és pizza ház), Zrínyi u. 21 (S 0.7 km). One of the best kebab in Hungary. Delivery.
  • McDonald'sBaross Gábor St.



  • Aranyhal Restaurant (Goldfish Restaurant, Aranyhal étterem), Gyõr-Gyirmót Ménfõi út 83-85 (SW seven km from Győr), +36 96 556141fax: +36 96 556134, e-mail: .Opening hours: 11.00-23.00. A medium priced big restaurant is located in a nice environment near the fishing lakes at Gyirmót. Offers fine Hungarian food. Except air-conditioned event restaurant, here is also a covered terrace that can be made suitable for winter usage. Soups / Appetizers HUF 600-1100 /700-3100, Fish / Poultry / Pork / Beef dishes HUF1500-2400/1300-2300/1600-3300/2600-6000 Wild dishes 2800-3000, Salads / Side dishes / Noodles 300-450/300-500/850 (2014).
  • Borostyán Tavern (Borostyán Vendéglő), Szövetség utca 22 (N one km),  +36 96 316360. M-Sa 10:30-15:00. There are three daily menus. Home-made flavors, low prices
  • Co-Walter tavern (Co-Walter vendéglő), Szérűskert utca 36 (SW two km),  +36 96 400636, +36 30 5268192, e-mail: .Tu-Th 10:00-22:00, F-Sa 10:00-23:00, Su 10:00-16:00. A charming waterfront restaurant. Since 1935 the city's most popular family restaurant. Home-style cuisine, fish specialties! The restaurant and garden is an excellent place for events and family gatherings, to which up to 50 people.
  • Erzsébet tavern (Erzsébet vendéglő), Erzsébet Liget (Barátság park, SE one km form Center),  +36 96 411690, e-mail:. Daily 12:00-22:00. 70 seat air-conditioned room and a covered terrace for 60 people Soups 500-800 Appetizers HUF1500-2800, Veggies/Noodles/Salads/Desserts HUF 1000-2000/300-800/700-800, Fish / Poultry / Pork / Beef dishes HUF1100-2000/1700-1900/1600-3000/1800-4000 (2014) Paying with cards 10% surplus!.
  • Fehér Ló (White Horse) tavern (Fehér Ló vendéglő), Fehérvári utca 103 (SE three km),  +36 96 434490. Daily 12:00-22:00. Fair prices, ample portions, appetizing serving
  • Hal Gödör fish tavern (Halgödör kisvendéglő), Zrínyi utca 4(Center),  +36 96 324181. M-Sa 11:00-21:00. Su Closed. Kind, friendly, direct service. The fish are in the majority, all kinds of variations. There are also turkey and vegetarian dishes. Max. cap.: forty persons.
  • Hunyadi Restaurant (Hunyadi Panzió és Étterem), Hunyadi utca 10 (S 0.3 km), +36 96 329162fax: +36 96 524513, e-mail:. Daily. Soups / Appetizers HUF700 /1800-2400, Ready meals / Pastas HUF1000-2000/1400, Poultry / Pork HUF2400 / 2400-2500, Beef/ Fish dishes HUF 2800-3700 /2400, Salads HUF 600-800 /400-900.
  • Horvath Garden Restaurant (Horváth-Kert Étterem), Külső Árpád út 23 (E 1.3 km),  +36 96 329329fax: +36 96 329329, e-mail:. M-F: 11:00-22:00, Sa 11:00-23:00, closed on Sun.. Soups / Appetizers HUF200-700 /750-1900, Ready meals / Fresh baked meats HUF800/1000-2500, Loins HUF2500-3400, Fish dishes HUF 700-1100. Salads / desserts HUF 200-400 /220-700. - Bottled wine (7 dl) / Flowing Wines (1 L) HUF1200-2900 / 600-800, Brandies (3 cl) / Beers (0.3 L) / Champagne (0.75 L) HUF240-400 / 180-440/1500-3000, Carbonated soft drinks (0.5 l) / Juices (0.2 L) / Coffees HUF350 / 140 / 200-600,
  • Kakas restaurant (Kakas étterem), Győr-Szabadhegy, Szent Imre u. 105 (S three km),  +36 96 417746, e-mail: .M-F 11:00-15:30, Sa 11:00-15:00, Su closed. Air-conditioned interior. Max. 80 people. Weddings, graduation parties, class reunions, family and corporate events organizing! Pleasant surroundings with a terrace for 25 people. Soups 300-400 Mains HUF700-1000, Salads/Desserts HUF300-600/300-400, Fish / Poultry / Pork / Beef dishes HUF1000-1500/1000-1500/1000-1600/1400-1800, Game meat dish HUF 1800. - Beers from HUF300, Wines per liter from HUF1000, Bottled wines (0.75 liter) HUF800-1200, Bottled beers from HUF400, Champagnes HUF2000. Spirits (2 cl) twenty types HUF150-300, mineral water (0.33 liter) HUF80-300. Fruit juices (2 dl) HUF 300.Carbonated soft drinks (2 dl) HUF140-250. Teas HUF200-300.
  • Kékgolyó Restaurant (Blue Ball Restaurant, Kékgolyó étterem), Győrszentiván, Lehár Ferenc út 47 (E seven km),  +36 96 348278, +36 20 5777428fax: +36 96 348278, e-mail:. M-Sa 11:00-22:00. Fish, turkey, pork and vegetarian dishes. Loyalty card. Restaurant capacity 120 persons, yard's beer tent capacity 250 persons Soups HUF400-550 Veggies HUF1200-1300, Salads/Desserts HUF350-550/250-550, Fish / Poultry / Pork / Beef dishes HUF1100-1900/1500-1900/1400-2800/2300-2600 (2014).
  • Kresztaház restaurant (Kresztaház étterem), Jedlik Ányos utca 3(Center), +36 96 318435, e-mail: . M-Th 10:00-23:00, F-Sa 10:00-24:00, Su 10:00-23:00. Cuisine: Hungarian and international. Specialty: dietetic food... grilled dishes, traditional Hungarian dishes, home-cooked meals, coffee specialties, a wide range of wine, brandy wide selection of sandwiches. Menu language: English, German, Italian. Mains HUF 1600 (2013).
  • Kristály restaurant (Kristály étterem), Bartók Béla utca 9 (S 1 km), +36 96 322676fax: +36 96 322606, e-mail:. M 11:00-15:00, Tu-Th 11:00-22:00, F 11:00-24:00, Sa 11:00-01:00, Su 11:00-15:00. For meat favours. A big air-conditioned restaurant, sometime with live music. Hungarian food. Soups HUF600-900, Salads/Desserts HUF400-900/600-1600, Fish / Poultry / Pork / Beef dishes HUF2000-3200 / 1900-3300 / 1700-2200 / 1700-4400.
  • La Mareda Restaurant and Bistro (LaMaréda Étterem és Bisztró), Apáca utca 4. (Center),  +36 96 510982fax: +36 96 510989, e-mail: . M-Sa 8:00-24:00, Su: 08:00-22:00.A big air-conditioned restaurant with mixed Hungarian and Mediterranean kitchen. Wi-Fi. Expensive place.- Soups HUF1000-1450, Appetizers HUF1400-2200, Poultry / Pork HUF2300-4000 / 2900-5000 Rabbit, deer/ Beef/ Fish dishes HUF 4850-6000 / 3000-5500 / 3700-4500, Desserts HUF1000-1350 (2014).
  • Nimrod Tavern (Nimród Vendéglő), Nagy Imre utca 48 (S one km), +36 96 415376, e-mail: . Tu-Sa 11.30-22.00, Su 11.30-16.00. Soup / Appetizers / Ready meals HUF600-1200/1000-2200/1400-3200 Desserts /Salads HUF700-900/400-800.
  • Marcal restaurant (Marcal étterem), Déry Tibor utca 11/a (S two km),  +36 96 431330, e-mail: . W-Th 11:00-16:00, F-Sa 11:00-21:00, Su 11:00-15:00. Traditional Hungarian dishes. Since 1988. Soups HUF400, Mains HUF800-2000, Salads/Desserts HUF300-700/400-550.
  • Matróz Restaurant (Matróz Dunaparti Kisvendéglő), Dunakapu tér 3(Center),  +36 96 336208. Opening hours: Mo-Thu, Su 10.00-22.00 Fr 10.00-23.00 Sa 9.00-23.00. Hungarian dishes, home-made flavors in a small open air terraced restaurant located in a monument building close to the castle.
  • Nádor tavern (Nádor vendéglő), Corvin utca 36-38 (SE one km), +36 96 317179, +36 30 4433030. Daily 11.30-15.00. A big restaurant. The food made by master chief. Hungarian and international dishes. Different menus. About 60 kinds drink of the finest wine regions of Hungary can be found here
  • Patio Restaurant (Patio étterem), Baross Gábor út 12 (Center), +36 96 310096, +36 96 527260, e-mail: . Opening hours: 08.00-22.00. This 'complex' include a mid sized, cozy restaurant with simply food great fish selection, a cafeteria with fast food and a confectionery with large selection of tea. Appetizers HUF800-2000, Poultry / Pork / Beef/ Fish dishes HUF1500-3000 / 1200-2200 / 1300-4400 / 1700-4300, Salads HUF300-1000.
  • Podium Restaurant (Pódium Étterem), Budai út 4-6 (NE half km 0.5 km), +36 96 547730fax: +36 96 547739, e-mail:. Daily 11:00-22:00. Very cheap menus even less than two euro for two courses. Midday bistro ('Déli bisztró') offers (daily 11.00-15.00): Soups HUF350-390, Mains HUF800-900, Dessert HUF390-450. Weekend plus 10% service charge! daily two course menu offers. "A" - menu / take away HUF750/850, "B" - menu / take away HUF850/950, "C" - (paleo, glutenfree, lactosefree) menu 650. - A' la carte: Appetizers HUF1100-2400, Soups HUF800-1000, Mains HUF1300-3300, Desserts HUF700-1000 (2014).
  • Rabaparti restaurant (Rábaparti Étterem), Zechmeister utca 15(SW half km),  +36 96 529750, +36 96 529748fax: +36 96 529748, e-mail: . M-Th 11:00-15:00, F 11:00-24:00, Sa 11:00-03:00, Su 11:00-16:00. A small restaurant room with Hungarian food and a bigger internet Cafe located here. Private dining up to 40 people can be served. Soup/Appetizers/Ready meals/Desserts/Salads HUF600-1300/1200-2700/1400-2700/500-700/400.
  • Sárga Rózsa tavern (Yellow Rose tavern, Sárga Rózsa vendéglő), Gyõrszentiván, Lőtér utca 46 (Near M15 main road, East of Center). M-Th 10:00-22:00; F, Sa 10:00-02:00, Su 10:00-20:00.
  • Sir Vincent Knight Restaurant (Sir Vincent lovagi étterem), Gyõrszentiván, Dunasor 1. (E six km),  +36 96 700544, e-mail: . Daily 11:30-22:30. French, German, steak kitchen. Also takeaway and home delivery.
  • Új Hullám (New Wave) Pizzeria and club (Új Hullám étterem), Hédervári út 24 (N half km),  +36 96 313373, e-mail:. M 11:00-15:00, Tu-F 11:00-20:00, Sa 11:00-21:00. Pizzas (thirty+ types): from HUF700-1050 Additional toppings: HUF100, . A' la carte : Soups HUF400, Mains HUF900-1100, Salads HUF1000-1200, Refreshing (soft drinks, 2dl) HUF200-500, Bottled beer (0.5 l) HUF300-400, Bottled wine (0,75 l) HUF1500, Spirits ( 2 cl, dozen) HUF300, Coffees HUF200-250, Teas HUF150 (2014).
  • Zöld Elefánt (Green Elephant) Restaurant (Zöld Elefánt Étterem), Lajta út 15. (S two km),  +36 96 425568, +36 96 416431fax:+36 96 416431, e-mail: . Daily 11.00-23.00.A bigger air-conditioned restaurant offers traditional Hungarian tastes with some international food. Also wide range of drinks. Moderated prices. Ordering +36 96 425568 or +36 96 416431! Every day of the week for 11:00-24:00 (except Sunday until 23:00) Soup HUF500-900, Appetizers HUF740-1560, Tatar beefsteak 3900, Ready meals HUF 1100-1750, Fresh roasted veal, chicken, steak HUF2200-3800, desserts HUF550-1200, Salads HUF900-1500.
  • Szalai Tavern (Szalai Vendéglő), Kisfaludy St 34 (Center),  +36 96 319619fax: +36 96 319619. M-Sa 10:00-22:00. Delicious Hungarian dishes. Small rooms and open-air terrace. Each day three menus. Beers (0.3 L) / Champagne (0.75 L) HUF390-440/2500-4900. Brandies (2 cl ) / Whisky HUF 350-1000 / 390-440, Carbonated soft drinks (2 dl) / Juices (0.1 L) HUF300 / 120.
  • Zöldfa Restaurant (Zöldfa Étterem), Hunyadi utca 2 (S 0.5 km), +36 96 550240, +36 30 9167627fax: +36 96 550241, e-mail:. Opening hours: Tu-Th: 11:00-21:00 Fr-Sa: 11:00-05:00 Su-M:11:00-15:30. A big air-conditioned restaurant with delicate house-proud flavours and the polite service. Cheap menus Menus HUF1000.


  • Carmen Restaurant (Carmen Étterem), Kálvária utca 22/d (SW one km, in the Hotel Kálvária****.),  +36 96 510808fax: +36 96 510801, e-mail: . M-F and Sa 11:00-15:00 and 18:00-22:00, Su 11:00-15: 00 and 18:00-20:00. A higher priced, air-con, elegant, restaurant both international and Hungarian dishes and specialities. Live music nights. Some excellent wines of the domestic wineries served here. Appetizers HUF1150-1900, Soups HUF800-1150, Steaks (200g) HUF1500-4000, Mains HUF 1700-5500, Desserts HUF500-1000, Cheese specials HUF1850, Garnishes HUF450-1250, KId dishes HUF1250-1450.
  • Palffy restaurant (Pálffy étterem), Jedlik Ányos utca 19(Center), +36 96 524 680fax: +36 96 524613, e-mail:. Daily 09:00-24:00. A bigger restaurant. Hungarian and international plates. Cold Appetizers HUF1600-3700, Soups HUF800-1100, Mains HUF2000-4300, Salads HUF1400-1700.
  • Revesz restaurant (Révész étterem), Hédervári utca 22. (N half km, local bus #11 to stop 'Rónay Jácint út'),  +36 96 320-667, e-mail:. Daily 11.00-22.00. Home-like flavours. Wide and unique selection of dishes. Also takeaway. Pay: Visa, MasterCard, Discover or cash Three daily menus (two course): HUF700-1000, - A' la carte: Appetizers HUF1300-2400, Soups HUF700-1100, Mains HUF2100-3400, Desserts HUF700-1000, Salads HUF500-700. Brandies (2 cl, 33-55%, dozens types) HUF375-600, Spirits (liqueurs, rums, vodkas, tequilas,2 cl) HUF250-900 tap wine ( 1 l) HUF1200-2000, Champagne (0.75 L) HUF1900-4500, Beers (0.33-0,5 L), HUF 400-600, Draught beer (0.2 L) HUF220 (2014).

Coffe & Drink


Sights & Landmarks

Old Town

A roughly rectangular area less than half km². North-South between the Danube and the old Szent István Street, East-West bounded by E575 road/Galántai road and Raab (Rába) river. Strolling is one of the best thing to do in Győr. One of the highlight is the Basilica of Győr with the reliquary of king Ladislaus I. The museums of the City can get you familiarized with the city and region's history and some of their major artists.

Holy Places

  • Bishop's Castle and Palace(Püspökvár és püspöki palota), Káptalandomb 1(Center),  +36 20 3128735, e-mail: .Tu-Su 10.00-16.00. Parts of its: the four-story residential tower, the Baroque Bishop's Palace, the zwinger, The Castle Garden on the Castle bastion. Guided tours for groups starting every hour on the hour. Here is the Apor Exhibition +36 96 524643. Open: 1. Mar- 31. Oct, Opening hours: Tue-Su: 9:00-19:00, Admission: 500/300 (or HUF1000 for six places: Museumhouse, Apor Exhibition, Basilica Museum, Castle tower, Diocesan Treasury and Chapter House). A memorial museum of Apor's martyrdom alive, presenting his life and works, his sacrifice and his martyr's death HUF700/500.
  • Basilica of Győr (Bazilika, Győri Nagyboldogasszony-székesegyház (Belvárosi plébánia)), Káptalandomb, Apor Vilmos tér 17? (Center), +36 96 618304fax: +36 96 618305. Mo-Sa 08.00-12.00, 14.00-18.00, Su: 8.00-13.00, 15.00-18.00. This is an east -facing three-aisled basilica. The neo-classical facade have got large semicircular windows, pediment at top with corners vases. The main entrance gate made of bronze in 1938. North and south side of the basilica red marble gateways are shown, made in 1774. On the south side, the Gothic Héderváry chapel is connected. - History:Saint Stephen established the Gyõr Episcopate in the first decade of his reign (1000-1009). The foundation of the Gyõr Basilica was also laid down during his time. At the end of the 11th century the sources already write about a three-nave church with raised sanctuary. The first towers were built during bishop Omodé (1257-1267). Bishop János Héderváry built a gothic chapel at the end of the 14th century on the southern part of the church, where now you can find the herm of Saint Ladislaus and the memorial tomb of bishop Vilmos Apor. - Also here can be find the Basilica museum (open: daily 9-17, Admission: HUF500/ 300, HUF1000 for six places, see above): here we can get to know the history of the Basilica and the liturgical treasures of 500 years. As part of the cult of Saint László the scientific face reconstruction of our knight king raises the value of the exhibition.
  • The reliquary of king Ladislaus I (Szent László hermája). The original reliquary was made for the canonization ceremony of the king, but it was destroyed in a fire. The one which is today stored in the Basicila of Győr (Győri bazilika) was created around the turn of the 14th and 15th century. The gold-plated silver head was rescued during the Turkish invasion and put in the cathedral in 1606.
  • Diocesan Treasury (Győri Egyházmegyei Kincstár), Káptalandomb 26. (Center),  +36 96 525090, e-mail: . Opening hours: Tu-Su: 10-16. Rebuilt from the ruins of a 17th-century building. The great hall in the library was added in 1870. - The collection's oldest piece is a wings of 14th century ivory triptych. Old Hungarian books, codes, incunabula liturgical treasures (chalices, vestments, monstrance, Mitra, etc.) in the past of Győr Diocese. Among them extremely valuable is the collection of Gothic chalices. Admission: Adult: HUF800 Student/Retired HUF400.
  • Carmelite Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church (Immaculate Conception, St. Stephen's Church, Kármelita Kármelhegyi Boldogasszony Szeplőtelen Fogantatás Szent István templom), Aradi vértanuk utca 4(Center),  +36 96 618863fax: +36 96 618864, e-mail:. Mass: Weekdays: 06:00, 07:00, 08:00, 17:00, Sa 07:00, 08:00, 16:00, 17:00, Su 07:00, 08:00, 09:00, 10:00, 11:15, 17:00; confession: daily 07:00-11:45, 15:00-18:00. Built in 1725. Behind the Italianate character facade of the main building lies a square formed sanctuary with elliptical, domed vessel. The "Black Mary" statue from 1717 stands in the Loreto-chapel
  • Benedictine Church(Loyolai Szent Ignác Bencés templom), Széchényi tér, 11(Center). Early Baroque, built between 1634 and 1641. The nave was decorated in the middle of the 18th century; the main altar-piece (The apotheosis of Saint Ignatius), the ceiling pictures of the sanctuary and the nave (The ascension of Saint Ignatius, Angelic salutation) were painted by Pál Troger. The beautiful baroque pulpit made in 1749, while the organ case is from 1755.
  • Roman Catholic Church(Római katolikus templom), Gyirmót László utca ~3. Baroque, 1769.
  • Roman Catholic Church (Római katolikus templom, volt karmelita templom), Bécsi kapu tér (Center). Former Carmelite church built in Baroque, in 1713-1725. Designed by Márton Witwer. Pictures of altars were painted by Martin Altomonte. Equipment: main and side altars are made between 1721-1725, based Witwer Martin plans; the equipment of the two sacristy made in the 18th century.
  • Saint Anne Roman Catholic Church, the former Hungarians ispita (Szent Anna Római katolikus templom, volt magyar ispita temploma), Rákóczi Ferenc utca ~6 (Center),  +36 96 317677. The little St Ann's church is generally mentioned with its neighbouring building, Hungarian Hospital because the church was originally built for the tenants of it. The Hospital was founded by the great patron, György Széchenyi in 1666. Farewell: jul 26. Masses
  • Saint Anne (former Ursula) Roman Catholic Church (Római katolikus templom, volt Orsolyita templom), Apáca u. 41-45 (Center).Former Ursuline Church. Built in 1762
  • German Hospital Church (Német Ispita templom), Győr, Vörösmarty u. 6(Near to Bástya Street),  +36 96 338162. Opening hours of the church: Mass: every Sunday 8.30, Weekdays 7.00. The German Hospital was found by the generous spirited Mrs. Farkasné Haberle for elderly citizens of German origin who are living in Győr. This home has preserved its function and nowadays it is operated as an old people's home. That Hospital has a little roman catholic church, which was decorated outside by a statue of the Blessed Virgin with Child standing in the niche. Built in late Baroque style
  • Holy Trinity Church (Szentháromság templom, közismert nevén: Német Ispita templom), Vörösmarty utca 6. (Center),   +36 96 338162.Built in the 18th century, in Baroque style.


  • Ark of the Covenant Statue (Frigyláda-szobor), Gutenberg tér(Center). 24/7. One of the most beautiful relics of Győr from the age of baroque. Free.
  • Altabak-house (Altabak-ház), Bécsi kapu tér 5-7? (Center). A house with two corner balconies, 16th -century origins. One of the city 's oldest residential building. This is a beautiful example of the early Baroque civil architecture
  • Baross Gábor Street(Baross Gábor út), Baross Gábor út 1-39 (Center). a lovely cobbled pedestrian street in the heart of the Baroque city centre. There are many cafés, restaurants, boutiques, and night clubs. It can be reached from the bus and railway stations very easily (about 2 minutes on foot), and there are also parking houses nearby. Also the #31 is a monument laete romantic buillding in 1870's.
  • Listed buildings of Kiraly Street (Egykori Fekete Sas Fogadó), Király utca 8. and 10. (Center). At #8 (the Baross Street corner) is the Former First Savings Bank of Győr (Korábbi Győri Első Takarékpénztár) made in Romantic style, 1860-1861, designed by Antal Fruman; #10 Former Black Eagle Inn (Egykori Fekete Sas Fogadó) Two-story baroque building; #17 Former Esterhazy Palace (Egykori Esterházy-palota) An one-story, baroque palace with corner balcony. Now here is the Municipal Museum of Art. (See above for details)
  • Boathouse (Győri Spartacus Sportkör csónakháza), Radó Sétány(Radó Island). Listed building. The second half of 19th century, eclectic, style.
  • Curia NobilitarisLiszt Ferenc utca 1. (Center). Original Late Renaissance, built in 1565. Adapted Baroque style in the 18th century. Rebuilt between 1982-1984.
  • Győr City Archives (Győr Megyei Jogú Város Levéltára), Rákóczi Ferenc u. 1. (Center),   +36 96 312-288fax: +36 96 518742, e-mail:. Mo-Tu: 12.00-15.30, We: 8.00-15.30. Th: 12.00-18.00, F: 8.00-12.00. This Baroque building originally fulfilled its function as a Town Hall until 1898, nowadays the Archives of Győr is settled here. The city's archives exist from the mid-18th century. Admission: free.
  • City Hall(Városháza), Városház tér 1.(Center),  +36 96 500100. A beautiful Neoclassical building across the street from the railway station. Its square was recently rebuilt in September 2008 with paving stones of Italian marble. There are also two identical baroque gardens in the square. It is best to visit City Hall at night, when everything is lit up in gold lights.
  • Maria column (Virgin Mary statue, Mária-oszlop), Situated in the centre of the Széchenyi square(Center). To commemorate Buda's recapture from the Turks, raised the monument in 1686. The four high baroque statues: Saint Stephen, Saint John the Baptist, Saint Anthony of Padua and Saint Leopold (the patron saint of Austria). The Blessed Virgin, Hungary's Guardian Lady is standing on a high column with spikes and angel-heads, with the Hungarian crown on her head and the infant Jesus on her right arm.
  • Ott house (Ott-ház), Bécsi kapu tér 13 (Center). A 18th century two-story palace with Baroque façade. - Also in the middle of the Bécs kapu square there is Kisfaludy Károly's bronze statue created by Lajos Mátrai standing on a mounting of black marble. Former (1892), this was on the Sétatér island. In 1921, it was replaced to present location. - In same street at #6 is a monument Dwelling House built in Copf style, end of the 18th century
  • Rosalie House (Rozália-ház), Kazinczy utca 21. (Center). The ground level built in around 1700, the floor in 1820's. The Baroque facade of the masterfully planned building is divided by a closed balcony supported by brackets, which reaches as far as the garret. St Rosalie can be seen on the relief under the balcony, in the cave - according to resarchers on her catafalque.
  • Former County Hall (Volt megyeháza,), Liszt Ferenc utca 13.(Center). Mo-Th: 8.00-16.00, Fr 8.00-13.00. Monument. Now office building (National Tax and Customs Office in Győr-Moson-Sopron County Tax Directorate). Two-story, large building. It has an arcaded inner courtyard. There is a stone balcony over a semicircular gate. This robust building was the place of the former County Seat. Earlier the church of Saint John the Martyr and the monastery of the Franciscan order (built in the 17th century) stood on this site. The monastery and the church were transformed into the County seat and assembly hall respectively. Rebuilt after 1763 and around 1930's. Admission: free.
  • Dwelling Houses of Liszt Ferenc Street (Lakóház), Liszt Ferenc utca (vary) (Center). There are some architecturally notable residential buildings from the early 18th to second half of 19th centuries, including numbers #2 A Baroque cornerhouse, 18th century; #4 A nice Monument classicist style, first half of 19th century; #6 Monument. Former Jesuit, and the National Arts School, Built in the 16-17th centuries. Rebuilt in Baroque style, in 1700-1703. The facade made in copf style, circa 1780. Now a School of Music; #10 a monument cornerhouse. Now here is the offices of the Centre for Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences #11 A remodelled civic house Baroque origin. Adapted for the eclectic style in second half of the 19th century; #16 Rebuilt in the early the 19th century, classicist style; #18 again a monument cornerhouse contains elements of historicist Neo-baroque style.
  • Former Schlichter Villa (Egykori Schlichter-villa), Eszperantó út 12 / Zrínyi utca 1, 3, 5, 7 (Center). Monument. Villa and office buildings, eclectic style, end of the 19th century
  • Dwelling House (Lakóház), Jedlik Ányos St 9 (Center). Monument. Built with two houses in the early 17th century. Early Baroque style. Sgraffito decoration marks on the façade of the 17th century.
  • Hotel FonteKisfaludy utca 38., Iskola utca 4 (Center). Monument. Copf stle, the end of the 18th century
  • Torkos Mansion and Ristorante Romantica cornerhouse(Torkos palota), Stelczer Lajos utca 2 and 8. (Center). Two nice monument both built in around 1700, early Baroque style.
  • Office Building (Irodaház), Révai M. utca 5 (Center). Monument. Eclectic. Built in 1900. Designed by Hübner Jenő.
  • Benedictine high school (Bencés gimnázium), Széchenyi tér 8., Iskola utca, Kisfaludy utca (Center). Monument. Eclectic style, built in 1888.
  • Golden Ship House (Aranyhajó-ház), Jedlik Ányos utca, 16. and Kovács Pál utca corner (Center). A Schima Bandi creation. 1897?. Now, a pharmacy
  • Monument Dwelling Houses of Schweidel street(Lakóház), Schweidel u. 3 and 5 (Center). Baroque style #3 Sunshine Café (Napsugár kávézó), 18th century, #5 a nice building built in 17th century
  • Dwelling House (Lakóház), Rákóczi Ferenc utca, 2., Gyógyszertár köz 1 (Center). Monument. Baroque, built in 17-18th centuries two-storey house. Rebuilt in 1850, three-story, based on Frumann Antal plans. Now K & H Bank building
  • Former Frederick barracks (Frigyes laktanya legénységi épületek), Baross Gábor út 42 (South of the Center). Monument. Former Archduke Frederick infantry barracks, built in 1897
  • Monument Dwelling Houses of Apáca street (Műemlék házak az Apáca utcában), Apáca u. (Center). The street got the name from Nuns (Apácák) whos settled here around the end of the 17th century. This street include some 17th and 18th centuries monument house #5 Prebendal Musicians' House (Káptalani zenészek háza) built in Copf style, 1775, The chapter's musicians lived here, which is why it is called Prebendal Musicians' House. #9 Fejérvár House (Fejérvári-ház, Fejérvár or Fehérvár is a cutted verse for locals Székesfehérvár city) A late Renaissance house; #46 the Bastion Restaurant of medieval origin (Bástya Étterem), baroque, 17th century.
  • County Hall (House of Győr County, Győri megyeháza, Győr-Moson-Sopron Megyei Kormányhivatal), Árpád út 32+36 96 507200fax: +36 96 507205. Modern (1971) building. Now here is the headquarter of West Pannon Regional Administration Office
  • Dwelling House (Lakóház), Bástya utca 30., Vörösmarty Mihály utca 5 (Center). Monument Baroque, 18th century
  • Dwelling House (Lakóház), Szent István út 8 (Center). Monument. Eclectic, 1890. Designed by Alpár Ignac. Now, offices.
  • Dwelling House (Lakóház), Virágpiac tér 2 (Center). Romantic style, circa 1860. Monument.
  • Saint Michael statue (Szent Mihály szobra), Apor Vilmos püspök tere (Center). Rococo, 1764-1766.
  • King Ladislaus I monument (I. László emlékmű), Káptalandomb ~28 (Center, Between Lloyd and Gregory Czuczor Benedictine High School.). 
  • Statue of Jedlik Ányos and Czuczor Gergely (Jedlik Ányos és Czuczor Gergely szobra), Széchenyi tér (Center). Work of sculptor Tibor Rieger. Ányos István Jedlik (1800–1895) was a Hungarian inventor, engineer, physicist, and Benedictine priest. He was also a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and author of several books. He is considered by Hungarians and Slovaks to be the unsung father of the dynamo and electric motor. Czuczor Gregory (1800-1866) was a Hungarian Benedictine monk, poet, linguist, a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Ányos Jedlik cousin.
  • World War I memorial (I. világháborús emlékmű), Rado Island (West of the Center. At the transfer road south side of the Raba double bridge).Free.
  • Memorial of Adolf von Schwarzenberg and Miklós Pálffy(Schwarzenberg-Pálffy Emlékmű), Dunakapu tér (Center). Memorial recapture of Győr (1598) was made to commemorate the 1998. To left Adolf von Schwarzenberg, to right Miklós Palffy Free.

South of Old Town

  • Calvary (Kálvária), Kálvária-domb, opposite Kálvária utca 53-55(SW one km). The hill used to be burial place for Celts, later for Romans. The provost church named after Saint Adalbert was built here in the XII-XIII. century, which was destroyed in the XVI. century during the Turkish plundering. The Calvary was built by the Jesuits early XVII. century. Baroque chapels stand at the foot of the Golgotha. The seven stations alongside Kálvária Street, depicting the suffering of Jesus were completed in 1722. 
  • Nádorváros Lutheran Church (Nádorvárosi Evangélikus templom), Baross Gábor út 77 (S 0.6 km). Worship: Sun 9:30 and 10:00, Choir: Wed 18:00. Built in 20th century.
  • Polish-Hungarian Friendship Monument (Lengyel–magyar barátság-emlékmű), Bem tér (Center). 24/7. On top of a small mound next to each other two thick, oak hardwood stands which has strong roots in the earth intertwined. Symbolize the friendship between the Polish and Hungarian people. Made by David Toth, 2006 Free.
  • Saint Emeric Roman Catholic Church (Szent Imre Római katolikus templom), Szent Imre út 35. (Center). Every day 07.00-19.00. Weekday Mass 18:00, Sunday Mass 07:30, 08:45, 10:00, 11:30, 18:00.Built in 1937-1943 on the basis of Nándor Körmendi's plans. Interior: Heart of Jesus statue (in front of the shrine, by Ohmann Béla); Count Teleki Maria plaquettes (on the main entrance doors); painted stone pulpit (by Eszer Mattioni); destination stations of the cross pictures (by Kovács Mária); mosaic floor of the sanctuary (Geza Fónyi work); the eternal light (a gift from Báthori Júlia); iron bars of the sanctuary and the choir (based on Francis Deed plans made by a Győr's locksmith, József Mentes); the statue of St. Emeric Church (outside the church opp. the entrance, Ferenc Varga's work); Miklós Borsos made the altar and Margit Kovács did the ceramics of the entrance.
  • Roman Catholic Church (Római katolikus templom), Györszentivan, Váci Mihály utca ~5 (East 7km). Neoclassic and late Baroque styles, end of the 18th century.
  • Szabadhegy Roman Catholic Church (Római katolikus templom), József A. u. 54.
  • Roman Catholic Church former Camillian Church (Római katolikus templom, volt kamillánus templom, Nádorvárosi templom), Nádorváros, Kálvária utca 15 (S 0.5 km),  +36 96 413904. A monument church built in Copf style, 1770-1774.
  • Roman Catholic Church (Külváros Római katolikus templom), Külső Bácsai út 45. (NE four km). Baroque, 1762
  • Holy Spirit Church (Szentlélek templom), Szentlélek tér (S four km),  +36 96 419588, e-mail: . Order of mass: Weekdays 18:00; Sa 18:00; Su 07:00; 08:30; 10:30, 17:00; 19:00. The youngest church of the City. Built in 1987

West of Old Town

  • Roman Catholic chapel (Római katolikus kápolna), Ráth Mátyás tér (West). Romantic style, about 1860
  • Greek (Serb) church (Görög katolikus (rác) templom), Bálint-Mihály utca 54. (W ~1 km),  +36 96 311499. by booking. Built in the Turkish era was standing already in 1703 in the place of the present building, which was re-built in 1727. It was that time when the tower, the nicely formed onion-shaped cap of the simple, wall-surrounded church with buttress fortification was made, together with the interior iconostas of great artistic value. Mixed style: Ottoman and Late Baroque architectural elements Admission: free.
  • Old Lutheran Church (Evangélikus Öregtemplom), Petőfi tér, 1-3(West 0.5 km), +36 96 524708. Built between 1783 and 1785 with closed yard and without a tower. The church interior main sight is the late baroque carved altar of pulpit. The baptistery, standing in front of the altar, which was carved out of red sand-stone in 1817. On its bell-shaped cover there is a small group of cast statues showing the baptism of Jesus.
  • Reformed Church (Református templom), Kossuth Lajos utca 9 (N of the Center),  +36 96 337323, e-mail: . Worship: Sun 10:00. The late historicist neo-Gothic church with a corner tower was built in 1905 according to the plans of Károly Csányi.The interior design of the Church is unified acting. The monumental hall space decorated with Gothic ornaments. South of the church, on Balint Mihály street is the converted building of the old, reformed church. This old church without a tower, built in 1784. The church has remarkable relics from the 17th-18th centuries.
  • Synagogue, Vasilescu collection (Zsinagoga, Vasilescu-gyűjtemény), Kossuth Lajos u. 3-5 (Kossuth Lajos utca 5), +36 20 4252560. W-Su 10:00-18:00. A beautiful neo-Romanesque building. Built between 1868 and 1870 in with an octagonal plan. The church interior is breath-taking with its circular balconies and the dome. - The Vasilescu collection is a branch of the Municipal Museum of Art. János Vasilescu was from Romania, settled in Budapest. He started to collect art in the ’60s, and he bought art works continually till 2002, then he wanted to put the collection into public domain. The collection contains mainly the philosophical stream of the modern Hungarian art between the 1940's and 2000. The almost whole life work of Lili Ország gives the core of his collection, but there are works by several outstanding Hungarian painters and scuptors in the collection.HUF700/350.
  • Újváros Roman Catholic parish church (Újvárosi Urunk színeváltozása Római katolikus templom), Kossuth Lajos u. 42. The Catholic treasury bought from the Lutheran congregation their old church and built between 1836-1841 in place a neoclassic Parish church based on Frumann Anthony's plans. The former single-nave church was extended on both sides with chapel line. From the plaster ornamentation main facade stands out the tower. The square-shaped tower covered with neoclassic onion form dome. The windows of bell room decorated with columned arm-rests. At the meeting of the left side of the chapel line and the the main facade is a iron bars fence section with crucifix in 1904.
  • Révfalu Roman Catholic Church (Révfalui római katolikus templom), Kálóczy tér (N of Mosoni Danube),  +36 96 527703fax: +36 96 527703. Opening hours: Before and after the mass Mo-Fr:8.00, Sa 18.00, Su 09.00 and 11.00. A baroque roman catholic church built in circa 1780. The church was seriously damaged in the Second World War, and its final restoration was carried out in 1985.
  • Roman Catholic chapel (Római katolikus kápolna), Kismegyer Megyer (S 3 km).
  • Roch and St. Sebastian's Roman Catholic parish church (Szent Rókus és Sebestyén templom, Szigeti Római katolikus plébániatemplom), Simor János püspök tér (W 0.5 km),  +36 96 324055. Baroque, 18th century.

East of Old Town

  • Visit Győr-Audi factory. Only by appointment. Since 2013, visits to the Győr-Audi factory have been possible after registration. English, German and Hungarian tours.
  • Gyárváros Roman Catholic Church (Gyárvárosi római katolikus templom), Mátyás király tér, 1. (E one and half km).
  • Roman Catholic Church (Római katolikus templom), Bácsa, Heltay Jenő u. (NE six km).

Further afield

  • Benedictine Archabbey of Pannonhalma (Pannonhalmi Főapátság). Spend a day visiting the thousand-years-old Pannonhalma which lies approximately 20 km south of Győr. It can be reached by regular buses from Győr's main autobus station within half an hour (465 HUF in February 2015). It witnessed much of the Hungarian history and recalls a number of national diets, peace treaties, a successfully beaten attack of the Tartars, domestic struggles of the Árpád dynasty, Turkish invasion, great fires and restorations. This fortress of Hungarian Benedictines, this illustrated "picture book” of European art history from Romanesque to Classicism was undoubtedly worthy of being registered as World Heritage site by UNESCO. The crypt contains the oldest parts of the church. The first catalog of its invaluable library dates back to 1090 and today there are over 250,000 volumes in the library. The charter of the cloister from Stephen I dated 1001, and the earliest written record of the Hungarian language, the founder of the Tihany Abbey from 1055 are the most precious pride and joy of the archives. 

Museums & Galleries

  • City Art Museum (Városi Muvészeti Múzeum), Vary,  +36 20 532-2644, e-mail:.Divided into several separate branches all of which are within the old city.
  • Abbot House, John Xantus Museum (Local History Exhibition Apátúr House, Apátúr-ház), Széchenyi tér 5. (Center), +36 96 310-588, +36 96 524888fax: +36 96 310731. Tu-Su 10:00-18:00 Renovation works will be closed until May 2016!. The building of the museum is one of the most beautiful baroque palaces in Győr. Now this is the home of John Xantus Museum. Collections: Győr and surroundings of history from prehistoric times to the present day; The Petz family's private collection (medical history, fine and decorative arts exhibition); The Hauser-Abad family collection of fine and applied art. The pictures of Second World War destruction after air raids in a protective basement. Hungarian postal stamps – from the first issue to the 1980s. HUF800/400 (2014).
  • Baby Exhibition (Állandó Babakiállítás), Liszt Ferenc u. 20.(Center),  +36 96 311316fax: +36 96 320289, e-mail:. M-W 08:00-15:00, Th 08:00-17.30, Fr 08:00-12:00.. About the building: the former Zichy palace is one of the most typical baroque building of Győr with some Neo-Classicist and Rococo elements. The walls of the room were rich decorated with frescos, mithologic scenes, genre paintings. The palace is a great place for weddings, concerts and congresses. - The Baby Museum: Permanent puppet exhibition donated by Mónika Wiedra Berzsenyi to the city of Győr. This fascinating exhibition is composed of 72 puppets, requisites, accessories and furniture. - Also here is the Gyori Art and Festival Centre.Free.
  • Galgóczi Elizabeth Memorial Room (Galgóczi Erzsébet Emlékszoba), Ménfőcsanak suburb, Győri u. 90/Kisdobos út 1-5. (SW five km), +36 96 556207, e-mail: . Tu-F 14:00-18:00. This is a Literary Memorial Room in the Bezerdéj Palaceabout Galgóczi Elizabeth (1930-1989) . She was a Kossuth Prize,-one of the highest prize for hungarian artist,- winning writer . Exhibits include everyday objects from the 18-19th century.
  • Romer Floris Art and History Museum (Radnai Collection in the Esterhazy Palace, Esterházy-palota, Radnai Gyűjtemény, Rómer Flóris Művészeti és történeti Múzeum), Király u. 17 (Center),  +36 96 322695,+36 20 4252557fax: +36 96 311245, e-mail: . Tu-Su 10:00-18:00.Esterhazy - palace is a beautiful baroque palace gives home for the permanent exhibition of Radnai Collection. Béla Radnai private collection permanent exhibition and temporary exhibitions. The Collection contains more than a thousand pieces of art, mainly from the period between the two World Wars. Temporary exhibitions take place in the aula and the rooms of the second floor. Now this is the residence of the City Art Museum and locality of the International Drawing and Graphics Biennal, cultural events, lectures on art history concerts Admission: adult HUF800, student/senior HUF400 optional guiding service.
  • Hungarian Ispita, Peter Váczy Collection (Magyar Ispita, Váczy Péter Gyűjtemény), Nefelejcs utca 3 (Center),  +36 96 318141. Tu-Su 10:00-18:00. The eighteenth. century listed building, originally Houses of Healing. The Magyar Ispita is one of the most famous buildings in the downtown of Győr. Here is Dr. Peter Váczy historian (1904-1994) private collection of art and applied art. The core of his collection contains renaissance and baroque furnitures, carpets, sculptures and paintings. There are some Greek, Roman and mediaeval Hungarian archeological artifacts, a Chinese terracotta three-glazed soldier, oriental carpets from the 19th century too. Also contemporary art exhibitions can be see here.
  • Former Bishop's Courthouse, Miklós Borsos Permanent Exhibition & Children's Museum (Püspöki udvarbíróház, Borsos Miklós Állandó Kiállítás és Gyermekmúzeum), Apor Vilmos püspök tere 2.(Center), +36 96 316329. Tu-Su 10:00-18:00. Miklós Borsos sculptor (1906-1990) retrospective exhibition. Children's Museum: Temporary exhibitions of works of art, famous artists, artistic periods shown. The exhibition presents the whole art of the scupltor. He reformed the portrait and medal sculpture, using traditional and at the same time, modern methods and expressions in a very rich, artistic way. The Children’s Museum (in same building) is the first museum in Hungary specifically for children with temporary exhibitions.
  • Napoleon House, Győr Graphic Workshop and Exhibition Hall(Napóleon-ház, Győri Grafikai Műhely és Kiállítótér, Városi műveszeti múzeum), Király u. 4. (Center, next to the Hungarian National Asset Management Inc. (HNAM) building),  +36 96 314552, +36 96 322695.Tu-Su 10:00-18:00. Temporal exhibitions. Built in the 17th century, baroque style. In 1767 after the 'battle of Kismegyer' Napoleon spent a night. - Hungarian and international contemporary fine art temporary exhibition gallery. Admission: HUF700/350.
  • Kreszta House, Margit Kovács Permanent Exhibition (Kreszta-ház, Kovács Margit Állandó Kiállítás), Apáca u. 1. (Center),  +36 96 326739, e-mail: . Tu-Su 10:00-18:00. The Kreszta Houses name comes from its former owner, the spice trader Kreszta family. - On the second floor and itt he loft the Margit Kovács permanent exhibition. Margit Kovács (born in Győr) was an excellent ceramic artist (1902-1977). She modelled her funny, sometimes qrotesque figures, her lyrical or dramatic scenes, her decorative jars and bowls, her folkish reliefs and figures with rich fantasy. There is a souvenir shop where can buy albums or ceramics (copies of arts of Margit Kovács). HUF700/350 (2014).
  • Fruhmann House, Tile stoves History exhibition (Fruhmann-ház, Cserépkályha-történeti kiállítás), Kiss János utca 9 (Center),  +36 20 9676567, +36 96 310588, e-mail: . Tu-Su 10:00-18:00. The stove-setter Antal Fruhmann's (1908-1987) houseand workshop. The exhibition presents the tile stove industry around Győr. It’s a unique exposition because this is the only exhibition in the whole country that tells abut the history of tile stoves. HUF700/350 (2014).
  • Vastuskós house, Imre Patkó Collection (Vastuskós ház, Patkó Imre Gyűjtemény), Széchenyi tér 4.(Center). Tu-Su 10:00-18:00 (winter until 16:00. One of the most beautiful early Baroque two-story buildings of Győr. Named after the tree trunks with iron spiked which is under the corner balcony. Now here is the Collection of Patkó Imre. The most precious pieces include the works of Lajos Kassák, Endre Bálint, Victor Vasarely und Béla Kondor. Imre Patkó acquired pieces from Chinese fine art, Tribal and applised arts of the Far East, Africa and Oceania of the 16-20th centuries. - Buy some souvenir from the gift shop. HUF700/350 (2014).
  • Castle Casemate - Stonework, Roman stonework, modern stonework, Joseph Horvath brick collection (Várkazamata – Kőtár, Római kori kőtár, Újkori kőtár és Horváth József téglagyűjteménye), Bécsi kapu tér 5. (Center),  +36 96 310588, e-mail: .closed indefinitely. The yard of the fortress and the casemates have been hosting the standing exhibition of the Roman Age and early Modern Age Lapidary as well as József Horváth’s brick collection since 1957. The fragment of the destroyed Fehérvár Gate has been preserved as a precious relic of the liberation and can also be seen in the yard of the Lapidary. HUF700/350 (2014) photo ticket HUF1200.
  • Romer Hall (Rómer-terem), Teleki László utca 21. (Center). Tu-Su 10:00-18:00. Temporary exhibition area
  • Lőcsei White Salon (Lőcsei Fehér szalon), Rákóczi Ferenc utca 1.(Center), +36 30 4307791, e-mail: . A permanent, exclusive exhibition area, where the cells are furnished with exact furniture. [email protected] contact with foundation: Arany János u. 18
  • Széchenyi Pharmacy Museum+36 96 550348. Opening hours: M-F 07.30-16.00. The vault decorated by stucco and pictures is the ornament of the pharmacy founded by the Jesuits in 1654. In the cabinet ancient pharmacy dishes and other curiosities from medical history are on display.Admission: free.
  • Museumhouse (Múzeumház), Bécsi kapu tér 4,  +36 30 9758373fax: +36 96 332890, e-mail: .Opening hours: Tu-Fr 10.00-16.00. This is an exhibition hall. Additives to Győr story; Lebó Ferenc a sculptor's medals, his plastic surgeries; Periodical exhibitions can be see here. - Services: café, buffet, toilet/WC, souvenir shop Admission: Adults 300 Ft Child, retired 200 Ft, Payment: Cash only.
  • Chapter House, religious collectionKáptalandomb 11,  +36 96 524643, e-mail: . Opening hours: 9-17. In the classicist building hiding details from the Middle Ages the visitors can get to know the church architecture of the diocese of Győr, the mementos of the pilgrimages of the 17-18th centuries, the masterpieces of baroque art, the biography of the martyr priests of the 20th century, and they can recall the moments of the visit of pope John Paul II. at Győr. Admission: HUF500/300.

Things to do

Fishing, Hunting, Horse Riding

  • Kisalföld Forestry Ltd (Kisalföldi Erdőgazdaság), Corvin u. 9 (Csaba street corner),  +36 96 529450fax: +36 96 526586, e-mail:. Organize nature, hunting tours, provide rural accommodations. Provide hunting possibility in the West Hungarian Region. Owning eight lakes with fishing rights. These artificial lakes (mostly developed through mining) size is: 0.1ha to 4 ha. On these lakes allowed fishing with state fishing ticket. For more info ask here or Tourinform Győr. - Accommodation offer: in Ravadi Ecotourism Centre close to fishing lake, in Hunting House address: Vámosszabadi, Patkányos puszta (farm), Call for: Ms. Ujj Viktória +36 20 344-5668; Mr. Márhoffer Gábor 20/217-1822, HUF3500 p.p. five double, one single room. - Also the company handling Göbösmajor equestrian center(north three km from Csapod village) offer: Horse Carriage, Horse Training, tennis court, Swimming Pool, Barbecue and Campfire place. Accommodation of Göbösmajor (by appointment): eight rooms pension or three cozy, wooden house with kitchen and bathroom.


  • Central Library (Dr. Kovács County Library, Dr. Kovács Pál Megyei Könyvtár és Közösségi Tér, Központi Könyvtár), Herman Ottó utca 22.(From downtown take (toward south) bus: 5, 5B, 5 R, 6, 7, 21, 21B, 38 to stop Bartók Béla út, Vásárcsarnok (Market Hall)),  +36 96 516670fax:+36 96 418942, e-mail: . M 9:00-19:00, closed on Tu, We-Fr 9:00-19:00, Sa 9:00-16:00, Jul and Aug closed. Service: above the usual (books, magazines rental, reading) free internet use is provided to visitors with a library card or visitor ticket. Sound and media storage (CD, DVD, audio book collection). Also visitable here the Streibig Collection (the local Streibig Printing and Publishing worked in mid 18th to mid 19th century here), 800 protected documents (mainly in Latin, Hungarian and German, but some French, Greek) can be see with special permission, ask at reader's service (olvasószolgálat). Free internet for 45min after every started 15min HUF65, printing from HUF20 per B&W A4 page to copying HUF400 per colour A3, Fax HUF30, yearly membership fee HUF1200 (2014) Full fee list (pdf).
  • Children's Library and Exhibition Hall (Gyermekkönyvtár és Kiállítóterem), Herman Ottó utca 22. In same building as Central Library+36 96 516677, e-mail: . Open: M 9:00-18:00, closed on Tu, We-Fr 9:00-18:00, Sa 9:00-12:00, Jul and Aug close one hour earlier. Library and periodic, art exhibits of works of local young artists can be find.
  • Karoly Kisfaludy Library (Kisfaludy Károly Könyvtár), Baross Gábor út 4. (Center, close to Napoleon House),  +36 96 319997, +36 96 328022fax: +36 96 311253, e-mail: . M 09:00-19:00, Tu 13:00-19:00, W-F 09:00-19:00, Sa 09:00-13:00. Free internet use is provided to registered visitors, free registration. Free internet only for 30min.
  • József Attila Culture House and Szabadhegy Branch Library(József Attila Művelődési Ház és Szabadhegyi Fiókkönyvtár), Móra park 1.(SE of the City Center.),  +36 96 421740. M-F 10:00-20:00 (in Jul and Aug only till 17:00), Sa 14:00-17:00 (Saturday open only at events). There are periodic exhibits of local artist, musical, theatrical events. Free internet for 1st half hour after.


  • Győr Philharmonic Orchestra (Győri Filharmonikus Zenekar), Aradi vértanúk útja 16,  +36 96 312452fax: +36 96 319232, e-mail:.
  • Richter Concert Hall (Richter János Hangverseny- és Konferenciaterem), Aradi vértanúk útja 16 (Center),  +36 96 312452,+36 80 205015fax: +36 96 319232, e-mail: .Built in 1961 as Rába Cinema, by the plans of Kálmán Lakatos and János Harmati. Renovated and transformed to a concert hall by Péter Basa and Gergely Fernezelyi (Vadász and Partners Architects Studio).


  • Bishop Forest (Püspökerdő) (North two km after Bahnhof pub half km),  +3696516600, e-mail: . A beloved place for trips, the forest is one of the greatest contiguous green areas at town of Győr. Besides a nine kilometer long promenade, well-kept glades, fire places and what is more slides, swings and climbing frames are waiting for the visitors. The promenade presents the forest’s symbiosis in its natural environment, the characteristic plants of the given area and by the help of signing boards the animals as well. - Events day: Day of birds and trees 10th May Admission: free. - Character: educational path. - Address: 9025 Győr, Pinnyéd.
  • Fülesbástya ZooPálffy Street 4/B (Behind theater, ten min walk from train/bus station),  +36 96 337439, e-mail:. Daily 10:00-19:00. A branch of Xantus János Zoo. Located in New Bastion, what is a remains of the castle of Gyor from Ottoman period. The visitors can see here some flora and fauna of South America and the original condition of the bastion. - One of the most spectacular part of the exhibition is a 18m long, 200 cubic meters volume Paludarium, which presents the flora and fauna of the Amazon. Here can be see on a forty meterslong walk the World's most powerful ant, the leaf-cutter ants everyday life. Also there are opportunities to children and adults can see close up some friendly race and will hand them. Adult ticket: HUF950, discount ticket: (2-14 years, 62+years) HUF750, Family Ticket: HUF3,000 (2 adults + 2 children or 1 adult & 3 children), Combined Family Ticket: £ 6400 (Used within one week, the single entry and single entry Füles bastion of John Xantus Zoo).
  • Visit the Zoo (Xantus János Állatkert), Kiskút liget (East two km of the City Center),  +36 96 618367fax: +36 96 618367, e-mail:. Jan-Feb 10:00-16:00, 1st half of Mar 10:00-17:00, 2nd half of Mar 10:00-18:00, Apr-Sep 10:00-19:00, 1st half of Oct 10:00-18:00, 2nd half of Oct and Nov 10:00-17:00, Dec 10:00-16:00.János Xantus Zoo is home to more than five hundred animals belonging to hundred different species, kept in spacious areas for the animals, which imitate their natural habitats. The collection of African mammals is exceptionally rich. The terrarium-hoouse modelled after a mountain cave gives home to the largest collection of poisonous snakes in Hungary, as well as dwarf crocodiles. (HUF) Adults 1550, Student 1150, Family 4400, Children 1100, Zoo food to animals 400.

Walking, trekking

  • Pannontáj–Sokoró Naturpark (area of Bakonyalja),  +36 96 456740,+36 96 326678, e-mail: . occupies 600 sqkm and comprises 29 settlements in the vicinity of Győr. Located at a picturesque transitional area of Bakonyalja, stretching from Bakony Mountains to the Little Hungarian Plain, including the northern slopes of Bakony. The smooth hillside with fresh mountain air, protected trees and rich wildlife offers excursions, horse-riding and hunting programs to visitors.
  • Raba Oxbow Lake Study Trail (Holt-Rába tanösvény), Gyirmót, Sörfőző rét? Ikrény (W-SW 8km),  +36 96 537620, e-mail:. An educational path. Starting on the outskirts of Gyirmót, the six km study trail leads next to an oxbow lake and over the floodplains of the River Rába. It provides information about the local flora and fauna. A part of the Pannonhalma Landscape Protection Area. The oxbows overgrown with or partly accompanied by reed, bulrush and bushy willows have a nice atmosphere and enrich the landscape. They are home to numerous plants and animals. Along the shores grow three species of iris: the Yellow Iris, the Blue Iris and the violet Siberian Iris. The fauna also proves the diversity of the habitat. A rare species is the Marsh Frog, which changes its colour for the time of reproduction into a bizarre but nice blue. Three reptile and 110 bird species were described in the area.

Water sports

  • Achilles Park (Győr-Gyirmót),  +36 96 556011, e-mail: . Jun, Jul, Aug. Daily 09.00-20.00. An open air spa.
  • Rába-Quelle Medicinal, Thermal and Pleasure BathFürdő tér 1 (on the promontory at the junctions of Mosoni-Danube and Rába), +36 96 514900fax: +36 96 514909, e-mail: . Bath: Daily 09.00-22.00, Theraphy: Daily 08.00-16.30, Indoor swimming pool: M-F 06.00-20.00. The building complex of European standard contains the medicinal and the pleasure baths, with the following units: Pleasure bath hall, Thermal bath hall, Sauna, Health island, Health services. - Three thermal fountains support all pools with waters of 67 Celsius. - Suggestions: Locomotor diseases, Bone and joint diseases, Respiratory diseases, Gynaecological diseases, Myositis, Arthritis.
  • Rába free beachParti út. Alongside Rába river
  • Mosoni-Danube free beachVásárhelyi P. u.. Alongside Danube river
  • Rába Quelle Open air spa (Strand), Fürdő tér 1.,  +36 96 522646,+36 96 522600. Jun, Jul, Aug. (Daily) 08.00-20.00. Open air spa
  • Water Ski and Recreation Centre (Vízisí és Szabadidő Centrum , Győri Vízisí Kábelpálya), Ikrény, Ikrényi Lake (West four km by the motorway M1),  +36 30 9440646. Győr Water Ski Cable Course, Wakeboard Fun Park.
  • Győr Water Sport Centre (Győr Vízisport Központ), Töltésszer u. 24.+36 96 321609, +36 96 528305. M 14.00-19.00 , Tu-F 06.00 -19.00, Sa-Su 08.00-18.00 , Closed on first Monday of each month.



  • Bahnhof pub (Bahnhof Egyetemi Vigadó, Lapos Tanszék), Vásárhelyi Pál utca 10-12 (NW one km, 'Aranypart'), +36 96 524297, e-mail:. 30 types pizza, giant pancakes, retro burgers, steaks. - Dj Marcee. (funk-house and Latin house style). - Summer Danube Beach.Brandies (4cl) from HUF400.
  • Bridge Club (Bridge Győri Hallgatói Oktatói Klub), Kálóczy tér 6. (NE half km),  +36 96 613-711, e-mail: . All-day. Large-scale concerts, lectures, proms and balls. Weddings are organized. Daily two-course menus. Hot food catering. Cold buffet events. Internet Cafe. Two-storey entertainment options. Two dance floor with three service counters Tickets purchased in advance / locations: 1300/1600.
  • Club NeoMészáros Lőrinc utca 11. (bus #11.- E half km), +36 70 2606564, e-mail: . F-Sa 20:00-5:00. Varied dancers, DJs and celebrity performers. Continuous drink promotions and Happy Hours. Vodka 'dishes', 'Love Cocktails' days
  • Club VertigoRichter János u. 11. (SE two km),  +36 20 8069095, e-mail: .
  • Club Mamma MiaBenczúr Gy. u. 1. (SW half km),  +36 30 5004477, e-mail: . house-party-mood Video Discos, a retro parties. Huge selection of cocktails and other drinks. Dj.Balage.* Club MundoRoad # 1 and # 85 junction (West ~four km),  +36 20 8069095, e-mail: . Seasonal, open until Oct 31. Dance Club. Nightclub.
  • Pirate Dance ClubBaross G. u. 21-23. (Center),  +36 20 3940072. M-Th 17-24, F-Sa 17-05. Since 2007. Disco with three permanent DJ. Only above 25 years old. One of the largest beverage selection of Győr. Concerts. Hostess girls. Tasted the spiced rums, Bacardies, Ballentines, Somersby Apple Cider, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Sol (Mexican corn beer), Vilmos (pear brandy) and many more.
  • Revesz billiards club (Révész biliárd klub), Hédervári út 22. (N one km),  +36 70 5554437. M 16:00-24:00, Tu, W 16:00-01:00, Th 16:00-24:00, F-Sa 16:00-02:00, Su 16:00-24:00. In the Révész Hotel. Draft Beer 0.4 l HUF480, - Bottled Beer 0.5 - HUF400-550, Bottled Wines HUF1950-2800, - Rums HUF650-770, - Vodkas HUF650.
  • Subway Club Music & DancehallBartók Béla utca 1 (Hundred m east from the Bus Station),  +36 20 8069916, +36 96 312-816, e-mail:. Tu-Sa 10:00-02:00, F 10:00-04:00, Sa 12:00-04:00. - Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday surprise drink promotions! Every Saturday night from 23.00, 'Bulanga' 900 HUF! - Only cash! Admission: FREE, Regular drink drink promotions: - Draft Beer HUF290, Bottled Holsten 0.5 HUF 350, Whiskey-cola HUF 450, Bacardi-Cola HUF 450, Vodka with orange HUF450.
  • Teleki Thirty-six (Teleki Harminchat), Teleki László utca 36(Center),  +36 70 4317992, e-mail: . Daily 10-24.barbecue, burgers, hot dogs, pizza, seafood, steaks.
  • Tower Pub & Club (Torony), Tihanyi Árpád út 23. (S one km), +36 20 983-6363, e-mail: . Tu 22:00-04:00, Th 22:00-16:30, Sa 22:00-04:00. Dance, drinks. Also here the Hotel alfa***Free entry.

Bars, Pubs

  • Alpine Sport pub (Alpesi pizzéria és söröző), Déry Tibor 3(Marcali housing estate, S 2.5 km).M-Sa 08:00-24:00 , Su 10:00-24:00. Wide selection of drinks, continuous drink promotions. Football/sport channel on big-screen TVs. Table football, darts
  • Arena Pizzeria and Pub(Aréna pizzéria és söröző), Pápai út 39. (SW one km),  +36 96 517780. M-Th 15:00-24:00, F-Sa 15:00-02:00.
  • Belgian Beer Cafe Restaurant and Pub (Belgian Beer Café Étterem és Söröző), Árpád u. 34 (Center), +36 96 889460, e-mail:.M- Fr 10.00-24.00, Sa 11:00 24.00, Su 11:00-22:00. Soups HUF600-1600, Appetizers HUF600-3000, Mains HUF2200-4200, Desserts HUF800-1100, Soft drinks, 0,2 l HUF200-500, Beers (0.3 l) HUF400-500, Belgian Beer Specials (0.3 l, dozen types) HUF1400, Bottled wine (0,75 l, rose, dessert, special, red, white) HUF1650-4350, Brandies ( 2 cl, dozen) HUF930-1130, Vodkas 4cl HUF940, Cocktails HUF 800-1700, Coffees HUF800-1350. (2014) All prices of meals & drinks are subject to additional 10 % service charge.
  • Club CaratBajcsy-Zsilinszky út 53-55. (Center), +36 96 550980fax: +36 96 550-970, e-mail: . Party Service 10-300 pers. +Mobil: +36 30 961 0809 three-course menu from HUF1090, kids menu HUF790. A' la carte: cold appetizers HUF1200-2500, Soups HUF700-900,Hot Appetizers HUF1100-2300, Fish, seafood 2800-2900, Poultry Meat 2500-3400, Pork HUF 2500-2900, veal and beef HUF 2400-4400, lamb and game meats HUF 2600-3200 (2014).
  • Club Clement (Klub Kelemen), Mészáros Lőrinc utca 13 (One km SE),  +36 20 9658706, +36 20 5418773, e-mail:. M-F 9:00-21:00, Sa 11:30-15:00, 19:00-24:00. At lunchtime, weekday-day "A" and "B" menus. Also there is takeaway service. Pork Dishes HUF550-850, Chicken Dishes HUF650-850, Garnishes HUF250-350, Soups HUF350, Noodles HUF800 -1200, Salads HUF950-1000, Meatless meals HUF550-890, Pickles: HUF200, Desserts: Pancakes HUF150-270. - Carbonated soft drinks/Fibrous fruit juices/Energy Drinks (2 dl) HUF200-250/140-180/500, Spirits (brandies, liqueurs, rums, vodkas, tequilas, 2 cl) HUF180-300, tap wine (1 l) HUF650-1600, Champagne (0.75 l) HUF1700, Bottled Beers (0.5l) HUF 270-400, Draught beer (0.3 L) HUF 200-400, Coffee, hot cocoa and tea (8 types) HUF200-270.
  • Face Room Restaurant and Bar (Face Room Étterem), Pálffy utca 2 (Center),  +36 96 823105, e-mail: . M-Th 11:00-24:00, F-Sa 11:00-02:00, Su closed. Appetizers HUF1600-2700, Soups HUF700-900, Poultry / Pork HUF2000-3500/2500-2800, Beef/ Fish dishes HUF 3900-4400/3400-3700, Pastas / Desserts HUF 2200-2400 / 800-900. - Drinks: Cocktails (three dozens types) HUF1000-2600, Beers (eleven types)/ Wines ( ten types, HUF per dl ) HUF400-700 /160-1000. Spirits (4 cl, two dozens types) HUF 600-1700, Champagne (0.75 L) HUF2200-4200 (2014).
  • Komédiás (Comedian) Restaurant (Komédiás Étterem), Czuczor Gergely utca 30 (Center),  +36 96 527217fax: +36 96 527218, e-mail:. From spring to autumn, the garden is open. Concerts in the basement. Soup / Appetizers HUF500-920, Veggies / Mains HUF1100-1600 / 1500-2600, Salads HUF300-650, Desserts HUF700-750. - Wines from Szekszárd (0.1 L) 280, Brandies (4 cl) / Beers (0.3 L) / Champagne (0.75 L) HUF600-1000 / 440 / 2200. Carbonated soft drinks (0.2 l) / Juices (0.1 L) / Coffees HUF160-310 / 120-160 / 310-500.
  • Pink Sugar Cafe & Cocktail Bar (Pink Sugar), Stelczer Lajos utca 3(Center),  +36 30 3333858. M, Tu 10:00-22:00, W-Sa 10:00-24:00.
  • Vigadó Pince PubKisfaludy u. 2 (Center),  +36 30 296-2969, e-mail: . M-Th 17:00-24:00, F 17:00-02:00, Sa18:00-02:00, Closed Sunday. Draft Beer 0.4 l HUF 380-550, - Bottled Beer 0.5 - HUF 350-750, Bottled Wines HUF 1200-2000, - Rums (4cl) HUF 550-870, - Vodkas (4cl) HUF 500-700, Vermouth (4cl) 1600, Champagne HUF 1800-3200, Gins (4cl) HUF 500-600, Whiskey (4cl) HUF 600-1100, Cognac (4cl) HUF 500-1060, Soft drinks and mineral waters (2dl) HUF 120-270, Juices (2dl) HUF 180-270, Speed (4cl) HUF2080, - Toasted sandwiches HUF 400-450, Snacks HUF 120-450.
  • Zátony PubKálóczy tér 12. (NW half km , Near to Bridge Club), +36 96 338-050.

Things to know


The Center of the city (Belváros) is bordered by rivers from north and west, from south is limited by railroad.

The major neighborhoods (and sights):

- Adyváros (Ady-városi Lake a nice relaxing spot);

- Belváros (the Old Town) full with sights;

- Bácsa (Nagybácsai church with great window, Kisbácsai church);

- Gyárváros (the former Civitas Regalis or Royal Town area destroyed by Tatars, now mostly industrial building located here and shopping malls as Arkad, Jézus Szentséges Szíve church 1928, rebuilt in 1950's, also here is Győri ETO Stadion with cap.:30000 pers., a Magvassy Mihály Sports Hall, the Ice Skating Rink and Janos Xantus Zoo, the Audi Hungária Motor the principal employer of the city);

- Győrszentiván (bus 30, 31 to there; separated bike road, train station on Komárom line, Roman Catholic church, Treasure House a renovated farmhouse exhibition room, riding stables);

- Gyirmót (Dead Raba walking trail starts from the border Gyirmót, other 'sights' is the Achilles Park open air bath);

- Kismegyer (or called Győr-Szabadhegy, south part of the city, TV tower, Szabadhegyi R.C. church, Szabadhegyi Reformed church, Cemetery chapel of Kismegyer built on the ground of the Tarisznyavár Castle of Middle Age, take bus 2, 5, 6, 7, 17 or 38, ~seven km from center);

- Likócs (most relaxing district with village feeeling, seven km NE of center);

- Marcalváros (former Bela Kun housing estate a socialist developing, also here can be see the Holy Spirit Church built in 1990's);

- Ménfőcsanak (Bezerédj chapel, Nagyboldogasszony church, Lutheran templom, Memorial Park, Bezerédj-Esterházy Mansion 1750's);

- Nádorváros (Kálvária church, Győr Plaza, St. Emeric parish temlpom, Nádor City Lutheran Church, Schlichter Villa, Polish-Hungarian Friendship Sculpture at Bem tér);

- Pinnyéd (Bishop Forest, a popular tourist spot, NW of center);

- Révfalu (north of Danube, the most attractive part of the city according by locals, Kossuth híd or Révfalui bridge, Ányos Jedlik bridge: Pál Vasarhelyi footbridge or small Erzsébet Bridge; Széchenyi Bridge; Széchenyi István University, 'Aranypart' lit. Golden Coast free beach of Mosoni-Danube, the listed building of Watertower built in 1910; Monument of Flooding in 1954, School with Tulips Secession style planned by one of the country most famous architect, Jenő Lechner, can see at Rónay Jácint u. 4.; the patron saint St. John of Nepomuk sculpture; houses with small garden are typical to this district, in the cemetery of Révfalu is the tomb of local polymath, poet, literary translator (mostly Finnish and Estonian), literary historian, folklorist Aladár Bán);

- Sziget (area between Raab and Rapca rivers, right west of Old Town, the main sight is the Roch and St. Sebastian's Roman Catholic parish church, Rába-Quelle Thermal and Pleasure Bath, also a couple smaller hotel are here);

- Újváros (west of the Old Town, southeast from 'Sziget' district, temples of five religious groups are here: Old Lutheran church, the synagogue, the Reformed Church, the Catholic Church and the Greek Catholic Church; yearly events is the Five Temples Festival, this is a five days long religious, musical and cultural traditions showing program; the houses of Kossuth Lajos street almost all from 1750-1850 period are listed buildings).

 Safety in Gyor

Stay Safe

There is a very low crime rate.

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