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Cerkno Ski Resort is a Slovenian ski resort located on Črni Vrh hill near Davča, 10 km away from centre of municipality Cerkno, 50 km away from Ljubljana and 140 km away from Koper. It has a total of 18 km ski slopes, 5 km tracks for Cross country skiing and Snow Fun park for snowboarders.

It is the most modern and at the same time the most user-friendly ski resort in Slovenia. The skiing area is open to skiers of all ages and categories, in case of lack of snow there are snow-making machines and also tracks for cross-country skiers exist.

Special attention is given to the youngest skiers, so there are many activities available to them. At the top of the ski centre there is an alpine style self-service restaurant with a visitor's terrace, which offers diverse dishes based on local ingredients.

Excellent ski slopes, the most modern and safest skiing facilities, qualitative offer of additional services, at the head with the alpine restaurant Alpska perla at the top of the Skiing centre are the main reasons for beeing the best Slovenian Ski resort.

Cerkno has essentially everything: grounds for the youngest, a snow park, well-maintained artificial snowing system, lovely views all the way to Triglav, there is a short cross-country skiing track, excellent catering facilities and you can rent apartments right next to the ski slopes. A wonderful family ski resort!

Resort statistics

Summit - 1300 m - (4,264 ft)
Base - 900 m - (2,952 ft)

Ski Terrain
0,7 km2 (172 acres) - 9 named runs covering around 18 km (11 mi) on one mountain.

Slope Difficulty
- 33% expert
- 33% intermediate
- 33% beginner

Vertical Drop
- 400 m (1312 ft) in total

Longest Run: "Počivalo 5" - 1,983 m (1,24 miles)

Average Winter Daytime Temperature: /

Average Annual Snowfall: /

Lift Capacity: 14,000 skiers per hour

Ski Season Opens: December

Ski Season Ends: April

Snow Conditions Phone Line: +386 (0) 5 3743400

Transportation - Get In

By car

It takes about one hour or one hour and a half to access Cerkno by car from larger cities, such as Ljubljana, Kranj or Nova Gorica. Cerkno can also be accessed from the Gorenjska via Škofja Loka (39 km) through the Poljane valley (center) or the Selca valley (ski slope). The best access from Ljubljana is via Logatec and Idrija (80 km). From Nova Gorica access is possible along the Soča valley and further along the Idrijca valley to Cerkno (66 km) or across Grgar and Čepovan (50 km). Access is also possible from Bovec via Kobarid and Tolmin along the Soča and Idrijca valley to Cerkno (70 km).

By train

The nearest railway station is at Most na Soči (27 km), where there are links to Gorenjska (Bohinj) and Primorska region (Nova Gorica). The railway station in Logatec is 48 km from Cerkno (via Idrija), where there are connections to Koper and Ljubljana (from here there is a connection to the rest of Slovenia and Europe).

More at: www.slo-zeleznice.si

By bus

There is a bus stop in Cerkno with regular bus connections to Idrija, Tolmin, Ljubljana and Škofja Loka.

More at: www.ap-ljubljana.si

By plane

  • Jože Pučnik Airport, Ljubljana, SLO (56 km away from Cerkno via Škofja Loka)
  • Edvard Rusjan Airport, Maribor, SLO (177 km away from Cerkno via Škofja Loka)
  • Portorož Airport, SLO (139 km away from Cerkno via Idrija and Postojna)
  • Aeroporto Ronchi dei Legionari, Trieste, IT (98 km away from Cerkno via Nova Gorica)
  • Aeroporto di Treviso Canova, Treviso, IT (195 km away from Cerkno via Nova Gorica)
  • Aeroporto Marco Polo, Venice, IT (200 km from Cerkno via Nova Gorica)
  • Kärnten Airport, Klagenfurt, AT (110 km away from Cerkno via Škofja Loka and Kranj)

Ski runs & lifts

Ski slopes

NameLengthVertical dropInclineCategory
Grič 1925m116m12,1%Ski trail rating symbol blue circle.png
Dolina 2324m71m22,5%Ski trail rating symbol blue circle.png
Lom 3722m16223,1%Ski trail rating symbol black circle.png
Lom 4892m162m18,6%Ski trail rating symbol blue circle.png
Počivalo 51983m330m16,9%Ski trail rating symbol blue circle.png
Brdo 61930m326m17,2%Ski trail rating symbol blue circle.png
Brdo 71082m240m22,2%Ski trail rating symbol red circle.png
Gozd-Davča 8559m160m30,2%Ski trail rating symbol black circle.png
Davča-Lom 91649m290m18,1%Ski trail rating symbol red circle.png

Sights & Landmarks

The Davča waterfalls

Northeast from the direction of Mt. Porezen (1,630 m) and south under the forest-covered summit of Lom (1,176 m) in a rugged gorge, the Davča stream forms three waterfalls (Slov. Pod kotli) in the cirque of the valley and village of Zgornja Davča. The waterfalls cannot be compared with the largest river waterfalls when it comes to magnitude, but they can certainly match up when it comes to beauty.

Above the Zgornji Slap falls there is a confluence of two approximately equally large tributaries, the western gathers the streams of Mt. Porezen, the eastern streams flow from under the summits of Hum (1,423 m) and Konjsko Brdo (1,344 m). The Zgornji Slap waterfall falls 6 m into a pool of a narrow and deep river bed. It is possible to view the Zgornji Slap falls from a viewpoint above the gorge, as the gorge is steep and narrow here. The Srednji Slap waterfall cascades into the depths as a double waterfall and is the most beautiful of all the Davča waterfalls (Slov. Pod kotli). The northern part of the waterfall is mightier and the two streams join foaming and roaring in a dark green pool of the river bed. The Srednji Slap waterfall is best seen from the viewpoint above the river bed. The Spodnji Slap waterfall directs water over eroded and differently steep ledges into two main currents, which join at extremely heavy rains and create a broader waterfall. It is possible to access and view the Spodnji Slap waterfall from the river bed. When the water flow is stronger, it is easier to access the area around the waterfall north on the bank.

The Zaganjalka intermittent spring

Interesting hydrological natural heritage is preserved by the Zaganjalka or Zaganjalščica spring under the village of Cerkljanski Vrh in the Volkova Grapa ravine near the Zakrog farm. The spring is located high below the Lajše hill and its water flows into the Idrijca river below the section of the Cerkno-Idrija road near Želin, known by locals as “Pirhov Klanec”. This is an interesting karstic phenomenon, for which a change in water flow is characteristic.The water dries and rises again in regular intervals, almost as in jolting movements. At regular flow it takes seven minutes before the water almost disappears and then gushes out of the depths again.

The Idrijca river

The spring of the Idrijca river is in Mrzla Rupa, at the end of the Vojsko plateau (Slov. Vojskarska planota) at an altitude of 960 m. After about 60 km the river flows into the Soča river at the town of Most na Soči. It has quite a few right and left tributaries. Almost the entire river basin of Idrijca and its tributaries upstream from Idrija has been protected as the Zgornja Idrijca Regional Park since 1992 and is part of the extensive Trnovski Gozd – Nanos area, which is one of the Natura 2000 zones. The area is very interesting because of its diverse rock composition and the very uneven undulating relief, almost entirely covered with fir-beech forests, which hide many natural sights (karstic springs, forest reserves). The entire river bed of Idrijca from the spring to the mouth including the tributaries is registered as a valuable natural feature of national importance and at the same time also included in the Natura 2000 areas as a special unit.

Activities & Things to do


Skiing centre Cerkno is the most modern, the safest and most user-friendly ski resort in Slovenia. This confirm all the skiers, that return year after year to enjoy fabulous skiing moments.

Special admiration arouses the alpine hut Alpska perla at the top of the Skiing centre, where  one can relax an enjoy culinary delicacies and have some entertainment during or after skiing.


Cerkno presents an excellent starting point for planning a successful journey of discovering the surrounding places and peaks by your bicycle.

On your way you will pass many picturesque villages and while riding up the hills the bravest and fittest will be rewarded with beautiful views on all our famous mountains.


Are you looking for an active holiday? Then the region Cerkljanska is the perfect choice. Its hardly difficult to find a place like this for the enjoyment of hiking for itself.

Here you will find numerous high routes and mountain transversal trails: High route Idrijsko-Cerkljanska planinska pot, Slovenian Alpine route, European Pathway E7, Red Trail Via Alpina and the Pre-Alps trail.


The region Cerkljnska with its slopes, ravines and hills is an excellent destination for diverse adventurous activities in nature and at the same time a perfect starting point for discovering all the places in Slovenia worth seeing by your motorcycle.


Festivals & Events

Jazz Cerkno

The main music event organized by Zavod Jazz Cerkno has been taking place annually in mid-May since 1996 (between Thursday and Saturday). The festival venue is the square “star plac” in the center of Cerkno, covered with a large tented roof for this special occasion. Three evenings present several musicians and artists from all over the world, both established and unknown ones, all of them united in finding new directions in jazz music and thus broadening their horizons. The festival as such is important not only for the musical challenges and pleasures it grants, but also for representing the current trends in jazz music in general. The jazz heard in Cerkno is never unambiguous, because the program emphasizes unconventional and creative music, the collision of cultures and music practices, and the confrontation of various approaches, where jazz often comes across other music forms and assumes different elements from them.

Rock, electronic music, modern and old classical music, experimental music, various traditional types of music, and much more: all of it can be found in endless combinations with jazz itself in the eclectic and exciting program of the Jazz Cerkno festival. It is never self-limited by genre purity or orthodoxy. Special attention is paid to Slovene musicians and many a band or musician had their first project presentation in front of the public in Cerkno. The same is true for foreign musicians, who have expanded the limits of sonority and torn down the boundaries within genre and other conventions. All Jazz Cerkno festival concerts are exclusive in Slovenia. The festival program is enriched by workshops, exhibitions, and similar events. The festival is also well known for its lively after-party at a selected location in Cerkno. 

More info at: www.jazzcerkno.si

“Laufarija” of Cerkno

Astrong element of the local identity for the municipality and its residents is attributed to the “laufarji”, one of the most recognizable carnival groups in Slovenia. The “Laufarija” of Cerkno has been taking place for centuries according to unwritten rules, which were passed on from generation to generation. The group has 25 characters now and their characteristic feature is their masks (there are 26 of them), which are called “larfe” and are carved out of linden tree wood.

Some of their clothes are sewn out of natural materials (ivy, straw, moss, spruce, animal skin). The masks and the characters of the Cerkno “Laufarija” represent the characteristics and weaknesses of individual groups in the population. The main character is Pust. Moss is sewn onto his clothing and he carries a young spruce tree in his hand. He is accompanied by »ta bršljanov« (Eng. the Ivy Man), »ta tierjasta« (Eng. two Thread Men), »ta star« (Eng. the Old Man), »ta stara« (Eng. the Old Woman), and »lamant«, etc. The only mask that speaks is »ta star« (Eng. the Old Man).

Every single year at the square in Cerkno Pust is sentenced to death by “bot” – a lumberjack mallet. Pust is guilty of everything negative and awkward that happened nearby or slightly further away. The conviction of Pust takes place as a complete play in the dialect of Cerkno. The “Laufarija” of Cerkno has been entered in the Register of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Slovenia since February 2012. With a decree by the government of the Republic of Slovenia, it was also declared as Intangible Heritage of National Importance in 2014.

More info at: www.laufarija-cerkno.si 


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