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Santillana del Mar is a picturesque town in Cantabria, Spain, renowned for its medieval architecture.

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Santillana del Mar is a picturesque town in Cantabria, Spain, renowned for its medieval architecture. The area around Santillana del Mar has been populated for thousands of years and there are traces of some of the earliest inhabitants at the Altamira Caves about two kilometres from the town. Unfortunately, the village has become a bit of a tourist trap, and is so swamped with new developments around the outskirts, that on arrival you might be forgiven for wondering what all the fuss is about.

However, the original kernel of the medieval village still survives in the centre, although the beauty of the winding streets and yellow sandstone buildings is rather marred by the abundance of shops selling tourist nick-nacks that have proliferated into almost every doorway. The highlight of the town is the Colegiata de Santa Juliana - a lovely medieval church with a walled cloister that can be found in the heart of the town. The entrance fee is €3.

For the more adventurous, there are some lovely walks in the small hills around the town that afford stunning views of the Picos de Europa and ??? mountain ranges, as well as the coast of the Bay of Biscay..

There is a very modern and helpful tourist office in the town that provides lots of useful information

Transportation - Get In

Santillana is 15 ml (24 km) from Santander.

By plane

The next airport is Santander Airport (Santander - Parayas, Aeropuerto Internacional de Santander) [www] Aptdo de Correos 097, E-39600 Maliaño/Cantabria, tel. 942 202100, fax 942 202152, email: [email protected]

By train

The next FEVE railway station is Puente San Miguel, about 3 ml (4 km) from Santillana-del-Mar.

The next RENFE railway station is Torrelavega, about 6 ml (10 km) from Santillana-del-Mar. Autobuses Garcia operate bus services from Torrevelaga to Santillana del Mar and back.

By bus

There are buses to Santillana del Mar from Santander, with the journey taking about half an hour. There are up to seven buses a day in July and August, although fewer outside of these months.

  • La Cantabrica, Nav 5, El Campon, Penacastillo, tel 42342701, 942720822 fax 942346988 operates bus services from Santander Bus Station (estación de Autobuses de Santander) [www] to Santillana del Mar from Sep 1 until Jun 30 at 10.30 and 11:30AM, 1.05, 5, 6.15, 7.15 and 8:30PM. Journey time: 40 minutes, price: € 2.25 single (December 2009).

The bus from Santander drops you just outside of the town. When leaving beware that, although there is a bus shelter just outside the town where you will be dropped off on your way in, the bus back actually departs from the steps in front of the town hall?, about 50 metres closer to town.

The bus station is at Av, Cantabric s/n, tel 942891954.

  • Autobuses Garcia operate services to and from Altamira and Torrevelaga.

By car

  • from Santander: take the highway to Torrelavega - exit “Requejada”, go ahead to Barreda, turn right on road CA-131 to Santillana del Mar, or exit “Puente San Miguel” and take the CA-133 road to Santillana del Mar.
  • from Asturias: take the “Autovía del Cantábrico” (Cantabrian Highway) or N-634 to Puente San Miguel, then the CA-133 road to Santillana del Mar.
  • from Madrid, Bilbao, Burgos, Palencia or Valladolid: take the highway to Torrelavega, then as above
  • from Comillas: take the CA-131 road.

Distances from Santillana del Mar:

  • Suances 6 Km.
  • Torrelavega 6 Km.
  • Comillas 16 Km.
  • Santander 30 Km.
  • San Vicente de la Barquera 30 Km.
  • Parque de Cabárceno 30 Km.
  • Picos de Europa 70 Km






Typical pastries include sobao pasiego and quesadas (a light sort of cheesecake)

  • Los BlasonesPlaza de la Gandara 8,  +34 942818070. old fashioned restaurant, € 25.
  • Casa CossioPlaza Abad Francisco s/n,  +34 942818355. € 22.
  • Café ConcanaCalle los Hornos,  +34 942840161.
  • La Joraca ((Hotel Colegiata)), Los Hornos,  +34 942840137.
  • AltamiraCantón,  +34 942818025. € 12.
  • Taberna del ChusCalle del Río+34 942818122.
  • Los NoblesCalle Carrera,  +34 942818042
  • El CatilloPlaza Mayor,  +34 942818377.
  • Casa ÁngelEl Cantón,  +34 942818227. € 24.
  • Parador Gil BlasPlaza de Ramón Pelayo,  +34 842818000. € 30.

Coffe & Drink

A trip to northern Spain must include a sampling of sidra, or hard cider, which is typical of Cantabria as well as Asturias and Basque Country. It is traditional to pour the cider into the glass from a height of about three feet. Your bartender will know how if you are hesitant to try the feat yourself.

Sights & Landmarks

The whole town, old and well-preserved, is worth visiting.


  • Collegiata de Santa Juliana. Tu-Sa 10AM to 1:30PM, 4 to 6:30PM. in summer to 7:30PM. abbey dating to the 12th cent, beautiful Romanesque church, in ancient times one of the most powerful monasteries of Spain, attracting many noble families who built their houses in Santillana del Mar € 3.
  • Claustro de la ColegiataPlaza del Abad Francisco Navarro,  +34 639830520. 9:30AM to 1PM and 4 to 6PM, in winter closed on Sundays. Romanesque cloisters dating to the 12th and 13th cent with scenes from the Bible and fighting scenes € 2,50.
  • Convento de las Clarisas (16th cent monastery), Rúa Jesús Tagle.
  • Convento de las DominicasCalle Antonio Niceas.

Houses and Palaces

  • Casas del Águila y la ParraCalle Juan Infante,  +34 942818398. winter: 10AM to 1PM and 4 to 7PM, Sat, Su 10AM to 1PM, Mon closed. adm free.
  • Casa de los Sánchez TagleCalle de Velasco+34 942818141. Passion Week and from Jul until Sep 10:30AM to 1:30PM and 4.30 to 8:30PM, Mon closed, rest of the year weekends only.
  • Palacio de Velarde (palace, 15th cent), Plaza de las Arenas
  • Casa de los QuevedoCalle del Río.
  • Palacio de Peredo - Barrera (also called Palacio de los Benamejís, 18th cent, expositions organized by Caja Calabria), Santo Domingo+34 942818171. from Tu-Su 11AM to 2PM and 4 to 8PM. € 2,50.
  • Casa de los Hombrones (noble house, 17th cent), Calle Cantón. decorated with Baroque coat of arms saying 'Un bon morir es onra de la vida' - A good dying honours life
  • Casa del Marqués de Santillana (Gothic house, 15th cent, home of doña Leonor de la Vega, mother of López de Medonza, later Marqués de Santillana), Calle Cantón
  • Casa de los Bustamante (house from the 18th cent), Calle de la Carrera
  • Casa de los Villa (house, rebuilit in the 18th cent), Calle Santo Domingo.
  • Plaza Ramón Pelayo o del Mercado (former market place) (Calle Racial con Calle Juan Infante). 
  • Casa de los Barreda - Bracho (building from the 18th cent, today Parador de Turismo), Calle Santo Domingo.
  • Torre del Merino (Gothic tower, 15th cent, today exhibition center), Plaza Ramón Pelayo. free.
  • Torre de Don Borja (Gothic tower, 15th cent), Plaza Ramón Pelayo. 10AM to 1:30PM, 4 to 8PM.
  • Casa de la Infanta Paz (house of the infant Paz de Bourbon, princess of Bavaria), Plaza Ramón Pelayo.
  • Casa de la Archiduquesa (exile of Princess Margaretha of Hapsburg), Calle Río Cantón.

Further out

  • Altamira (3 km). A cave with prehistoric paintings, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • Santillana zoo (2 km). 
  • Comillas (17 km, with Sobrellano Palace, chapel-mausoleum of the Marquises of Comillas, Pontifical University, Capricho of Gaudí,).
  • San Vicente de la Barquera (29 km, with Santa María de los Ángeles Church and Castillo del Rey Castle,).
  • Oyambre National Park (20 km).
  • Queveda (Torre de Don Beltrán de la Cueva, 18th cent, Virgen de las Quintas Hermitage). 
  • La Barca de CalderónCarretera de Santillana del Mar a Viveda. house of the Calderón de la Barca family, 15th cent
  • Santa María de Viaceli (Cisterciensian Abbey), Cóbreces, on the road from Santillana del Mar to Comillas
  • Complejo del Monte Castillo (rock paintings from the Upper Paleolithic), Cuevas del Castillo. from May 1 until Sep 30 10AM to 2PM and 4PM to 8:30PM, maximum 380 persons per day in groups of 20, duration of the visit 45 min.
  • Cueva de CovalanasRamales de la Victoria+34 942645504. from May 1 until Sep 30 10AM to 1PM and 4PM to 7PM. Mon and Tue closed, maximum 60 persons per day. rock paintings, more than 15000 years old
  • Cueva de ChufinRiclones (Rionansa),  +34 942727457. 10AM and 4PM.
  • Ecomuseo Saja-NansaPuente Pumar (Señorial Valle de las Poblaciones) (more than 1000 square km, up to altitudes of 2000 meters).
  • SuancesRía de San Martín.
  • Torrelavega (Palacio Municipal, Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Church, Consolación Church with the Gothic picture of the city patron La Virgen Grande), N-611.

Museums & Galleries

  • Museo Diocesiano de Regina CoeliEl Cruce,  +34 942818004, 639830520. 10AM to 1:30PM, 4 to 6:30PM, in summer to 7:30PM, in winter closed on Mon. 2,50.
  • Museo Jesús OteroPlaza de Francisco Abad,  +34 942818806. winter: 9:30AM to 1:30PM, 4 to 7PM, summer: 10AM to 1PM, 4 to 7:30PM. museum of the Cantabrian scultpor Jesús Otero free.
  • Museo y Centro de Investigación de Altamira,  +34 942818005, e-mail: . from Jul until Sep: Tu-Sa 9:30AM to 7:30PM, Sun 9:30AM to 5PM, rest of the year: Tu-Su 9:30AM to 7PM, duration of the visit: one hour. ´€ 2,50.
  • Museo de la Inquisición el SolarEscultor Jesús Otero+34 942840273. winter 10:30AM to 8PM, summer 10AM to 10PM. museum displaying torture tools and "instruments for public humiliation" € 3,50.
  • El Museo de la Tortura or Torture Museum contains an impressive collection of instruments of torture from around Europe, including those used in the Spanish Inquisition. The museum is interesting and rich in history, but be warned that it is not for the faint of heart!
  • La Cueva MitológicaCalle El Cantón, e-mail: . summer 11:30AM to 2PM, winter: short visits in the morning only. € 4.

Things to do

  • ZooCtra. Puente de San Miguel,  +34 942818125, +34 942840175. 9:30AM to sunset. € 8, children: € 4, guided tour: € 7.


There are beaches at

  • Ubiarco (5 km),
  • Cobreces (10 km),
  • Comillas (17 km),
  • Oyambre (20 km) and
  • Suances (10 km)

Festivals and events

Epiphany: Santillana, 5 January. Medieval Festival: June. Folia: Variable, San Vicente de la Barquera, 30 km. Procession for Santa Juliana: 28 June, Santillana del Mar. San Roque: 16 August.

Things to know


  • Tourist Information (Oficina de Turismo) Calle Jesus Otero 26, tel 942818812
  • Guardia CivilAvda. Antonio Sandi, s/n+34 42 818 010.
  • Centro de Salud Altamira (Health Center)Barrio La Teja, s/n, 39530 Puente San Miguel,  +34 942838515, +34 942820684.
  • Hospital de Sierrallana (Hospital)Ganzo, s/n, 39300 Torrelavega,  +34 942847400, +34 942847402, +34 942847403, +34 942847505 (urgencies)fax: +34 942847501.
  • Farmacia (Pharmacy)Jesús Otero, s/n,  +34 942 818 369.