Side (pronounced see-day) is a resort town and a classical historic site in Pamphylia of Mediterranean Turkey.

Side (pronounced see-day) is a resort town and a classical historic site in Pamphylia of Mediterranean Turkey.

Upon opening to tourism in 1950s, the village of Selimiye was renamed Side, as the Roman city on the site of the village was known in ancient times. Today Side is one of the few sites where you can see Ephesus-like well-protected Roman ruins and modern constructions literally side by side.

Get in

Manavgat is your first point of entry if you plan to get to Side by bus. From Manavgat, some bus companies offer minibuses to Side from otogar (bus station) free of charge. There are also very frequent minibuses (dolmuş) from downtown Manavgat which should not cost much more than a couple of Turkish liras.If you want to go ftom Antalya you should get on Antalya-Manavgat bus at Antalya Otogar(Bus Terminal). Ticket is 10TL and get off at Side junction(Side Kavsagi). There is a free minibus service that takes people to a parking just beside the historical part of Side.

Side lies 2 km south of main highway (D400) of Mediterranean Turkey, so it's also easy to get there by car.

Bus from Anamur to Side for 30 TL. (March 2016)

Get around

You will find taxis everywhere. You are unlikely to have many problems with them, but always agree on a price beforehand. They can do it on the meter, but then they will only take you the long way round. Ask local shopkeepers/bar staff/hotel employees on how much a good price is so you've got a clue.

You can also get a dolmuş (literally means "squashed taxi", just so you know what to expect!), a minibus service that runs along most main roads and past major hotels. If you are traveling far then you will probably have to change, but there should be a direct one to downtown Side. Charging around 3TL, this is the cheapest way to travel. They have stops, but you can ask the driver to stop anywhere on route usually. A cheap fun way of traveling, used by locals and tourists alike, just be prepared to travel in very crowded conditions.


  • Roman ruins. Roman ruins of Side that are in fairly good condition include among others a quite large amphitheatre, a temple (to Apollo), and a gate.


One of the main things you will see everywhere is clothes, clothes & more clothes!

You will find that most shops/stalls have mostly the same range. At first, most, if not all of shopkeepers try to charge a really high price to anyone that asks, and will sell it for that price to anyone who is silly enough to pay it.

Try to bargain as much as possible, if you're not comfortable about it, don't worry, they are! They expect you to haggle. At most, your first offer should be half the asking price, for example if they ask for 75TL, offer 35TL and you will probably get it for 45TL. If you don't like the price just walk out, they will follow you and give you a better price.

The shopkeepers also drag you into their shop, and as the competition is high, they will do what it takes to win you over. Usually sitting you down, giving you tea, etc... But you are not obliged to buy, there is plenty more where they came from!

Buying from outside the main market is much better as it's usually cheaper.