Transportation in Panajachel

Get in

Chicken buses from Guatemala City leave approximately every hour, from 6AM to 4PM, and cost only a few US dollars. However, the ride is long, and it can be quite uncomfortable if the bus gets crowded (which it almost certainly will).

Alternatively, you can take a bus to Los Encuentros, and change there. A bus from Los Encuentros to Sololá costs Q2 (quetzales) and from there you can take another to Panajachel, for Q3.50.

Many tourist agencies will arrange tourist buses transport to Panajachel. A minibus from Antigua to Panajachel is US$12 per person each way, though some among the number of agents offering the service could charge US$20-25.

Adrenalina diagonally across from the post office (oficina de correos) has a good reputation.

Get around

Panajachel is quite small, and you can walk practically anywhere within 20 minutes. Small three-wheel taxis (or tuk-tuks) continually circle the few streets, and cost Q5 for any destination in Panajachel, Q10 if the ride requires going off the delta (uphill), for example to the Nature reserve (3 people negotiated a ride back for only Q20).

Private shuttle boats ("lanchas") to other cities around the lake, such as Jaibalito, San Marcos La Laguna, and San Pedro La Laguna, leave regularly from the "embarcadero" at the foot of the main street, Calle Santander. The cost is about Q15-30 one way (Q5-15 for Central Americans). The larger public ferries are cheaper (Q25 for foreigners) but they only go to Santiago Atitlan (from foot of Calle Rancho Grande, east of Santander) and San Pedro (from foot of Calle del Embarcadero, west of Santander).

Boats to Santiago Atitlan leave from another dock every 30 mins, and take around 25 mins to cross the lake. It costs Q25, although locals pay less. To get to the dock, go to the end of Calle Santander, turn left and go until the end of the road, then turn right.

There is no bus station yet, but chicken buses, taxis and shuttle buses congregate at the intersection of Calle Principal and Calle Santander. Fletes (Toyota pickups) can be found near the market. They are the cheapest way to get to nearby towns. They are a great way to meet the indigenous people, who are their best customers.

Chicken bus to Solola costs Q5 & Q20 to Xela (gringos charged Q30 along with eye-to-eye lies that it's the normal price for everyone;).