Things To Know

Things To Know Before Traveling To Quetzaltenango

Internet Cafes

There are dozens of Internet Cafes in Xela as well as free wifi hot spots.

  • Xela Pages - Computer time rental, printing, scanning, cd/DVD burning, fax service, skype booth with mic and camera. Price from $0.40 cent/hour up to $1.25/hour - in front of Parque El Calvario 4ta Calle 19-48, Zona 1
  • Alternativas Computer time rental, printing & scanning, Price from $0.50 cent/hour up to $1.50/hour. In front of Parque Benito Juarez - Zona 3


English-language publications are available free in bars, restaurants and cafes around town.

XelaWho (www.xelawho.com) This monthly English-language magazine lists cultural events, has a handy map and offers an irreverent take on life in Xela and Guatemala as a whole.

EntreMundos Publishes a bimonthly magazine, which has plenty of information on political developments and volunteer projects in the region.


There are numerous ATMs at the banks around Parque Centro América.

Banco Industrial Also changes US dollars.