Food & Restaurants

Food & Restaurants in Negril

  • Rick's Cafe is about the biggest tourist trap in which to view a gorgeous Negril sunset. Cliff diving is available from a sturdy concrete slab perched high atop the sea cliffs, higher than before. There, visitors can test their mettle or leave it to the professionals (note: people have been killed and seriously injured/maimed when cliff jumping - including the so-called 'professionals'). Just remember that if you watch the show, you're expected to tip the professionals.
  • Eddie's De Bar and Grill Jerk chicken plus all the traditional Jamaican dishes, goat, fish and lobster. The bar has great vibes, excellent music, nightly bonfire; truly a Jamaican yard. Just past The Rockhouse Hotel on the left.
  • The Rockhouse Hotel,  +1 876-957-4373A beautifully set restaurant and hotel on the cliffs. They will collect you for free from your hotel and drive you there.
  • Three Dives Restaurant an eatery on the west end that is just past Xtabi Resort. Expect jerk chicken, pork, lobster and snapper - all locally sourced.
  • LTU Restaurant a locally-styled restaurant perched high on the edge of the cliff, just 200 yards from Ricks on the cliff road. The menu offers high quality and a wide range, including vegetarian, and there is a 'specials' board for fresh 'catch of the day' offerings such as Marlin, Kingfish and Mahi mahi.
  • Royal Kitchen a vegetarian/Ital restaurant on the west end past the M&L Market. $250 J gets you a great combo that usually consists of soy chunks, rice and peas, veggies, plus often stew or ackee.
  • Sweet Spice Restaurant,  +1 876-957-4621Most locals will recommend the place and with good reason, the oxtail is great and the lobster is cheaper than at the beach.