Transportation in Negril

Get in

Fly into the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay. Take a 60-90 minute shuttle van ride to Negril. It is a very scenic drive along the north coast travelling west. There are many companies and taxis that provide a great service doing airport transfers to Negril.

Get around

The least expensive way to get around is to hire "Route Taxis". Many drivers will attempt to get you to hire them. Many of them are very expensive, even if you try to negotiate with them. Route Taxis, for example, from the Rui Resort on Bloody Bay to downtown Negril will charge about $2 per person. From Rui to Ricks Cafe is about $4 per person. Be sure to set your price with the driver BEFORE you enter their taxi!

Current rates (2012) seem to be 100 Jamaica dollars along the beachfront road to the roundabout in Negril township, and 100 more for any point past this i.e. around the cliffs. Double this if you are catching a route taxi at night.

Drivers who are not Route Taxis often charge over $10 per person and will tell you that Route Taxis aren't safe (which is not true, it's just a way to get more money from tourists).