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Isolated archipelago that is world-renowned for its unique wildlife and Darwin's evolution research.


  • Quito - Second highest capital in the world, with a well preserved colonial center. Its weather is generally spring-like all year long and relatively unpredictable, changing rapidly.
  • Ambato - The central city of Ecuador. Special celebrations during Carnival time.
  • Baños - An adventure capital of Ecuador at the foot of Volcano Tungurahua, an active volcano having small eruptions of ash and lava. There are also many hot spring mineral baths as its name would imply.
  • Cuenca - The third largest city in Ecuador and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Trust site.
  • Guayaquil - Largest city in the country and largest port city.
  • Ibarra - Town of 100,000 inhabitants halfway between Quito and the northern border.
  • Loja - The oldest colonial city.
  • Otavalo - Small town one-and-a-half hours north of the capital; famous for its Saturday market of indigenous crafts and livestock.
  • Riobamba - Starting point of the famous train ride down the Nariz del Diablo and gateway to Mount Chimborazo, Ecuador's highest peak

Other destinations

  • Baeza - Gateway to the northern Oriente and up-and-coming mountain town -- still has sleepy small-town feel.
  • Canoa - Small beach town.
  • Esmeraldas - A lesser visited city to the north of some of the most popular beaches in Ecuador.
  • Guamote - A cosy and authentic Andean village though easy accessible.
  • Guaranda - A small Andean city famous for its Carnaval celebrations.
  • Mindo - Excellent bird watching in a cloud forest setting.
  • Montañita - World famous surfing beach and beach hangout.
  • Puerto López - Beautiful small ocean side city, access point for Machalilla National Park, and Isla de la Plata "Poor Man's Galapagos".
  • Puyo - Amazon rain forest town frequently destination of downhill bicycle rides from Baños.
  • Quilotoa Loop - An Andean travel route that encompasses Quilotoa volcanic crater lake, Zumbahua and Chugchilán. Quintessential Andean landscapes and cultural experiences.
  • Salinas - Beautiful beach and boardwalk, swamped with Guayaquileños during holidays.
  • Tena - Amazon rain forest town famous for some of the best white water rafting and kayaking in Latin America.
  • Vilcabamba - Popular for expats living and retiring, and famous for its legendary older inhabitants whom claim to have some of the longest lifespans in the world.

National parks

  • Yasuni National Park
  • Parque Nacional Cotopaxi
  • Pululahua Geobotanical Reserve
  • Cuyabeno Wild Life Reserve
  • Podocarpus National Park
  • Parque Nacional Cajas

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