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Termas del Arapey (which means Hot Springs of Arapey) is a resort village in the Salto Department of northwestern Uruguay.

Termas del Arapey, over the edge of the river, is the oldest establishment of spring waters in the country, and is said to be one of the most prominent destinations of the region, containing the Arapey Thermal Resort. Its hot waters, averaging 39°C are used therapeutically, and the village has numerous facilities with holiday cottages, closed and outdoor swimming pools, surrounded by luscious green gardens. Every Easter, many people from the rest of the country, as well as Argentinians, Brazilians and Paraguayans visit Termas del Arapey for vacation.

In the last decade, American and European tourism has increased.

They have bungalows, hotels, restaurants, paddle and tennis courts, 10 pools of various temperatures, with a maximum of 44º C, the highest temperature of hot springs in Uruguay.

They are surrounded by vegetation and large gardens, playgrounds, courts for various sports, adequate infrastructure for accommodation (camping, motels, hotels, etc.) and the right shops for all entertainment, shopping, provisioning, restaurants, etc.

The Complex has five municipal swimming pools: one closed at 38 degrees of temperature; a recently modernized semicubierta with 36º of temperature; a sports one 25 meters long at 26 degrees of temperature, and the pool No. 5 that has a temperature of 27 degrees with sub-aquatic light, three slides, changing rooms, terrace and solarium, located between parks and gardens.


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