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Nozawa Onsen

Lift info & tickets

Lift info & tickets

The Nozawa lift infrastructure received a major upgrade prior to the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics. Of the 20 lifts, the 3.5km long Nagasaka Gondola is a major part of the lift infrastructure. The ride takes about 15-20 minutes and it’s largely a stand up affair so you may not be able to rest weary legs. The Hikage Gondola is an antique version of a gondora (the Japanese pronunciation of gondola!), a bubble type gondola that is egg shaped where you face out instead of in. Thankfully now the Hikage Gondola has racks for fat skis and snowboards.

Nozawa also has a couple of hooded fast quad chairs which are a welcome retreat during stormy weather. There are three other quad chairs and the rest of the fleet consists of slow double and triple chairs.

During peak times, long lift queues can develop at the two gondolas.

The Nozawa Onsen lift ticket prices are pretty standard for Japan. Lift ticket configurations include half day (morning or afternoon), full day, 1.5 day, 2 day, 3 day, or night skiing passes. One time use passes are also available. Child tickets are for junior high school age, whilst pre-school children are free.

Lift & Gondola Charge

Type of ticketAdultChild(under 12)Senior(over 60)
Half day3,700yen1,600yen3,000yen
1 day4,800yen2,200yen3,700yen
1.5 day7,800yen3,700yen5,400yen
2 day9,000yen4,200yen7,000yen
3 day13,000yen6,000yen10,000yen
AM lift ticket3,700yen1,600yen3,000yen
PM lift ticket3,700yen1,600yen3,000yen
1 lift ticket450yen250yen
Nagasaka Gondola1,700yen850yen
Higake Gondola1,300yen650yen
Night skiing1,600yen850yen
Season ticket63,000yen50,000yen57,000yen
After March season pass32,000yen20,000yen26,000yen

Hours of Operation

Lift nameNov 26 - Jan 29Jan 30 - Apr 2Apr 3 - May 7
Nagasaka Gondola8:40~15:308:40~16:008:10~15:30
Hikage Gondola8:40~15:508:40~16:20 
Yamabiko Quad9:00~15:309:00~16:008:30~15:15
Yamabiko No 2 Quad8:55~15:408:55~16:108:25~15:40
Skyline Double8:55~16:008:55~16:30(8:25~16:00)
Uenotaira Quad9:00~15:409:00~16:10(8:30~15:40)
Paradise Quad8:55~15:508:55~16:20(8:25~15:50)
Yunomine Double8:50~15:408:50~16:10 
Mizunashi Triple9:00~15:409:00~16:10 
Challenge Double8:45~16:008:45~16:30 
Utopia Double8:30~16:308:30~17:00 
Kandaha Double
Shinyu Double
Hikage Triple & Double
Nagasaka Triple and Quad
Nagasaka and Karasawa Double
Yu road8:30~16:408:30~17:10 
Night ski (Nagasaka Quad)16:30~20:0017:00~20:00

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